7 Ways to Network with Powerful and Influential People

7 Ways to Network with Powerful and Influential People

The power of a network will create wonders in business and personal growth if networking is based on powerful and influential individuals.  As a game-changer, these connections can introduce you to new opportunities, provide invaluable insights, and propel your career or endeavours to new heights. However, networking with powerful people requires some strategic techniques. Here are seven effective ways to connect with powerful and influential people:

  1. Attend Industry Events: One of the simple approaches to meeting influential individuals is by attending industry-specific seminars, conferences, and networking events. These gatherings often will give several direct opportunities to meet top leaders, corporate heads, experts, and decision-makers in your field.

  2. Leverage Social Media: Social media platforms such as X and LinkedIn offer powerful tools for connecting with influential people. Follow them, engage with their content, and join relevant groups or discussions. If you are able to present meaningful online interactions, it can lead to real-world connections.

  3. Attend Charity and Social Events: Powerful and influential people are interested in participating in charitable and social events. Supporting a social activity that provides a good cause can provide opportunities for significant interactions over there.

  4. Offer Value First: Approach influential people with a mindset of giving something before receiving anything from them. You may use your skills, expertise, or assistance to support them without expecting anything in return. This approach can build goodwill and open doors to make you prosperous with several unexpected opportunities.

  5. Create Valuable Content: Perform well in your field by creating and sharing valuable content. Whether it may be blog posts, videos, podcasts, or research papers, your expertise can attract influential individuals who appreciate your insights.

  6. Join Mastermind Groups: Mastermind groups are groups of like-minded influential people who meet regularly to support each other in personal development. If you are part of such a group, you will have valuable connections with powerful and influential members.

  7. Persistence and Follow-Up: Networking with influential people is an on-going process. After making initial connections, follow them up with gratitude and updates. Stay persistent in cultivating these relationships, as they can evolve and become even more valuable over time.



If we have an opportunity to connect with powerful and influential individuals, it can be a transformative experience for our personal and professional development. By applying the above seven strategies, start building a network of valuable connections that can help you bring new opportunities and attain greater heights in your endeavours.

DhuMall, the Number 1 Business Marketplace is bringing you three types of Business Resources and Networking platforms and they are WorldWealthClub (“WWC”), International Business Excellence Network (“IBEN”) and Public Listed Companies Global Center (“PLCGC”). Each has its unique features to making business resources and networking easy, resourceful, and interesting, helping you to drive your business to the next level.

Exploring the Vast Universe of Business Opportunities

Exploring the Vast Universe of Business Opportunities

In the ever-evolving global economy, it is essential for businesspersons to discover new business opportunities, adopting untapped potential and uncharted territories. When it comes to aspiring entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and daring investors, they keep looking for new opportunities to explore. In this article, let’s delve into the diverse realms of business opportunities, highlighting the various sectors, trends, and strategies that can pave the way to success in this dynamic business world.


Technology and Innovation

The 21st century has become the best time to welcome new business opportunities based on technology and innovation. The rapid development of technology and disruptive innovations has created various new industries, from artificial intelligence tools and blockchain technology to virtual reality business concepts and renewable energy sources. Business innovators can use these emerging technologies to transform existing markets or create new markets.

For example, when it comes to fin-tech industries, technology has revolutionized the entire global financial industry, as it offers alternative payment solutions, digital currencies, and peer-to-peer lending platforms. In the same way, the booming healthcare sector has created new business opportunities based on innovations in wearable devices, telemedicine, and personalized healthcare solutions.


E-Commerce and Online Marketplaces

The internet has revolutionized the way shoppers purchase with some e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart. Apart from the e-commerce space, online marketplaces have developed with countless niche markets and several untapped niches to be explored in the future. Every e-commerce business allows entrepreneurs to target a global audience without starting a physical store. With print-on-demand, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing, people can enter the world of e-commerce with minimal upfront costs.


Sustainable and Green Initiatives

With the rising concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability, business opportunities based on sustainable development are on the rise. Aspiring business owners can introduce new renewable energy solutions, eco-friendly products and services, and various types of sustainable agriculture practices. Starting an eco-friendly company not only aligns with ethical principles but also caters to consumers that demand environmentally responsible products and services.


Health and Wellness

The health and wellness industry continues to flourish in the world as people prioritize their healthy lifestyles. This sector includes a wide range of new business opportunities, including fitness centers, mental health services, organic food production, and wellness retreats. With the innovative approach, entrepreneurs can tap into this burgeoning market by solving diverse issues of health and wellness.


Remote Work and Digital Nomadism

After the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become one of the major factors in the corporate world. It has accelerated the introduction of innovative business opportunities related to this trend. Entrepreneurs now have opportunities to develop new tools, platforms, and services that cater to the requirements of remote workers and digital nomads, such as co-working spaces, virtual offices, remote project management software, webinars, or digital tourism tailored to those who work from home.


Franchising and Licensing

For those who start businesses based on established business models prefer franchising and licensing. With a proven track record, companies that offer franchising and licensing can offer attractive business opportunities. Many successful companies offer franchise options, allowing individuals to replicate their brand and operations in new locations. This path provides an organized and comparatively low-risk method for entrepreneurship.



Business opportunities in every sector are vast and ever-evolving, offering a plethora of options for individuals to choose diverse products and services. Whether you are a tech enthusiast who wants to transform industries with disruptive innovations or socially conscious business concepts to make a difference through sustainable initiatives, there is a place for you forever in this dynamic landscape.

Successful business opportunities often hinge on several factors: a result-oriented business plan, market research, adaptability, and a willingness to create a new change. As the global economy continues to evolve, introducing new business opportunities based on emerging trends and technologies will be highly essential to harnessing the full potential of these opportunities. So, explore uncharted territories, aim for your goals with big thinking, and embark on your journey through the vast universe of business possibilities.


Revolution in Manufacturing: The Impact of Robotic Process Automation

Revolution in Manufacturing: The Impact of Robotic Process Automation

Gradually companies in the world have become technologically advanced institutions. Hence, they are to do something in the manufacturing sector which needs a profound transformation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a revolutionary technology to redesign the face of manufacturing, has come forward to support companies that need tech-based advancements and growth. In this article, let’s explore how RPA is revolutionizing the global manufacturing industry, enhancing processes, and creating a new approach for an innovative era of production.


Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing

With the support of the deployment of software robots, Robotic Process Automation automates repetitive and algorithm-based tasks within production processes. While RPA has progressively gained significant transformation across various global industries, its impact on the manufacturing industry is principally remarkable. Here is how RPA is driving changes in the industry.

Streamlining Operations

In the manufacturing sector, numerous repetitive tasks such as data entry, inventory management, and quality control checks are prime candidates for automation. RPA can confirm data entry accuracy to through RPA automation, make human workers engage in higher-value tasks, and reduce errors in inventory management processes.

Enhancing Efficiency

RPA eliminates the delays associated with human intervention, enabling round-the-clock operations. Bots can enable 24/7 operations, reducing time delays and they can support human intervention limitations to overcome with RPA integration. RP can also help speedy task execution to shorten production cycles.

Improving Quality Control

RPA-powered cameras and sensors can monitor production lines for defects and inconsistencies. They can ensure product quality remains consistently high. Any anomalies are flagged directly, decreasing the likelihood of defects before reaching customers.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain management can adopt RPA for automating tasks such as tracking shipments, order processing, and handling vendor communications. This results in upgraded inventory accuracy and better coordination across the supply chain.

Customization at Scale

RPA can process efficient customization of products by quickly acclimatizing production processes. This flexibility helps manufacturers manage individual customer demands without losing quality and speed.


Benefits of RPA in Manufacturing

The power of RPA is benefiting the manufacturing industry multidimensionally, bringing forth a range of advancements to redesign the industry landscape.

Cost Reduction

By automating tasks that require human labor, manufacturers can gain significant cost savings over time. This includes:

  • Decreased operational costs by streamlining repetitive processes.
  • Efficient utilization of funds due to decreased manual intervention.
  • Minimized errors, lowering costly rework expenditures.
  • Optimized resource allocation leading to financial savings.
  • Reduced labor expenses through task automation.

Increased Productivity

RPA can work tirelessly around the clock, quickening production and working processes. This not only increases output but also maximizes the utilization of resources.

  • Accelerated processes for heightened overall manufacturing output
  • Continuous production through non-stop RPA bot operation
  • Maximized resource usage via efficient automation deployment
  • Quick task completion contributing to enhanced production rates
  • Uninterrupted workflow, improving resource utilization and efficiency

Data-Driven Insights

RPA can generate vast amounts of data during every operation. Evaluating various types of data can provide valuable insights into process inefficiencies for helping manufacturers make informed decisions for continuous improvement. Some of the benefits of data-driven insights are:

  • Data analysis enhances understanding of process refinement decisions.
  • Identification of process inefficiencies from extensive data analysis.
  • Improved operations based on data-backed optimization strategies.
  • Informed decision-making through analysis of RPA-derived data.
  • Valuable insights from data generated during RPA operations.

