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Expanding and growing ASEAN markets

12 - 14 July 2024

Pavilion Bukit Jalil Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

About ASEAN+ Business Expo

Welcome to the ASEAN+ Business Expo – Your Gateway to Regional Growth and Connectivity!

It is time to source, develop, grow, and expand your business in the ASEAN region where it presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses to tap into a rapidly growing market, leverage strategic advantages, and diversify their operations, paving the way for sustainable growth and global competitiveness! Join us at the forefront of business excellence and innovation as we invite you to showcase your brand at the ASEAN+ Business Expo. As a leading platform for economic collaboration within the ASEAN region, this event promises unparalleled opportunities for exhibitors looking to expand their reach, foster partnerships, and access vibrant markets.

At the ASEAN+ Business Expo, we prioritize diverse backgrounds by accepting participants from various sectors, regions, and industries. Whether you are a private company, a public company, or an emerging startup, the expo aims to offer a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and technologies required to meet your needs and interests.

DhuMall believes in the power of collective action and the strength of partnerships. Hence, the ASEAN+ Business Expo has become a cornerstone for forging valuable connections and fostering long-term business relationships within the ASEAN region.

Come, join us to unlock the ASEAN region’s vast potential for sustainable growth and success at the ASEAN+ Business Expo!

Come to explore the boundless possibilities with us at the ASEAN+ Business Expo

Join us and become a part of the vibrant community of professional relationships and entrepreneurship with cross-border collaboration. Let us create a new path for a prosperous and sustainable future for businesses and communities across the ASEAN nations.

ASEAN+ Business Expo Objectives

Focus Industries


Art & Craft



Café & Restaurant

Computer & Electronics


Consumer Electronics

Consumer Products

Environmental Services


Fashion & Apparel

Financial Services

Food & Beverages



Health & Wellness

Home & Lifestyle

Hospitality & Tourism

Information Technology

Infrastructure & Urban Development


Insurance, Banking & Finance

Manufacturing & Industrial Products

Mining & Natural Resources

Renewable Energy

Sports & Recreation


Organized by DhuMall

DhuMall is an affiliated company of Dhunicorn. Dhunicorn was incorporated in 2019 and it is a comprehensive business solutions provider for companies to build, improve, and achieve successful businesses. It is the Investor, Creator, Developer, and Incubator of Hectocorns, Decacorns, Unicorns, Centaurs, and Ponies. As of today, Dhunicorn serves more than 40,000 public listed companies, large private companies, and SMEs worldwide. The inception of DhuMall is to provide the best integrated marketplace for business breakthroughs, opportunities, and continuous growth.


DhuMall provides everyone and every business with the most innovative, revolutionary, and historical inventions of this decade and many decades to come. It is primarily an ecosystem marketplace that puts together all business needs into one place providing everyone with new business opportunities, resolving daily business challenges, achieving competitive advantages, completing business objectives, reaching company goals, increasing profit and market share, generating new clients, sustaining current clientele, training, and developing right talent into the future of your business, and many more. Having all the powerful, viable, practical, scalable, and effective business solutions, business services, and products and all the resources for running a business smoothly and efficiently, from A to Z and under one roof with a click away, this is DhuMall.


Besides, DhuMall plays a pivotal role in curating, planning, and executing large-scale international events that bring together businesses, industries, and individuals from around the world and facilitate diplomacy and collaboration between governments, agencies, and international organizations. We bridge the gap between public and private sectors, fostering dialogue, and promoting global cooperation. DhuMall is innovative, strategic, and detail-oriented with a passion for uniting the world through impactful events. We bridge cultures, industries, and markets, driving economic growth and fostering international collaboration.

Exhibition Highlights

Buyer Matching

Trade Shows

Keynote Speeches

Export Workshops

Product Showcasing



There will be talks, forums, workshops, and business matchings by governmental officials, agencies, and experts focused on sharing insights, information, and expertise on ASEAN business opportunities that will inspire visitors and set the tone for the event.  Interactive sessions will be arranged to facilitate open discussions and conversations and to encourage audience participation and engagement, allowing attendees to ask questions, express their opinions, and exchange ideas with the speakers and other attendees to promote a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere. Workshops are one of the highlights of the event to provide hands-on, interactive sessions where attendees can acquire practical skills, knowledge, or experience related to a specific subject.  Business matching is the prime focus of the event, organized to connect businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking for collaboration, partnerships, or investment opportunities.


Pavilion Bukit Jalil Exhibition Centre, Hall 1, 2 & 3,

No. 2, Persiaran Jalil 8,

Bandar Bukit Jalil

57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Why Visit

Learn About Your Industry

Companies that do not keep up with the latest trends in their industry may disappear eventually!

