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What does your cash flow forecast for the forthcoming times look like…Smooth or difficult??

Running out of cash is extremely stressful and is a sure cause of business failure. If your business does not have a steady cash flow to keep going then it is high time for you to work on your business restructuring.

Business restructuring can help your company in making its financial, operational, and structural amendments to proactively limit the financial damage. It is valuable in transforming the business into more profitable.

There are different types of restructuring such as debt restructuring, cost reduction, legal restructuring, turnaround restructuring, repositioning restructuring, divestment, mergers, and acquisitions, etc.

No matter what type of business restructuring you intend to do, you cannot set out without preparation. Taking the support of professionals for that matter can help you with successful business restructuring.

Business Restructuring and Restart

Our company Dhunicorn presents Business Restructuring And Restart – a reliable service delivered by a team of professional business restructuring specialists as well as licensed and authorized insolvency practitioners who support and guide you systematically through the restructuring and restarting process of your business.

Many business people cannot let go of their aims and dreams even after their business failed or closed. Are you one among them?

Do you believe that your failure is just a temporary setback? Do you still feel that your closed business has the potential? Do you feel you can surely come out on top if you get another chance? … but you do not know how to restart your business!

Don’t worry! Our business restarting service provides you with complete guidance, assistance, and support from professional business experts to restart your business.

Similarly, our business restructuring service offers comprehensive support for your business restructuring too. Our business restructuring specialists evaluate every aspect of your business. They identify the risks and problems in the specific struggling areas of the business. Then they figure out what modification needs to be done to streamline those failing areas of your business.

After discerning which areas of your business need restructuring, with their effective tools and solutions, they prepare a detailed plan for executing it. Their plans include both short-term and long-term strategies to ensure that the business is taken care of, the whole time – immediately as well as after the restructure. They ensure that after the entire restructuring process the business is geared up for sustainable success.

Restructuring a business is complicated and can be quite challenging too. With the assistance of our specialists, you can make safe restructuring by keeping the potential hitches away.

Why Choose Us?

Having successfully worked with numerous companies across the world for their business restructuring and restarting, we have huge experience in handling financial and operational challenges faced by businesses proficiently.

Our team of business restart experts has excellent competency to help our client companies rapidly stabilize their business operations while carrying out effective financial and operational modifications to generate sustainable value.

They help you map a new path with landmarks and create new strategies and business models as well as identify the mistakes you made in the previous time. This helps you ensure that your business does not get collapsed this time.

We understand that if a business is striving to shift from insolvency to revival, then the stakes are extremely high. Business restructuring generally has to do with failing or struggling companies, and so the solutions that are carried out determine their survival. Our teams of business restructuring specialists work arm in arm with our clients to support them in navigating this crucial and complicated process.

Our professional experts offer dedicated, friendly, and trustworthy guidance, support, and advice throughout your business restarting or restructuring process.

The benefits of our 'Business Restructuring and Restart'

Helps with debt reduction and cost reduction

Reduces risks

Increases efficiency

Helps in preventing and resolving shareholder disputes

Improves tax-efficiency

Enhances focus on key products or accounts

Enables incorporation of new technology

Aids in making better use of talent

Allows better succession and assets relocation

Supports in gaining new competitive advantages

Enables better positioning for growth

Rejuvenates and revives business

Increases the company’s value

Prepares well for boosting sales

Ensures better survival

Helps to limit financial harm

Who are we?

Our company Dhunicorn is a comprehensive business solutions provider for companies across the world, to build, improve and achieve successful businesses. The company was established in 2019 and has its headquarters in Malaysia and offices in the United States and India, as well.

We are the Investor, Creator, Developer, and Incubator of Hectocorns, Decacorns, Unicorns, Centaurs, and Ponies. With result-oriented collaboration strategies, Dhunicorn is leading the way by interconnecting public listed companies, large private companies, and SMEs around the world to reach new markets, discover innovative business opportunities, optimize resources, explore investment solutions, increase market value and capitalization, expand business operations, enhance business excellence and build sustainable success.

Dhunicorn creates an ultimate global business network and enables companies and entrepreneurs to discover new business opportunities and investment opportunities domestically & internationally.

Dhunicorn has clients and members in over 40 countries and operates in a network of over 1000 internal and associated consultants, advisors, experts, and professors worldwide.

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