Regulatory Compliance

RPA can ensure that every process will adhere to predefined rules and regulations. This can reduce the risk of associated penalties and non-compliance. Some of the benefits of regulatory are:

  • Consistent adherence to rules and regulations via RPA automation.
  • Ensured compliance through systematic RPA-controlled processes.
  • Minimized non-compliance risk thanks to automated rule enforcement.
  • Reduced risk of penalties due to automated regulatory compliance.
  • Reliable adherence to regulations by integrating RPA compliance checks.

Employee Empowerment

By automating monotonous tasks, RPA empowers the workforce to concentrate on tasks that require critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. The most important benefits of employee empowerment are:

  • Elevated worker contribution to tasks demanding critical thinking.
  • Employee engagement in tasks requiring creativity and innovation.
  • Enhanced problem-solving as RPA handles routine responsibilities.
  • Humans focus on creative tasks with repetitive work automated.
  • Value addition by human workers to critical manufacturing stages.


The Future of RPA and Workforce Transition

As manufacturing industries have increasingly automated, the employees must undergo a new transition phase. While RPA removes certain types of careers, it can also create new opportunities for highly skilled professionals who can develop, implement, and manage these automated systems. Manufacturers in the world should invest in reskilling their employees to connect the full potential of RPA with the workforce. In the future, the RPA will revolutionize the corporate world with the following benefits.

  • Human-technology partnership will define highly productive advancement.
  • New roles for skilled professionals in automation management
  • Reskilling ensures a smooth transition to an automated manufacturing landscape
  • RPA creates opportunities for creative, critical-thinking tasks.
  • Shift towards roles emphasizing problem-solving and innovation
  • Reskilling needed for effective management of automated systems
  • The workforce adapts as RPA replaces certain manual roles.



After analysing the above information, let’s conclude that the RPA is designing the manufacturing industry by introducing ground-breaking business operations, enhancing result-oriented efficiency, and driving high-impact innovation. As manufacturers keep adopting this technology, they have started to attain cost savings, advance product quality, and obtain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving global market. The phase of RPA-powered manufacturing is promising a future in which technology and human knowledge combine to deliver unprecedented levels of productivity.

The Everlasting Relevance of Networking in Business: Forging Connections that Transcend Time

The Everlasting Relevance of Networking in Business: Forging Connections that Transcend Time

In a world where virtual interactions and digital relationships dominate, a business person must understand the importance of networking in the world of business. Because of the rapid evolution of digital technology, the practice of networking has become a cornerstone of success for businesses worldwide. The connections between positive minds, human interactions, and relationship-building have started thriving and proving their implications. In this article, let’s study some benefits of the everlasting relevance of networking in business.

Learning and Knowledge

Networking is not only for interconnecting with professionals to talk about business deals but also for learning from others. Engaging with various professionals can provide fresh perspectives and unique insights that can contribute to professional development. Discussions during networking events like conferences and webinars often involve sharing business challenges and solutions. By doing so, professionals keep learning and staying updated about the latest trends and best business practices.

Beyond Boundaries

Networking breaks all types of boundaries such as race, religion, language, country, etc. Apart from physical space, networking extends into the digital realm as well. Professional networking sites and social media platforms provide avenues to connect with a global audience. The synergy between physical and digital networking strengthens the reach and effect of business connections to the next level.

Personal Touch

In the digital age where virtual communication has become one of the best communication approaches, networking in person provides a personal touch that makes a huge difference in sharing business experiences.  Face-to-face meetings nurture more personal touches, allowing individuals to involve with body language, tone, and expressions. These experiences can contribute to better understanding, improve the legitimacy of interactions, and build reliance to advance your business functions.

Trust and Credibility

The success of every business depends on the components of trust and credibility. Networking allows business persons to show their trustworthiness to a wide range of professionals.  Meeting someone in conferences and webinars can enable business persons to enjoy the opportunity to showcase their professionalism, expertise, and authenticity. These factors will contribute to constructing trust, which is essential to founding mutually beneficial relationships.

Elevated Visibility

The corporate world is filled with competitors that are looking for attention. So networking provides professionals with opportunities to stand out from the crowd by showcasing their unique value propositions and different business strategies. By participating in industry events and conferences, they can increase their brand visibility and makes an identity to the company name. This elevated visibility can make enhanced credibility and an extended customer base.

Longevity of Relationships

If any relationship endures a long time, it will give a memorable conversation in the long run and a productive experience extensively. These connections often help professionals for transforming into valuable resources for recommendations, business collaborations, and support in the exploration of business.

Hidden Opportunities

When it comes to the power of networking, even a simple handshake may become a great opportunity. Many valuable opportunities are often hidden behind chance encounters, casual conversations, or unexpected interactions. Joining industry conferences, events, and webinars provides a platform for networking that can lead to unexpected partnerships, collaborations, or insights. Unanticipated moments can open doors to new markets, novel ideas, and unexplored avenues for growth that might have become hidden opportunities in the long run.



The relevance of networking in business blooms and evolves to discover hidden opportunities, develop learning skills, enable trust-building, promote visibility, cultivate unaffected connections, and create lasting relationships that excel in time. As business networking has become a strategic component of your business approach, you should keep ensuring that you remain a part of a vibrant business network.

DhuMall, the Number 1 Business Marketplace is bringing you three types of Business Resources and Networking platforms and they are WorldWealthClub (“WWC”), International Business Excellence Network (“IBEN”), and Public Listed Companies Global Center (“PLCGC”). Each has its unique features to make business resources and networking easy, resourceful, and interesting, helping you to drive your business to the next level.


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The Benefits Of Business Consulting Services

The Benefits Of Business Consulting Services

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


Running a business is tough and taxing. It throws a lot of challenges; more than one can tackle. Startup owners have a hard time getting their businesses off the ground, whereas small business owners and entrepreneurs who play multiple roles in their business often feel burdened, lonely, anxious, and exhausted struggling to solve their business problems on their own. The fear of making a wrong move and losses can be very petrifying and cause sleepless nights. Even well-established corporate companies need professional assistance because no one can be an expert at everything.


Nothing Helps A Business Like A Business Consulting Service!

What Is A Business Consulting Service And Why Does Your Business Need It?

Business consulting service involves offering professional advice, support, information, ideas, insights, solutions, and recommendations to business people to help them solve their business problems while running the business optimally.

The people who provide such services are called business consultants and they are experienced, and expert professionals in a specific area such as sales and marketing, finances, IT, human resources, etc.

Business consultants have the education, expertise, and skills to provide massive value to your business. Because they have worked with numerous businesses solving myriad challenges and problems, they have robust experience as well as thorough and profound knowledge of the industry, the latest business practices, trends, and advanced technology.

Time and again, business owners can feel emotionally overwhelmed and lost. But professional consultants are not emotionally invested like them. Due to their objectivity or detachment, they can bring clarity, help in developing an optimistic mindset to overcome struggles as well as give confidence for making the best decision possible for the circumstance.

They not only help in identifying the business hurdles and the root cause but also provide the business owners right advice, suggestions, recommendations, and guidance to solve them. They strategically develop plans for business transformation and assist with implementing them.

They enhance businesses by coaching business leaders as well as training the staff. They join hands in executing business and market research. They scrutinize and identify areas for business improvement, find ways to make the most of the available resources, and also offer strategies, tactics, tools, methods, and systems to optimize business processes and financial management efficiently while staying competitive. They present profitable business opportunities and ideas. Also, they guide in building business resilience so that it is well-prepared to face future challenges and uncertainties competently.

Thus, they help the business boost its performance, revenue, and profits as well as customer satisfaction while cutting down the costs and saving time. They, overall endeavor to make the client company reach its goals and achieve growth and success.

However, choosing the right consulting service provider is imperative, DhuMall Business Solutions offer reliable and valuable business consulting services in numerous areas such as Accounting and Finance, Company Secretarial Functions, Human resources, IT & Software, Legal, Sales & Business Development, Company Formation, Business Funding, International Business, Marketing, Branding & Advertising, Business Resources And Networking, Training & Development, Trademark & IP Services, Business Consulting Service, etc. We provide our service in more than 200 countries and territories across the world.

We stringently test and select our business consultants based on their business acumen, knowledge, education, skills, ability to communicate effectively, proficiency, and experience. We ensure that they hold a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

We successfully offer the specific help and assistance our clients need or their business calls for, every single time they approach us. We keep our clients’ information and data confidential and safe.

Our business is based on building our clients’ trust and offering great delivery of outcomes.