ASEAN+ Business Expo gives you an opportunity to stay on top of the innovations, leading-edge developments, and technologies in your industry and the opportunities they create. This will help you in coming up with new ideas for including them in your business to accelerate its growth and success.

Discover New Products/Services To Sell

Companies that do not keep up with the latest trends in their industry may disappear eventually!

Come, visit the ASEAN+ Business Expo and discover the latest trends in products and find out how the products/services incorporate the updated technology of your industry as well as understand your customer preferences and what it takes to attract them.

It may help you develop new products or find new products to sell to boost your business.

Consolidate Your Purchasing Process

Compare products/services under one roof and find great deals

Visit the ASEAN+ Business Expo to explore the available options, compare products of different brands and their prices, and find the best-suited ones for your business requirement that fits your budget. Often many exhibiting companies offer discounts which can be helpful for you in cutting down your product procurement cost.

Visit ASEAN+ Business Expo to come across the right suppliers for your business.

Know Your Competitors Better

A strategy to outsmart your competition!

How do you plan to beat your competitors? Not very sure?

ASEAN+ Business Expo is the best place to observe and find out how your competitors make it work, the tactics they apply, their sales strategies, and their price lists. It can assist you in conducting a competitive analysis and evaluating your position against the competition.

Thus, you can develop your competitive strategy and win the market in the future.

Build A Robust Business Network

Create Net Worth From Your Network

ASEAN+ Business Expo gathers business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs from diverse industries and nations. More than 30,000 visitors are going to attend this event. Apart from the expo it also has 10 other events such as talks, forums, workshops, business matching and networking, etc.

Now, isn’t this an excellent place to network?

So, visit and leverage the ASEAN+ Business Expo to build new professional relationships and expand your business network.

Learn From Experts

Get IDEAS, INFORMATION, and INSPIRATION to succeed in business

Because the ASEAN+ Business Expo hosts a series of engaging events like seminars, workshops, talks, and forums, the attendees will have the chance to participate in discussions on pertinent topics, hear from industry experts and business specialists, gain knowledge, and engage in interactive sessions designed to inspire and empower.

Don’t miss this magnificent opportunity!

Why Exhibit

Face-to-Face Marketing

Wouldn’t you want to have face-to-face contact with your prospects and promote your offerings in person rather than cold calling or emailing them?

ASEAN+ Business Expo gathers in huge number of business professionals and individuals of which many would be genuinely interested in knowing and purchasing your products/services.

So as an exhibitor at the ASEAN+ Business Expo, you will have an excellent opportunity to directly meet your prospects, one-on-one, and interact with them while building a good rapport and their trust in your company and products/services.

Build Brand Awareness

“An exhibition booth at ASEAN+ Business Expo” – A perfect spot to do branding!

Imagine being right in front of your target audience, in your eye-catching, show-stopping branded booth showcasing your brand’s personality, telling your compelling brand story to the visitors one-to-one, presenting them the interesting information, facts, and data relevant to your offerings, creating fun and meaningful experiences for them with games or quizzes that make them want to spend more time on your booth, and also offering them promotional giveaways and pamphlets or flyers, while conveying your brand message such that it remains in their memory, everlastingly.

There cannot be any other better way of leaving a profound impression of your brand in the minds of the visitors.

Generate sales

Looking for ways to maximize your sales?

How about exhibiting at the ASEAN+ Business Expo?

A great way to sell directly at a place crowded with your potential customers who are already intending to purchase or collect information about products that they may purchase later on.

Often in a sales process, it is very hard to reach the decision makers. But in this event, you can engage with top executives, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders directly, saving a lot of time and effort and in the process achieve sales success very quickly and cost-effectively.

Create Your Sales Lead Database

Fast and effective way to capture leads for potential future business!

With a colossal audience at the ASEAN+ Business Expo, you can get the golden chance to collect contact information and build your sales lead database. You can use many strategies, right from taking business cards from visitors, using lead forms, and exchanging data for a product demo or discount code, to signing them up for activities like games or competitions. Thus, you can open the door for future sales success!

Discover New Partnerships And Collaboration Opportunities

Find your perfect business match!

ASEAN+ Business Expo is an excellent setting to meet and get acquainted with business people of diverse industries from several nations. Many of them seek new markets, collaborations, and opportunities to grow and expand their business. Here, you can connect with business people of mutual interest.

Also, this expo encompasses a business matching event to perfectly match your business with businesses that have similar goals, intentions, values, and insights and are ready to partner and collaborate for the long term.

Conduct market research

Understand your customers better!

By meeting your potential customers in person, you can directly get to know their pain points, the solutions they seek, their requirements, desires, and preferences, the shortcomings of your competitors, gaps unfulfilled by the market, as well as the feedback related to your products. This can help you improve your existing products, develop better products, enhance your marketing and advertising, and improve your business significantly.

Exhibit at ASEAN+ Business Expo

and Get the best value for your money

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