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in more than 200 countries and territories

Business resources and networking has been proven as reliable and successful platform in business success. The benefits and offerings we provide to thousands of our clients have been commended repeatedly for their:

  • Value
  • Noticeable breakthrough
  • Delivery of sustained business results
  • Expanding businesses through trustable and reputable networks locally and globally
  • Visibility and connections with highly influential people
  • Interesting business gatherings

Three Wings of Business Resources & Networking

Embrace a business transformational journey with us. We are making business resources and networking easy, resourceful, and interesting, helping you to drive your business to the next level. 


With a closed-end membership, WorldWealthClub, or WWC, is an exclusive business elite group that is open for the Board of Directors of public companies, top management, millionaires, and billionaires with the same goal of interconnecting superior business intelligence of the world for transforming the global economy with sustained and collaborative relationships building mutual trust and respect. WWC supports members in creating new business opportunities and identifying dimensions of expansion for their business which is a must for a modern interconnected world. WorldWealthClub allows every member to learn something from each other; in exchange for their advice, contacts, services, and knowledge. Discover the wealth of opportunities with the right and influential people around the world. WWC’s connections and resources can help your business thrive!

International Business Excellence Network

A Professional Networking Made Easy!

International Business Excellence Network or IBEN is a people resources center for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and individuals have been established to expand any business’s ability to find new customers and partners, for advice and support, problem-solving and growth, gain insights, and viewing things in a different perspective.

Expand your network today and join IBEN now!

Public Listed Companies Global Center

The Most Powerful Business Community That Will Change the World!

Public Listed Companies Global Center or PLCGC is an exclusive community of public listed companies and entrepreneurs enabling them to connect, learn, grow, and excel together. With PLCGC, you will be able to connect with the international network of 40,000 public listed companies and successful entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries.

Become a member now and find suitable business partners around the world according to your business needs. With access to the pool of business elites, entrepreneurs, experts, and strategists around the world, you will gain the most updated and competitive business insights from professional and experienced multi-discipline experts of various industries!

Become a PLCGC member now & become one of the partners for mutual growth.

Find out more about WWC, IBEN, or PLCGC, and discover how each can help with your business growth. Contact us today.

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