Take your business to the next level with DhuMall Business Solutions


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Unveiling the Future of Product Sourcing: Key Trends and Innovations

Unveiling the Future of Product Sourcing: Key Trends and Innovations

In today’s technology-connected global economy, global product sourcing has become an essential business strategy that requires a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and product excellence. As companies continuously are monitoring consumer demands and market dynamics, they should maintain high-level awareness of emerging trends and innovations in global product sourcing to stay competitive and popular. In this article, let’s study the key trends and innovations driving the future of product sourcing that will steer companies toward a prosperous future.


  1. Sustainability

With growing concerns about sustainable development and social responsibility, sustainability has become a buzzword to do better product sourcing. Nowadays consumers in the world have become socially and environmentally aware and demand transparency in the supply chain. Hence, sustainability has become a key trend and companies have started investing in sustainable sourcing practices.

Benefits of sustainability

  • Access to eco-conscious consumers
  • Cost-effective resource utilization
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Increased consumer loyalty
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Regulatory compliance facilitation


  1. Technological Advancements

With the advent of advanced technologies, global companies keep changing their marketing strategies and business operations. Every new technology plays a key role and becomes a game-changer in the world of product sourcing. Several innovative technologies have streamlined business processes, increased service efficiency, and enhanced decision-making for companies. Some notable benefits include:

  • Enhanced product quality control
  • Faster adaptation to market changes
  • Greater automation and productivity
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Increased innovation and product development
  • Real-time data-driven decision-making
  • Streamlined supply chain management


  1. Diversification of Sourcing Regions

In the past, companies often approached a single sourcing area to produce their goods due to cost considerations. Nevertheless, uncertainties in geopolitics, trade disputes, and disasters caused by natural calamities have prompted companies to redesign their sourcing strategies. Now an emerging key trend of product sourcing is the diversification of sourcing regions, where companies expand their supply chain functions across multiple countries or regions. This diverse approach lessens risks and minimizes the impact of potential disruptions.

Benefits of diversification of sourcing regions

  • Access to diverse talent pools
  • Enhanced supply chain resilience
  • Expanded market presence and sales opportunities
  • Improved competitiveness in global markets
  • Lower production costs
  • Mitigated geopolitical risks
  • Reduced dependence on a single market


  1. Reshoring and Nearshoring

While globalization has given an opportunity for extensive offshoring of manufacturing to certain countries that have low-cost manpower, reshoring, and nearshoring have become another powerful strategy. Rising costs of some offshoring destinations have prompted companies to bring production closer to their home markets. Reshoring (bringing manufactured goods back to home countries) and nearshoring (outsourcing nearby countries) allow companies to look for better quality control as they can reduce shipping times, and enhance responsiveness to market changes.

Benefits of reshoring and nearshoring

  • Better control over product quality
  • Closer collaboration with suppliers for innovation
  • Enhanced product customization capabilities
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved supply chain visibility
  • Increased flexibility to respond to demand fluctuations
  • Reduced shipping and logistics costs


  1. Supplier Relationship Management

In an ever-increasing interconnected world, supplier relationship management has become one of the significant functions. If companies maintain strong collaboration and communication with suppliers, they can ensure smooth operations, ethical practices, and prompt resolution of any challenges. Every global company is now focusing on cultivating long-term relationships with their suppliers because suppliers can become their strategic partners in the long run.

  • Better risk management
  • Enhanced supply chain transparency
  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • Increased access to supplier expertise
  • Long-term partnerships and loyalty from suppliers
  • Strengthened collaboration
  • Timely conflict resolution and issue handling



The future of product sourcing depends on exciting possibilities, sustainability, technological advancements, diversification, and evolving supplier relationships. If companies want to remain competitive, they must be aware of emerging trends and innovations, adapting their product sourcing strategies to meet the demands of responsible consumers and an innovative market environment. By implementing the above strategies, they can be more resilient, responsible, and prosperous in global product sourcing.

Dhumall iGlobalSourcing is growing as the most popular one-stop Global Product Sourcing and Wholesale platform that brings together suppliers and buyers from 200 countries and territories around the world.

This platform with a smooth user interface presents a diverse and comprehensive range of suppliers and high-quality products from categories such as Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Building & Construction, Apparel, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverages, Restaurants & Kitchen Equipment, Sports, Toys, Gifts, Hobbies & Crafts, Textile & Leather, Property & Land, Medical, Healthcare, Lab Instruments & Supplies, and a lot more.


Moreover, you can use the feature of the Request For Quote (RFQ) to carry out real-life-like negotiations for getting the best price and good quality products as well as a direct purchase option to contact and communicate directly for purchases, thus cutting down the time spent on searching for suppliers.

You can now register your business with DhuMall iGlobal Sourcing as a manufacturer to sell your products or as a buyer who sources for the best bargain. Don’t wait any longer, time is money, give your company the best branding and opportunities for explosive growth!




Networking Tips: Building Your Network in Strategic Ways

Networking Tips: Building Your Network in Strategic Ways

In today’s interconnected corporate world, building a strong professional network is essential for business development and professional growth. A strategic network can open several doors to new opportunities with valuable insights, fostering productive professional relationships. In this article, we will explore some important networking tips to help you build a professional network in strategic ways to propel your career or business forward.


Networking Goals

Before you start networking activities, take some time to set your networking goals. Consider what you want to achieve through professional networking. You may want to expand your knowledge, find business partners, and meet good mentors.  If you have a clear idea of what you want from your networking, it will help you:

  • Collaborate on projects and share expertise.
  • Expand professional connections and build relationships.
  • Foster a supportive community for personal growth.
  • Gain industry insights and stay updated.
  • Seek new career opportunities and job prospects.


Events and Conferences

To meet like-minded professionals and experts, joining events and conferences is the best option. Industry-focused events and conferences make professionals aware of excellent opportunities. Do research to identify events that align with your business or professional goals. Be proactive in engaging with those who attend events and conferences along with you regularly and discuss with them to exchange project ideas and contact information. Building meaningful connections with individuals can help you to:

  • Access industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Connect with like-minded professionals in person.
  • Create memorable experiences and lasting impressions.
  • Discover emerging trends and innovations.
  • Engage in interactive discussions and workshops.


Networking Platforms

In addition to physical conferences and events, online networking platforms have introduced webinars that are increasingly popular and valuable for building professional connections. Digital platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and other industry-specific forums can connect you with professionals globally. When you attend these webinars, you can be genuine and authentic in your interactions because these are reliable platforms to:

  • Access job opportunities and career resources.
  • Connect with global experts through online platforms.
  • Engage in discussions and stay connected with peers.
  • Join relevant groups and communities for networking.
  • Share industry knowledge and expertise virtually.


Mentorship and Guidance

In the life of every professional, mentors play a key role both in personal and professional development. Find experts in your industry who can provide you with proper guidance, share their knowledge, and make you creative and innovative. You may contact potential mentors directly and express your genuine interest in learning from their expertise because every connection will help you to:

  • Build a strong support network for long-term growth.
  • Develop new skills and enrich your expertise.
  • Gain insights into navigating professional challenges.
  • Learn from experienced professionals in your field.
  • Receive personalized career advice and guidance.



Networking is not only gaining something from experts but also contributing something to make others to be aware of the expertise you have. With your expertise and connections, you will have an opportunity to offer assistance, share valuable insights, and search for opportunities to support others who you meet in your network. By becoming a contributor, you establish yourself as a valuable and trusted person who can:

  • Collaborate on projects and initiatives for mutual growth.
  • Contribute to industry discussions and thought leadership.
  • Give back to the community and make a positive impact.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to aspiring professionals.
  • Share your expertise with other professionals.



Networking is an effective approach for professional and commercial growth. By adopting strategic techniques and implementing the tips explained in this article, you can build a strong and valuable professional network. However, keep in mind that effective networking is built on genuine connections, continuous engagement, and mutual support. So by investing your time and effort, you may nurture your professional relationships.  In the long run, your network will become a valuable asset that brings you exciting opportunities.

DhuMall, the Number 1 Business Marketplace is bringing you three types of Business Resources and Networking platforms and they are WorldWealthClub (“WWC”), International Business Excellence Network (“IBEN”) and Public Listed Companies Global Center (“PLCGC”). Each has its unique features to making business resources and networking easy, resourceful, and interesting, helping you to drive your business to the next level.


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Building an Inflation-Proof Business: Strategies for Long-Term Success

Building an Inflation-Proof Business: Strategies for Long-Term Success

Companies are looking for techniques and technologies to thrive in a high-inflation economy. Industries that can remain resilient even in economic uncertainty will become inflation-proof companies. When it comes to key strategies that will help companies to obtain sustainable growth, there are several factors such as understanding the company’s financial health, introducing new technologies, understanding the needs of customers, controlling expenses, and developing a new pricing strategy. In this article, let’s study all these factors in detail.  

