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Public Listed Companies Global Center



Public Listed Companies Global Center, PLCGC is the most POWERFUL global business community in the world that connects 40,000 public listed companies through Dhunicorn’s platforms. It is an exclusive community of public listed companies and entrepreneurs that connect, learn, grow and excel together. Members can access ideas, knowledge, insights, techniques, and strategies on business development, leadership, operations, management, financial performance, innovations, trends, and various aspects of businesses by connecting with great minds and expertise around the world.


With PLCGC, you will be able to connect with the international network of 40,000 public listed companies and successful entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries.

As a PLCGC member, the most potent resource to expand your business and market your products is through the network of PLCGC members and also 40,000 public listed companies around the world!

There is a host of valuable information and resources for you to find new customers, new venture partners, and in contact with financial partners, suppliers, and advisors.

PLCGC categorizes the types of companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for business partners around the world. Hence, as a PLCGC member, you can find suitable business partners around the world according to your business needs.

With access to the pool of business elites, entrepreneurs, experts, strategists around the world, you can get advice, problem-solving, gain development, innovation, insights, supports and view things from different perspectives.

As a PLCGC member, you will gain the most updated and competitive business insights from the professional and experiences multi-discipline experts of various industries.

PLCGC’s platform would help every member to stay connected systematically to the international network of public listed companies from around the world to improve business relationships, identify innovative business opportunities, increase sales with global sales partners, accelerate growth, and explore international markets in greater depth.

PLCGC also helps its members to expose to excellent business and investment opportunities.


Public Listed Companies

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Want to connect to the CEO or top executives of any of the world’s public listed companies?

Building a strong business network is the most valuable resource to succeed in business today. In this time of interconnected era, professional connections can present us with positive directions, innovative opportunities, and financial developments. PLCGC can support and improve your visibility, and it can connect you with extra resources, and the world’s most affluent elites. You can open up doors for new opportunities, achieve business growth and increase profit.

Let us help!


Normal price: USD3980 per year

Now: Limited Time Special Offer USD1980

Apply now and get access to:

Benefit 1:

Public Listed Companies Forum

Access to Public Listed Companies Forum which helps companies to find strategic business partners, foreign or domestic distributors, joint venture parties, licensees, master franchisees, and other partners for companies’ ventures. Business relationships, friendship, and invaluable connections can be established through iBizExcel. Get your access that costs USD980/year now for free!

Benefit 2:

Connection to 40,000 public listed companies around the world

PLCGC is a dynamic and interactive platform that can provide you the opportunities to expand your business domestically or globally. With a credible reference of 40,000 public listed companies around the world, PLCGC will assist your company to make important announcements to 40,000 public listed companies to achieve your specific business objectives.

Benefit 3:

Advertise in Public Companies Opportunities Newsletter

In the newsletter, you can post advertisement for free to achieve your company objectives. You can build brand recognition to the world’s most prestigious and influential companies or offer your products and services, find strategic business partners, joint venture partners, distributors worldwide, etc. Your advertisement is targeted to reach 40,000 public listed companies in more than 100 countries worldwide. The normal advertisement rate is USD8,000 per insertion, and it’s already included in your PLCGC membership for free.

Benefit 4:

Announcement in Public Companies Opportunities Newsletter

Make your announcement for free in Public Companies Opportunities Newsletter. You may announce your news, stories, business opportunities, investment opportunities, business projects to public listed companies worldwide in the newsletter. These announcements can also be included in your branding plan, as a way to find interested parties to invest, to form joint ventures and strategic business partnerships, to distribute your products, or to participate in your ventures.

Benefit 5:

Public Listed Companies Investment Opportunities Introduction and Recommendation

You will get introduced and recommended with various opportunities in the domestic and global market arena. PLCGC will be worth a thousand times its cost to its member when one obtains golden opportunities that generate millions of profits and other benefits to its company.

Benefit 6:

Networking of public listed companies and entrepreneurs

PLCGC, one of the world’s most prestigious and affluent business networks, will help you to find various strategic business partners around the world through networking of public listed companies domestically and internationally. Who knows the ones you know here might go beyond friendship, and worth millions or even billions to your company!

Benefit 7:

PLCGC conferences, programs, and events

PLCGC organizes corporate programs and events to bring companies together to learn, to share ideas, to gain new insights, and to build up business relationships that could be highly useful for the further development and growth of companies.

Benefit 8:

Public Listed Companies International Conference (PLCIC)

We host special PLCIC periodically to provide you with insights, expertise, and knowledge from the most experienced experts and professionals around the world. We present you professional knowledge on topics of the latest business trends, market trends, technology trends and turn them into valuable opportunities. Get your multiple tickets for free now to participate in these meaningful international events, it costs USD198/ticket for non-members.

