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If you invest in the skills of your employees, your company will get the right learning system, culture, beliefs, and values to advance your business performance. If you want to bring out the potential skills and competitive spirits of your employees, you need to focus on the following courses contributed by DhuMall. As an employer or a director, you will also have an opportunity to get trained with these courses to advance business intelligence.


Dhunicorn proudly presents to you iSuperlearner. It is the best training & development solution for your entire organization, from top-level management to the staff level. iSuperLearner is a systematic e-learning platform, specifically designed & built by professionals to offer convenient & systematic self-paced learning. It incorporates up to 6000 online videos, courses, and quizzes intended to strengthen the learning culture of your organization and enhance employees’ performance, knowledge, and skills.  Its top-quality courses are developed by well-known experts & highly proficient and skilled people around the world. It allows you to access high-quality, up-to-date learning content comfortably while sitting in your own place. It can be accessed 24/7 to facilitate your employees to learn at their convenience time & their own pace.

iSuperLearner offers a broad selection of courses ranging from business topics such as Leadership and Management, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, and Finance to personal development topics. Courses are created using innovative technology and intricate design that are accessible by anyone from any device, anytime, anywhere.


iSuperLearner provides: –

  • Huge selection of video-based, professionality developed training courses
  • Short, engaging, robust, and learner-centric courses
  • Flexible learning
  • Ongoing access to training courses
  • Accelerate the training platform
  • Easily track learning progress
  • New courses added from time to time without extra charge

iSuperLearner keeps track of progress to let the learners know how they are doing with their training. On successful completion of each module, it provides points & badges to measure the success. It tracks and keeps a record of the courses in progress & completed courses. It also monitors real-time progress. It facilitates online groups & discussion forums and thus helps with sharing & receiving more ideas, enhancing creativity, mutual clarification of doubts & queries, getting more viewpoints & experiences-sharing about a subject & much more.

To find out how iSuperLearner can help you create a powerful learning culture and turn it into your competitive edge,

Let iSuperLearner help you to create a learning organization that drives growth.

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DhuMall E-Learning Team