Company’s Financial Health

If companies want to develop strategies for going forward, they have to be aware of their financial health. Every strategy for reducing the impact of inflation has to start with a clear assessment of a company’s current financial health. After you assess the expenses of your company, including production, depreciation, tax, and labor, you should start building inflation-proof business strategies for long-term success. With a meticulous assessment of financial health, you will gain the following benefits.

  • Adequate liquidity and contingency funds.
  • Continuous monitoring of key financial metrics.
  • Diverse revenue streams for stability.
  • Efficient debt management and low leverage.
  • Healthy profit margins and sustainable growth.
  • Long-term investment in research and development.
  • Regular financial audits and performance evaluations.
  • Robust financial controls and risk management.
  • Strong cash flow management and forecasting.
  • Strong relationships with reliable suppliers and partners.

Artificial Intelligence

Introducing the latest technologies is one of the most significant ways to develop an inflation-proof business. Nowadays artificial intelligence is reshaping all types of companies in the world. If companies focus on developing AI tools, it would be a long-term strategic investment. Companies may face initial implementation costs when they develop AI tools. However, AI can turn a profit-making approach in the long run. Decreasing manual administrative activities will directly increase profit margins and allow companies to redirect funds to other important areas.

Benefits of AI tool

  • Accelerated product development and innovation.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks for employee focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Cost savings through labor optimization.
  • Data-driven insights for better decision-making.
  • Enhanced cyber security and risk mitigation.
  • Enhanced scalability and capacity for growth.
  • Improved customer experiences and personalization.
  • Integration of AI-powered chatbots and customer support systems.
  • Reduction of manual errors and advanced precision.
  • Streamlined workflows for increased efficiency.

The Needs of Customers

Understanding what products or services your customers need to choose their better survival is the most important aspect before planning strategies. After knowing what the needs of your customers are, you can adjust your prices, offerings, and marketing strategies to stay competitive in an ever-changing market. Companies may recruit both behavioural psychologists and marketing psychologists to focus on better understanding of the needs of customers and to market their brands based on their behaviours.

Benefits of understanding the needs of customers

  • Expecting and acclimatizing to ever-changing customer preferences.
  • Building long-term customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Competitive pricing based on customer value.
  • Continuous customer feedback and satisfaction monitoring.
  • Efficient customer support and quick response times.
  • In-depth understanding of customer pain points.
  • Personalization and customization options.
  • Prioritizing customer-centric product development.
  • Seamless omnichannel experiences for convenience.
  • Tailored products and services for specific needs.

Controlling Expenses

It is vital to review the expenses of a company regularly. Otherwise, financial health may go uncontrolled.  A clear picture of the expenses of a company will likely uncover some expenses that you can reduce. For example, you may reduce some unrequired employees, subscriptions to digital tools, office equipment, devices, and so on. By controlling expenses, you may gain the following.

  • Benchmarking and cost-tracking tools for expense control.
  • Effective inventory management and waste reduction.
  • Encouraging employee cost-consciousness.
  • Energy-efficient operations for reduced utility costs.
  • Implementing lean management principles.
  • Minimizing non-essential overhead expenses.
  • Negotiating favourable supplier contracts and discounts.
  • Outsourcing non-core activities when cost-effective.
  • Regular cost analysis and optimization.
  • Remote work and flexible scheduling options.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing your products and services is not an easy thing. Based on the demands of your products and services, you should develop pricing strategies. Otherwise, your competitors may go ahead of your company with unique pricing strategies. If you set prices too high, you may miss out on valuable sales. There are umpteen numbers of pricing strategies that can help companies better develop o set the right prices.

Benefits of pricing strategies

  • Bundling and upselling opportunities for a higher value.
  • Continuous monitoring of pricing effectiveness and profitability.
  • Differentiated pricing based on the product value proposition.
  • Dynamic pricing strategies based on demands.
  • Implementing programs and rewards for loyal customers.
  • Offering unique pricing plans to cater to different customer segments.
  • Pricing experiments and A/B testing for optimization.
  • Promotional pricing strategies to drive customer acquisition.
  • Thorough market research and competitive analysis.
  • Transparent pricing structures and no hidden fees.


The above strategies may help you build an inflation-proof business. However, you should also build even stronger by offering quality products and services that will help your business grow in the long run. Moreover, you can also develop some other strategies based on the latest technologies to build an inflation-proof business.

How B2B Online Marketplace Could Renovate or Reshape Indirect Procurement

How B2B Online Marketplace Could Renovate or Reshape Indirect Procurement

With the one-stop support of B2B marketplaces, companies gain multiple benefits like huge transparency in product and service, supplier availability, and pricing strategies. B2B online marketplaces create self-service and digitally-sourced environments by renovating and reshaping indirect procurement, setting new directions for procurement departments to generate significant value. A B2B online marketplace helps companies to:

  • Accelerate requirement identification and supplier selection.
  • Find credible suppliers across regions.
  • Gain adaptive to categories, suppliers, contracts, and timing.
  • Get real-time market research and fast connections.
  • Have intuitive control, planning, and monitoring of procurement.
  • Obtain a cohesive view of the entire supply chain.
  • Save time and cost significantly.
  • Simplify quotations, contracts, and supplier assessments.
  • Strengthen negotiations and order control.
  • Uncover hidden cost savings in operations and supplies.

In this article, let’s delve into how B2B marketplaces play a key role in redesigning indirect procurement.

Placement Order

As this platform has self-service functions, users can easily place an order through the online buying system. Hence, it is unnecessary to depend on customer service to get assistance in the procedure. The platform itself plays as a customer service officer. A well-organized B2B marketplace facilitates the buyers to:

  • Arrange products strategically to enhance user experience.
  • Implement personalized recommendations for efficient purchasing decisions.
  • Optimize search results for increased visibility and discoverability.
  • Prioritize suppliers based on quality and reliability.
  • Promote featured products to drive sales and boost exposure.
  • Streamline the procurement process through effective categorization and organization.
  • Utilize data analytics to improve placement order effectiveness.

Information Security

Cybercrime is a big threat to today’s digital world. Most IT platforms experience leakages of company data on business development and marketing. So B2B Marketplace plays a key role in supporting information security. It helps companies to protect data with secure and confidential infrastructure. With information security, companies can:

  • Collaborate with trusted partners to ensure secure supply chain processes
  • Conduct thorough audits to identify and mitigate potential risks.
  • Establish strict access controls to protect sensitive procurement information.
  • Implement multi-faceted authentication to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Implement robust encryption protocols for secure data transmission.
  • Regularly update to address security vulnerabilities.
  • Train employees to be aware of data security and privacy.


With the best B2B marketplace, users can do searches to find suitable vendors and companies. Users will have an opportunity to filter brands, products, and services sellers, checking the price range. Through this platform, users can also check product availability. A well-performing B2B Marketplace adapts to any major business changes as companies expand and industries keep transforming. B2B marketplaces can: 

  • Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Enable quick access to relevant categories and subcategories.
  • Implement filters and sorting options for efficient product searches.
  • Implement smart search functionality for accurate and fast results.
  • Incorporate breadcrumb trails for seamless browsing and backtracking.
  • Optimize mobile responsiveness for on-the-go procurement.
  • Provide clear and concise product descriptions and specifications.

Business Transactions

When it comes to business transactions, B2B Marketplace is easier to make any kind of payment. Users can perform the entire transaction process online without much effort to depend on manual processes. In a B2B marketplace, the process of transaction is easy to:

  • Automate purchase order generation and invoice processing.
  • Enable real-time tracking of orders and deliveries.
  • Enable seamless integration with existing procurement systems.
  • Simplify seamless communication between buyers and suppliers.
  • Implement electronic signatures for legally binding agreements.
  • Provide secure and reliable payment gateways for smooth transactions.
  • Support multiple payment options to accommodate diverse needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key aspect of any business. In a B2B Marketplace, companies can mainly focus on maintaining customer relationships. So, the engagement stays transparently positive and authentically productive in a B2B marketplace. Companies can work well from the time when they can:

  • Ensure timely delivery and accurate order fulfilment.
  • Implement a user rating and review system for product feedback.
  • Offer loyalty programs and incentives for repeat buyers.
  • Offer transparent return and refund policies to build trust.
  • Personalize user experiences based on past purchasing behaviour.
  • Provide prompt and responsive customer support for query resolution.
  • Regularly gather and analyse customer feedback for continuous improvement.

Product Selection and Availability

Another important benefit of B2B Marketing is promoting brand awareness. With the power of effective promotion, users will become aware of the product so they can select the desired product. Consequently, it gets brand recognition. They show all the Information on the mortal retail locations so customers can: 

  • Collaborate with suppliers to expand product range based on market demand.
  • Curate a wide range of products from trusted suppliers.
  • Enable advanced filtering options to refine product selection.
  • Implement real-time stock tracking to avoid out-of-stock situations.
  • Offer alternative product suggestions in case of unavailability.
  • Provide detailed product information to aid decision-making.
  • Regularly update inventory to ensure product availability.