Benefit 9:

C-Suite Executives International Conference (CSEIC)

In this rapidly changing world, learning is a never-ending process. PLCGC brings you the best field experts around the world to keep your knowledge constantly updated by conducting CSEIC. We cordially invite the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, other Chief Officers, Head of Departments, entrepreneurs, business owners, and others to attend the CSEIC. Multiple free tickets will be allocated for your company annually which otherwise cost USD198/ticket for non-members.

Benefit 10:

Entrepreneurship International Conference (EIC)

This is a perfect international event for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business owners of all shapes and sizes to discover current markets and developments, hone skills, expand knowledge, tips to scale and grow business.

Benefit 11:

Business Manager International Conference (BMIC)

The BMIC brings business managers across the planet together on one platform. Apart from getting inspiration to gain competitive advantages, the participants will be able to meet with experts in areas of management, marketing, international business, human resource management, accounting, finance, etc., learning new tips and tactics, widening business connection, discuss the current trends and challenges in their respective industries.

Benefit 12:

Global Business Excellence Summit (GBES)

This is a yearly 3-day inspirational business event with many notable speakers that will attract participants from 7 continents of the world! The GBES is one of the world’s most important business events for entrepreneurs and companies to relish the exceptional inspirational, thought-provoking, and impressive business insights!

Benefit 13:

Interact to exchange experience and opinions

Be a member of one of the world’s most prestigious business networks. Every member can associate and engage constructively with like-minded people who are confident, positive, focused, and passionate about business. Members can exchange experience, opinions, learn, grow and build a lasting business empire that can change the world for the better.

Benefit 14:

Getting support from peers

Businesses across the globe are facing challenging ever-changing business environments, PLCGC is a strong network of supporting members to overcome business challenges, building individual capacity, establishing strong relationships with people of similar goals. Eventually, reciprocity relationships can be achieved.

Benefit 15:

Increase your business exposure to the world’s most powerful companies

In a shrinking world where the market is ever-growing, companies need to explore international markets and serve the needs of the global audience. As a PLCGC member, you can gain meaningful international business exposure to the world’s richest companies available on one platform.

Benefit 16:

Gaining business leads and new customers

As a member, new customers and new partners that are related to your business or businesses shall be introduced to you subject to availability. These successful deals might be worth millions of dollars in profit and also bring other meaningful benefits to your company.

Benefit 17:

Access to new businesses and opportunities

Through PLCGC, new businesses and opportunities that are related to your business or businesses that you are interested to expand, explore, or venture into in the near future shall be introduced to you subject to availability. PLCGC will organize various talks and events with companies, government agencies, and authorities worldwide to help companies explore business opportunities around the world, making international business developments smoother and easier.

Benefit 18:

Learning from multi-disciplinary experts

Through PLCGC, members are making available excellent sources of new perspectives and ideas from multi-disciplinary experts. Thousands of world-class courses presented in an interesting manner ensure that employees could take learning as an essential path towards improvement and growth are also available at special rates to PLCGC members.

Benefit 19:

Grow sales and expand business globally

Your company can grow sales and expand globally through a network of 40,000 public listed companies from over 100 countries around the world. Our experts, great minds, and resources can also assist you to grow your business in more than 200 countries and territories through multi-perspective ways, various channels, methods, and strategies.

Benefit 20:

Acquire precious business resources

PLCGC members may acquire various precious business resources from human resources, physical resources, and intellectual resources to financial resources for your business to thrive and succeed! PLCGC is a network of important business resources that every public listed company needs. Add PLCGC to your company now and start utilizing our resources!

Benefit 21:

New ideas for business breakthroughs & problem-solving

As a PLCGC member, you will get new ideas for business breakthroughs and problem-solving. This can be done among PLCGC members, with the non-members, and through Dhunicorn’s business solutions, facilities, activities, and platforms.

Benefit 22:

Special discount on Dhunicorn products & services

Members will be eligible for special discounts whenever they purchase Dhunicorn products and services. In Dhunicorn, hundreds of world-class products and services that are available from all types of sectors will be available to your company at special rates.

Benefit 23:

Access to offline programs

PLCGC members will have the access to attend offline programs, for example, meetings, gatherings, and more.

Start building your valuable business network with the world’s top-notch elites today!


Normal membership fee is USD3980/year.

Limited time special offer 1 year membership fee is USD1,980.

The biggest challenge any business owner can take is being on the journey single-handedly.

No answers to big complications

Lack of confidence

Lack of guidance to right direction

No one to relate to

Get Priceless Opportunities, Continues Breakthroughs & Prosperous Future that you can apply to your businesses by becoming a member of Public Listed Companies Global Center.

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