Innovation and Cooperation

The B2B marketplace is a better option for companies that try innovative approaches to present their novel products to larger global markets. Innovative products are welcomed all over the world because of higher demand. So companies can benefit in all ways to: 

  • Collaborate with industry leaders to drive innovation in procurement practices.
  • Encourage feedback and suggestions from buyers and suppliers.
  • Engage in partnerships and alliances to leverage synergies and accelerate innovation.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and experimentation.
  • Foster collaboration with suppliers for product innovation and development.
  • Implement emerging technologies like AI and machine learning for enhanced procurement experiences.
  • Implement pilot programs to test and evaluate new features.

Scalability and Profitability

With the support of the B2B Marketplace, companies have become aware of the scalability and profitability of their products and services. The online system supports encouraging self-service to customers to: 

  • Analyze data to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize pricing.
  • Enable scalability by accommodating a growing number of buyers and suppliers.
  • Expand into new markets to capture a broader customer base.
  • Implement automated processes to handle increased transaction volumes.
  • Negotiate better deals with suppliers.
  • Monitor key performance indicators and financial metrics for profitability optimization.
  • Offer premium subscription plans to generate additional revenue streams.


With analytical stats and digital techniques, B2B marketplaces have generated wonders in multiple industries. Moreover, the rapid growth of the B2B marketplace is transforming the perspective of buyers and increasing the value of the supply chain industry. With its profound benefits, B2B marketplaces will become a desired hub for many businesses. 

Direct Selling Strategies To Build A Successful Business

Direct Selling Strategies to Build a Successful Business

So, you are looking for the fastest way to build a successful direct-selling business. Then, here are some fail-proof strategies you must adopt today!

Find the Right Prospects

In today’s world of the internet, the old-school sales method & skills do not work. With a huge source of information available at their fingertips, customers cannot get easily persuaded to purchase products especially if they do not need the product to begin with.

Prospecting is very crucial and must not be disregarded if you want to do a successful sale. Finding the right prospects who actually need your products should be your primary step. Define your ideal customer profile. Figure out – what are their pain points and how your product can help to mitigate their problems and bring value to their business. If your products can solve their business problems or needs, and improve their business in a certain way or boost their sales and profits, then influencing the prospects to buy your products would be a piece of cake.

Choose The Right Social Media

The next step is to figure out where your prospects hang out online so that you can reach them successfully. Social selling can boost your sales incredibly. So, leverage social media to interact and engage with the prospects, provide them with interesting and valuable content related to your offerings, and offer them free advice by answering their questions and helping them. This fortifies your relationship with them. When customers get educated by your content or find your advice supportive in their business, they will start trusting your company and readily buy your products or services.

Differentiate Your Brand From Competitors

Contemplate how your business and offerings are distinct and better than your competitors. Highlight that every time you reach your customers to do branding and marketing. When your offerings’ unique aspects are emphasized repeatedly and consistently it can positively set you apart from others in the market and eventually win more customers.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best and the most affordable way to reach your potential customers. However, the caveat of this method of marketing that you must avoid is ‘bulk-mailing’. People like it when they get receive personalized emails because they desire to be seen as individuals. They like the content sent specially for them.

Personalized emails have a higher opening rate, reply rate as well as customer conversion rate. To automate or make the process easy you can employ email software that dynamically insert prospect names & other information into the emails. This makes the emails personalized. Further, if you connect it to a CRM, it makes it more powerful giving you more information that you can implement to the design to make it more personal for every prospect.

Offer Free Samples

Often customers reject your products blindly without giving you a chance to talk about them. Free samples let your customer try and test your product without feeling pressurized to buy it. When customers get the opportunity to experience the product personally, they can judge it on their own. Thus, they understand your products better as well as connect with them. This builds customers’ trust in your products and brand too.

When sending your product samples to your highly qualified prospects you can add a touch of personalization along with some printed promotional material such as a pamphlet that highlights the valuable aspects of the product and gives relevant detailed information. This can impress and influence them to make a purchase.

Establish Strategic Partnerships

Creating Strategic Partnerships with other companies is a great way to grow your customer base as it provides you a reach to their customers as well. You can utilize it to do cross-promotion which means you can do marketing promotion of your products related to that of your strategic partners. This not only fetches your business new customers but also cuts down your marketing cost as the related costs are divided between your company and your strategic partner.

Try Influencer Marketing

It is one of the best ways to enhance your brand awareness. Influencers have broad social reach and they particularly have huge audiences in their niche. These audiences regularly consume the influencer’s content and already trust their knowledge of the subject. So, they are very likely to purchase their recommendations.

Always choose influencers whose audiences are your potential customers. Send these influencers your products to try and produce related content by reviewing them for the audience. This can increase your customer conversion rates dramatically!

One of the best and very consistent methods to boost your sales is to employ either independent direct sales representatives or distributors/agents who are individual business owners. They employ their own distributor networks for doing the sales. They work for commissions on behalf of your company by finding potential customers and reaching out to them to present the products and services and convince them to purchase. They build a positive relationship with the customers while building their trust in your brand.

DhuMall iHotBiz is the most trustworthy platform to find reliable direct sales representatives and distributors for direct selling.

DhuMall is a global marketplace for businesses of all sizes, industries, and nature to shop for various great products, services, business solutions, and opportunities available in more than 200 countries and territories.

The website facilitates you to list your company as well as include detailed information about the company, and business, along with contact details. The visitors who are the potential candidates for becoming your distributors and sales representatives can directly connect with you through the messaging system of the website. This allows them to interact straightway with you and resolve any queries through the proper channel.

The website enables the smooth narrowing down of search results relevant to the category and country allowing the visitors to search easily and effortlessly.

Qualified and passionate business people and salespersons who are experts in selling competently are attracted to this website to leverage the huge database of direct selling companies it displays, apart from other business opportunities. Therefore, you have a good chance of finding suitable candidates for building your robust and successful direct selling business.

Now it’s your turn to list your company on this colossal global direct selling companies listing portal to find your prospective sellers and distributors.

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From Local to Global: How to Expand Your Product Sourcing Reach

From Local to Global: How to Expand Your Product Sourcing Reach

Today’s technologies have created an interconnected world. So companies are expanding their product-sourcing search beyond their boundaries. Global product sourcing provides companies with numerous benefits such as cost-effective purchases, an opportunity to have exposure to various products, and access to new markets that never explored. Nevertheless, global product sourcing also comes with some challenges to be handled strategically. This article explores the key concept of expanding their product sourcing globally how to enter the global marketplace with advanced techniques and technologies.

Market Demand

Before you start a global product sourcing journey, evaluate market demand thoroughly. Analyse consumer preferences, the latest tech trends, and the purchasing power of every region to recognize potential target markets and make sure products with high demand. Assessing market demand with region-wise market research and understanding customer preferences play crucial roles in discovering the exact needs and preferences of different types of global customers.

Supplier Capabilities

When you expand product sourcing globally, you need to find trustworthy suppliers that can provide you with good quality products in the right quantity during the time of delivery. Various parameters are required to evaluate supplier capabilities because we deal with suppliers from different countries. Focus on supplier reputation, quality control measures, production capacity, compliance with global standards, and expertise to manufacture trendy products, and ability to handle export/import regulations.

Supply Chain Risks

Global product sourcing brings several risks to the supply chain. So it is essential for every company to figure out and reduce these risks to ensure continuous production and on-time delivery. Some potential risks may include currency fluctuations, customs regulations, geopolitical factors, transportation delays, and issues related to quality control. Applying the latest risk management strategies such as developing contingency plans, diversifying suppliers, and preserving close monitoring and communication within the supply chain are highly indispensable to respond effectively to any unexpected challenges.

Technology and Automation

During this digital era, technology with automation plays a key role in expanding product sourcing globally. Applying robust e-procurement tools, supply chain management systems, and data analytics solutions can rationalize product-sourcing processes effectively, improve transparency, and advance efficiency. Technologies like cloud computing, blockchain technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) can enable inventory management, real-time tracking, and demand forecasting, empowering companies to optimize their global sourcing operations successfully.

Compliance and Ethical Sourcing

Companies that like expanding product sourcing globally need a comprehensive knowledge of global trade regulations and compliance standards. And also, adhering to ethical sourcing practices, such as confirming sustainable products, labor conditions, and responsible sourcing of raw materials, is not only a legal obligation but also improves brand reputation. So every company must follow clear guidelines and conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with global standards and ethical practices.

Strong Partnerships

On an exploration of global product sourcing, cultivate strong partnerships among a pool of industry associations, suppliers, and trade organizations for positive global product sourcing. Attend networking events, trade shows, and industry conferences to have a great exposure to business opportunities that will empower you to connect with potential suppliers, exchange knowledge, and gain insights into global market trends.

Cultural Differences

Simply put, global product sourcing deals with collaborating with diverse cultures, languages, and business practices. So keep in mind that cultural intelligence can become a valuable asset for companies that need to jump into new markets. Accepting and valuing cultural styles, cultural nuances, and communication norms are highly essential for building successful relationships with suppliers and customers across the world.


Expanding product sourcing from local markets to global markets is one of the best approaches for companies that see new growths and access to reach new customer bases. Nevertheless, it needs detailed planning, meticulous research, and calculated decision-making. By finding out techniques of market demand, evaluating the capabilities of suppliers, managing the risks behind the supply chain, adopting the latest technologies, ensuring compliance of respective countries, building strong partnerships, and understanding cultural differences, companies can enter the global marketplace for product sourcing.

DhuMall brings you iGlobalSourcing, the world’s leading product sourcing and supplier discovery platform. It congregates the most trustworthy manufacturers and wholesalers as well as qualified potential buyers from more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Consequently, it offers limitless products of a diverse range to choose from. We work on creating a win-win situation for our buyers and suppliers.

The platform presents a varied and all-inclusive range of suppliers and products incorporating categories such as Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Building & Construction, Apparel, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverages, Restaurants & Kitchen Equipment, Sports, Toys, Gifts, Hobbies & Crafts, Textile & Leather, Property & Land, Medical, Healthcare, Lab Instruments & Supplies, and a lot more.

We are extremely pleased to invite you to join the most invaluable global B2B marketplace to make the most of the variety of high-quality products available here to create your business success.

The Advantages of E-Learning for Employers

The Advantages Of E-Learning For Employers

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” — Henry Ford

Training employees may seem like an unnecessary expense for a company. However, it offers a myriad of benefits to the company which eventually helps the business to grow successfully and profitably.

Training employees helps them be updated with the leading-edge knowledge of the industry.  Employees who learn better and qualify themselves further can do their tasks more efficiently. As their competency increases, they become more productive both quantitatively and qualitatively.

This automatically makes them feel more enthusiastic about their jobs and never find them boring as they feel more confident and interested in their job.

Because they get to learn and improve themselves in the organization, they can see the opportunity for their growth within the organization. When employees anticipate their growth possibility in the organization they inevitably strive to perform better. Thus, it improves your employees’ engagement.

Employees who are satisfied and happy in their jobs develop a feeling of loyalty to their company and their job. This can significantly decrease employee turnover rates. Ultimately, this increases the reputation of the company and benefits it more by attracting top talent. It also cuts down the cost of re-hiring and training new employees.

As times are changing, businesses prefer training their employees through e-learning platforms more than traditional on-site training because of the enormous benefits it brings to the company.

Let’s go through some of the advantages of E-learning for employers.


It Is Cost-Effective
Because e-learning facilitates learning at any place, unlike on-site training the trainees do not have to go to a particular place which saves costs related to travel and rent for a classroom. It also eliminates expenses of training instructors and material fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Although the company has to pay for an e-learning program, it can prove to be an investment as digital courses are scalable and thus its utilization can be maximized and made the most of.

Furthermore, as it allows your staff to study on their own time it lets you avoid employee absenteeism and outgoings associated with it while training them.


It Supports Scalability
One of the major advantages e-learning has over traditional on-site learning is scalability. You can let as many employees as you want, in your organization, get trained by one specific e-learning program.

As mentioned earlier, this factor makes e-learning very economical because it can be capitalized on by the company resourcefully. Not just that, it enables training more employees in less time.


It Facilitates Self-Paced Learning
The purpose of any form of learning is to improve the workforce for superior output however instructor-led learning fails this many times making the employees worthless for any contribution to business growth.

This is because not all employees are at the same level or have equal ability to grasp the knowledge. In-person training can often backfire and make the slow learners feel lost and clueless about what is going on in the training session. They may feel stressed and unconfident in the end.

Because e-learning lets studying at one’s own pace they are neither intimidated nor pressurized. Consequently, they learn better and produce the desired outcome.


It Is Agile
In this fast-moving world, companies have to keep up with the rapid transformations in the market. Only agile e-learning programs can quickly incorporate new knowledge to keep pace with the new developments in the industry as demanded by the company.

This is practically impossible with in-person training because here the trainer needs to get updated before imparting the most up-to-date know-how to the trainees. Apart from that they also must prepare new learning materials which can lead to added expense and more time slack.

This directly supports the company to stay ahead of its competitors.


It Addresses Companies’ Immediate Needs
If a business is facing a big challenge or is undergoing a massive change in its operations then to cope with that the company has to immediately upskill and reskill the existing employees to adapt to new situations and function efficiently. E-learning flexibly provides the opportunity to get trained in a specific area or part of any subject as per the precise requirement of the company.

E-learning helps in rapid training and sharpening of exact skills as demanded by the circumstances while carrying out the day-to-day tasks as usual which is practically unachievable with the in-person training.

Although e-learning suits the modern-day requirements of the companies, it is important to know that not all e-learning courses are created equally. A good e-learning platform is the foundation for the progress and success of a company.

That is why we bring you iSuperLearner the best training & development solution for your entire organization, from top-level management to the staff level. This e-learning platform is specifically designed & built by our expert professionals to offer convenient & systematic self-paced learning

It incorporates top-quality 6000 online videos, quizzes & courses developed by well-known experts & highly proficient and skilled people around the world with the intention to strengthen the learning culture of your organization. The courses are perfectly delivered to improve the learners’ knowledge, skills & performance. The study content is created such that it is very easy to understand & absorb. The video courses are interesting and keep the learners engaged in the study process.

When taking the assessment quiz, the employees do not have to wait for the results to know if they can proceed further or re-study the content. The system offers them instant feedback & so time is not wasted in the study process. Also, the quiz assessment at every stage ensures proper retention of the study content before moving to the next segment of the course.

It can be accessed 24/7 to facilitate your employees to learn at their convenience time & their own pace. Helping the learner to study at a flexible pace it allows effective learning, gaining caliber, and practical achievement.

It eliminates travel effort, time & expenses. Also offers the learners the comfort of studying in their own free time. It supports companies in cutting down employee absenteeism while training them.

The best part of this platform is that it offers up-to-date training courses specifically designed for all the levels of the organization i.e., from the top level of management to the staff level as well as all the departments of the organization such as sales & marketing, I.T., Finance, etc.

Above all, iSuperLearner offers the best online training at the best price.

Explore our broad array of courses on:

  • Personal Development
  • Business Skills
  • Sales
  • Management & Leadership
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT Skills
  • Video Production
  • Project Management
  • Integrative Healthcare & Medicine
  • Health & Safety
  • Policy Compliance & Miscellaneous


If you want to:

  • Bridge Widening Skill Gaps in Your Organization
  • Improve Employee Performance & Productivity
  • Increase Workplace Engagement
  • Have Positive Employee Retention
  • Address Internal Weaknesses
  • Upskill Your Workforce
  • Execute Remote Work Successfully
  • Manage Changing Nature of Work
  • Advance Managerial Decision Making & Problem-Solving Efficiency
  • Enhance Company Reputation & Profile
  • Develop Your Business Comprehensively
Essential Information for Global Product Sourcing

Essential Information for Global Product Sourcing

Global product sourcing is a process by which companies can find global products to sell. To know marketable inventory for your business, you need to explore wholesalers, manufacturers, artisans, and other types of creators and companies that produce merchandise for sale. This article will guide you to perform global product sourcing for your business flawlessly.  The world of supply may be wide-ranging and magnificent but they are available if you do perfect sourcing to find product suppliers that are looking for you. If you want to perform global product sourcing for developing your company with quality products, here are some of the important factors you need to consider.

Products search

For a better global product search, you may utilize the following options.

DIY products

In 2020, the handicraft market of the world touched $647 billion. For product sourcing, you may contact solo artisans that create exquisite artefacts to big companies that offer world-class products with heritage designs.

Manufacturers or wholesalers

If you contact global manufacturers or wholesalers, you may come across different types of products and some of them can be the latest ones. All over the world, thousands of new products are introduced every year. If you can find out manufacturers or wholesalers that sell innovative products, you can make a profit from new products immediately.


Nowadays, after the success of e-commerce, you have a lot of marketplaces online to find products locally or globally. You may utilize all-purpose online platforms such as Amazon and eBay to discover more goods for sale.

Trade shows

Trade shows were successfully designed to connect manufacturers and distributors with traders. Consumer trends, new technologies, and market shifts always demand businesses to stay up to date. If you attend trade shows, you can get in touch with the most esteemed industry products around the world.

Vendor analysis

Vendor analysis is the most important factor in product sourcing decisions. If your competitor has a vendor who can supply more quickly than your vendors, you may lose market share and lost revenue. Hence, select a receptive vendor who is able to accommodate changes and produce according to needs. Vendor analysis is mainly founded on data. Therefore, based on quantifiable performance indicators, the vendor you have chosen should be able to understand your needs in terms of quality, cost, and delivery speed.

Price comparison

Whenever you perform global product sourcing, you must do price comparisons among various vendors. What you need to consider is that you must focus on the cost of transportation, customs and duties, brokerage services, financing, and insurance. And also you need to consider other additional and unexpected costs. For that, you may use some price comparison sites to get proper data. Once you have compared the prices of every vendor you have selected, move on to the next step of product quality.

Product quality

Product quality is an important part of any product souring. The quality of the product will create a great impact on sales and marketing. Product quality refers to how exactly a product satisfies customer requirements, serves its drive, and meets industry standards. When assessing the quality of products, companies should consider several key aspects, including whether a product can solve a problem for the target audience, works powerfully, or suits customers’ purposes. Here are eight important aspects that you should consider as the basic elements of product quality.

  • Aesthetics
  • Conformance
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Perceived Quality
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Serviceability

Trade regulations

Governmental regulations may support you to do product sourcing from an area or it may detract you for doing sourcing from a region. Hence, prior to considering any product sourcing decisions, it is essential that all trade regulations or restrictions are evaluated pragmatically. Many government-sponsored publications and organizations are available online to help you educate about the legal requirements of international trade. Generally, trade policy uses seven main instruments: subsidies, tariffs, import quotas, local content requirements, voluntary export restraints, administrative policies, and antidumping duties.


If you are unable to receive the products to market at the right time, your efforts will become useless. Delivery on time is the most important factor in this digital world. People want to get anything immediately. So you must find trustworthy logistics that can play a major role in delivering goods on time.  Your delivery partner should be able to control various processes of moving goods, including warehousing and transportation, from the point of origin to your place based on the urgency of customer requirements. Here, seasonal fluctuations and natural calamities should be also taken into consideration. You may also use dropshipping, a method of product sourcing where another vendor fully fulfils a customer’s order. Dropshipping is a great option if you start a new online store.


The factors given above are to consider when making global sourcing decisions. Once you have come to a good decision, you will encounter more opportunities to enjoy conducting good product sourcing in the global market. If you want to find the best goods for trade, you need to venture into some new territories. Information related to global product sourcing is aplenty. What you should do is to choose the best approach and keep your search preferences well-structured to get rid of getting overwhelmed. Don’t stop product sourcing once the product is sourced. Maintain a good relationship with the suppliers you deal with and keep trying to find new suppliers around the world. Apart from the information given above, you may also try to find other types of information for better product sourcing.

DhuMall brings you iGlobalSourcing, the world’s leading product sourcing and supplier discovery platform. It congregates the most trustworthy manufacturers and wholesalers as well as qualified potential buyers from more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Consequently, it offers limitless products of a diverse range to choose from. We work on creating a win-win situation for our buyers and suppliers.

The platform presents a varied and all-inclusive range of suppliers and products incorporating categories such as Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, Building & Construction, Apparel, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverages, Restaurants & Kitchen Equipment, Sports, Toys, Gifts, Hobbies & Crafts, Textile & Leather, Property & Land, Medical, Healthcare, Lab Instruments & Supplies, and a lot more.

We are extremely pleased to invite you to join the most invaluable global B2B marketplace to make the most of the variety of high-quality products available here to create your business success.

Finding The Right Franchisees

Finding The Right Franchisees

Franchising is one of the best ways to grow any business and is suitable for all types of industries. It is specifically the best growth strategy for small and medium-sized businesses that lack access to capital. Small and medium-scale businesses have a tight budget and the size of their team is also small. They don’t have the privileges that the larger businesses have, as well.

Franchising is free of the risks of debt or the cost of equity because it entails using other people’s money to grow and expand. The company does not have to invest much to set up new franchise stores and it can have multiple stores, which is not practical for the company to do on its own.

Apart from not having to invest hugely, the company also has the benefit of not having to deal with the hassles of employing and managing the staff there. The franchise model enables replacing managers with entrepreneurs (franchisees). Because franchisees invest their money and skills, they are more reliable and diligent than salaried employees. Also, they are committed for a very long term.

In any franchise business, the franchisee handles the responsibility of hiring and training the employees, carrying out day-to-day business operations, supervising staff, getting leads and making sales, etc. This lets the franchisors focus on imperative aspects of business such as brand management, innovation, etc.

Franchisees have a sense of ownership so they care about improving the operational quality. Franchising offers rapid market penetration, growth in multiple locations, and large and wide distribution of products or services.

The franchising business model brings incredible advantages. However, the success or failure of any franchise business depends on its most important aspect The Franchisees.

Finding the right franchisee is the most overwhelming yet inevitable part of the franchise business-building process. It is a long-term commitment too.

But often franchisors are impatient particularly when the business is in a cash flow crunch. They desperately hunt for franchisees and impulsively pick unfit candidates who are willing to invest without minding their backgrounds. And this dramatically affects the future of the business.

It is essential to have a systematic franchisee screening process so that the franchise network of the business is robust enough to achieve business goals and success. When looking for a franchisee identify what value the one you choose can bring to your business.

Check their qualification, experience, skills, and ability to carry out business as per your expectations. Examine if the candidate is passionate about the business and has the fortitude to go through tough times and would be a good team player while adhering to your business values. Verify their background thoroughly to avoid the risk of getting fraudsters associated with the franchise network of your business.

Where to look for Prospective franchisees?

Well, there are a number of ways to discover the perfect franchisees for building your company’s franchise network.

  1. Tradeshows

Tradeshow is a great way to network with people, face-to-face. If you can attend franchise tradeshows and events in the line of your business or related to your industry and market there is a high chance of finding the ideal person who can associate with your business. However, this is not just time-consuming but also very painstaking.

  1. Word-of-mouth Referrals

Franchisors can ask for referrals from existing franchisees, business networks, friends, and family members. This is the least expensive method but franchisors cannot find a lot candidates as desired.

  1. Running ads

Running ads on Google or Facebook and also on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter is a very cost-effective way to reach your prospective franchisees particularly when they are targeted effectively.

  1. Organic Social Media Strategy

If your budget is very tight and you do want to go with paid ads then it is better to go for social media organic reach. This method however requires patience and time. You can use this opportunity to build your brand awareness on the social media portals where your potential franchisees are likely to hang out and get more out of the effort invested.

  1. Cold Emailing

Building a very robust email database of eligible people by collecting information through accurate sources is very significant, but not enough. The content created to send to these audiences must be very compelling. Personalization makes the process very effective for seizing the attention of the audience, increasing the opening rate, and holding their interest enough to make them go through the content.

The key is not to stop here. Always keep in touch with eligible people who show genuine interest in your business, even if they are not ready immediately.

  1. Franchise portals

Listing on Franchise portals is one of the best ways to discover your prospective franchisees because genuinely interested and proficient people flock and sign up into these portals searching for the most suited franchise business opportunity for them. Such portals not only help you find quality candidates but also in good quantity with ease.


DhuMall iHotBiz is one of the top international franchising listing & business opportunities platforms which makes finding the right franchisee a hassle-free and effortless task.

DhuMall is a global marketplace for businesses of all sizes, industries, and nature to shop for various great products, services, business solutions, and opportunities available in more than 200 countries and territories.

The company has the advantage of a valuable and reliable database of top-rated franchise companies seeking to expand globally through master franchising. This comprehensive global franchising listing platform incorporates diverse franchise businesses including Food, Health & Beauty, Education & Training, Computer and Internet, Entertainment, Fitness & Sports, Retail & Retail Services, Jewelry, and many more.

This attracts many competent and zealous people around the world looking for franchising and business opportunities to this platform. The user-friendly platform helps them to filter the listings to refine their search and discover their best-suited opportunities.

You too can list your company on this incredible international franchising listing portal and that too for FREE!

Find Your Right Franchisees


Grow Your Franchising Business Successfully

How to manage your B2B Sales Strategy during Economic Decline

How to manage your B2B Sales Strategy during Economic Decline

If there is any economic decline, it may cause various factors, which may increase interest rates, reduce consumer purchase power, or increase in prices of oils and gas. Any of these factors could make a significant impact while doing B2B sales.

An increase in interest rates will make companies borrow funds from financial institutions for inventory or expansion. A decrease in consumer purchase power could lead to a shortage in demand for products and services in a particular market. And also if oil prices increase, it may lead to a rise in transportation costs.

Only a few sales organizations are well prepared to face an economic decline in advance. Most companies develop their strategies shortly after the economic decline hits.

So, what should a company do to manage its sales process during economic decline?

In this article, let’s see 10 key strategies that can support you to manage your B2B sales strategy during any economic decline.

Introducing New Products and Services

Introducing new products and services is essential for any business. New products can also help you to tap into new markets and reach new audiences. By selling various products and services, a wider range of people may become your customers and you will increase your chances of achieving more sales during an economic crisis.

Key benefits

By introducing new products and services, you can:

  • Adapt to changing customer demands through the latest products and services.
  • Address untapped market segments with tailored offerings.
  • Capture new market share with an expanded product range.
  • Cater to emerging trends with timely product introductions.
  • Differentiate from competitors with unique product offerings.
  • Enhance product portfolio for increased market opportunities.
  • Expand offerings to attract a diverse customer base.
  • Improve customer loyalty with relevant new offerings.
  • Increase revenue streams by launching complementary services.
  • Introduce innovative solutions to meet evolving needs.

New Pricing Strategy

When developing a new pricing strategy during a recession, you need to make sure that the pricing you set is competitive. You must also ensure your prices align with your costs, making reasonable profits. Finally, it is a must for you to ensure that your prices are sustainable in the long run. You may also offer discounts or promotions to boost sales.

Key benefits

With a new pricing strategy, you can:

  • Adjust prices to enhance competitiveness and attract customers.
  • Align pricing with customer budgets for improved affordability.
  • Conduct market research to determine optimal pricing levels.
  • Implement flexible pricing models for diverse customer segments.
  • Implement promotional pricing to boost short-term sales.
  • Introduce value-based pricing to highlight product benefits.
  • Offer attractive discounts to stimulate sales during an economic decline.
  • Offer tiered pricing options for different customer needs.
  • Provide pricing incentives to encourage larger order volumes.
  • Utilize dynamic pricing strategies to optimize revenue generation.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

During a recession, it is essential for every company to collect customer reviews and testimonials. Analyzing customer reviews is a productive approach to find out potential customers that your company needs. Your customers also help to increase your search engine rankings, helping you attract diverse customers.

Key benefits

With customer reviews and testimonials, you will have the ability to:

  • Build trust with positive customer feedback and reviews.
  • Display customer reviews prominently on the website and marketing materials.
  • Encourage customers to share positive experiences through testimonials.
  • Establish credibility through authentic customer reviews and ratings.
  • Harness positive reviews to differentiate from competitors.
  • Leverage online platforms for increased visibility of customer feedback.
  • Leverage testimonials to demonstrate product/service effectiveness.
  • Respond promptly to customer reviews to demonstrate attentiveness.
  • Showcase satisfied customer experiences to attract new clients.
  • Utilize social proof to influence potential buyers’ decision-making.

Data-Driven Insights

This is the digital era where data is king. So redesign your business strategy with data-driven decisions that will help you survive and thrive during economic decline. Focusing on solid insights will make you understand a competitive advantage when the recession hits. Following data-driven insights is one of the effective approaches to developing growth strategies by discovering the latest trends.

Key benefits

With data-driven insights, you can:

  • Analyze data to identify the latest sales trends and opportunities.
  • Identify customer preferences and tailor offerings accordingly.
  • Leverage data analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Leverage predictive analytics for proactive sales planning.
  • Make quick decisions based on precise market data.
  • Monitor key performance indicators to track sales effectiveness.
  • Develop new marketing campaigns based on data-driven insights.
  • Utilize data for targeted lead generation and personalized marketing.
  • Utilize data insights to optimize sales strategies and processes.
  • Utilize data to understand customer behavior and purchasing patterns.

Multidimensional Marketing

During a recession, customers are looking for deals in various channels. So your marketing campaigns should reflect this by branding, marketing, and selling your products and services with the support of multidimensional channels. You may also use targeted niche campaigns to reach new potential audiences that are looking for particular products or services in various channels.

Key benefits

With multidimensional marketing, you can:

  • Engage in influencer marketing to expand brand awareness.
  • Implement integrated marketing campaigns for broader reach.
  • Leverage content marketing to establish industry thought leadership.
  • Leverage digital platforms to expand brand visibility.
  • Leverage email marketing for personalized customer communication.
  • Participate in industry events and trade shows for networking opportunities.
  • Reach customers through diverse marketing channels and mediums.
  • Utilize offline advertising channels for comprehensive market coverage.
  • Utilize social media marketing for targeted B2B promotions.
  • Utilize video marketing to enhance engagement and information delivery.

Publishing Case Studies

Case studies will empower you to highlight the successful results you have developed so far, especially if your business is related to marketing or consulting. Write and publish case studies that should explain how you have offered results to the clients that were looking for reputable companies to work with.

Key benefits

By publishing case studies, you will:

  • Collaborate with satisfied clients to develop compelling case studies.
  • Demonstrate successful B2B partnerships and outcomes.
  • Highlight industry-specific case studies to target relevant clients.
  • Illustrate problem-solving capabilities and expertise through case studies.
  • Leverage case studies to differentiate from competitors.
  • Provide evidence of product/service effectiveness through documented cases.
  • Share case studies on websites, social media, and sales collateral.
  • Showcase real-life examples to build trust and credibility.
  • Use case studies as sales tools during customer interactions.
  • Utilize case studies to address common customer pain points.

Cost-effective Business Operations

As a successful business owner, you should be well aware of what your business expenses are, making sure their needs. You must day ‘no haemorrhaging money during an economic recession’ when you do any business operation. By controlling the expenses of your business operations, you create a strategy to control your costs.

Key benefits

By implementing cost-effective business operations, you can:

  • Automate manual tasks to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Implement energy-saving measures to reduce utility expenses.
  • Implement lean practices to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs.
  • Leverage technology to streamline business operations and workflows.
  • Monitor and control overhead costs for better financial management.
  • Negotiate better supplier contracts for cost savings.
  • Optimize inventory management to minimize holding costs.
  • Optimize processes to reduce operational expenses and waste.
  • Outsource non-core functions to reduce costs.
  • Train employees for improved skills and productivity.

Customer Retention

According to various studies, acquiring new customers is more difficult than retaining an existing customer. And also, focusing on customer retention can increase your profits. If you follow up with customers in multi-channel (website, social media, phone, etc.), you support your existing customers with special deals and the latest products.

Key benefits

With customer retention strategies, you will:

  • Anticipate customer needs and provide proactive solutions.
  • Build strong relationships to encourage repeat business.
  • Collect feedback and implement improvements based on customer input.
  • Continuously exceed customer expectations to foster loyalty.
  • Offer exclusive benefits and discounts for long-term customers.
  • Offer loyalty programs to reward and retain valuable customers.
  • Personalize communication to show appreciation and understanding.
  • Provide excellent customer service to improve satisfaction.
  • Regularly engage with customers to maintain relationships.
  • Resolve customer issues promptly and effectively.


Sometimes if your company doesn’t have any new projects, you can go for outsourcing if you think that relying on full-time employees can be expensive. Nowadays most B2B businesses have started recruiting freelancers and remote workers to perform tasks. Outsourcing expensive tasks will cut down on expenses to increase the profits of your business during a recession.

Key benefits

With the support of outsourcing, you will:

  • Delegate non-core tasks to specialized external partners.
  • Focus on core competencies by outsourcing supporting functions.
  • Gain access to specialized skills and resources through outsourcing.
  • Improve scalability and flexibility through outsourced services.
  • Leverage outsourced expertise for improved service quality.
  • Minimize recruitment and training costs through outsourcing.
  • Mitigate risks by outsourcing certain business operations.
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing functions to low-cost regions.
  • Reduce overhead costs by outsourcing managerial tasks.
  • Streamline operations by utilizing external vendor capabilities.

Automation in Lead Generation

If you want more leads, you should automate your sales process. When you automate, your digital architecture will do all the processes smoothly to get more leads faster, without having to think about increasing your sales with manual sales. Getting a consistent stream of responses will help companies to play in the field as recession-proof company.

Key benefits

By installing automation, you will:

  • Collaborate with industry influencers to expand lead generation reach.
  • Generate quality leads to maintain the sales pipeline.
  • Implement lead scoring and qualification processes for efficient follow-up.
  • Implement referral programs to encourage existing customers to refer leads.
  • Leverage digital platforms for lead generation through content marketing.
  • Offer valuable gated content to capture leads’ contact information.
  • Participate in industry events to network and produce leads.
  • Utilize data analytics to identify potential leads and prospects.
  • Utilize lead nurturing strategies to build relationships and convert prospects.
  • Utilize targeted marketing campaigns to attract potential clients.


Apart from the above strategies, you may also develop new strategies to face any economic decline. Without developing original, competitive, and creative strategies, it’s impossible to manage your sale during a recession. As a company, it’s essential to be ready for any economic downturns and other dangers that can affect the sales of your company. Based on the past economic downturns, follow what leaders have suggested to quickly assess and then immediately act to get results positively.



Get Funding for Your Business

Get Funding for Your Business

‘You need money to make money.’


In Business, merely doing hard work cannot bring success. Money is the most inevitable factor for achieving business goals successfully.

Having adequate working capital is necessary to maintain the financial health of a business and keep the day-to-day operations moving smoothly. Lack of capital is an acute challenge and one of the primary reasons any small business or startup fails or shuts down.  

Depending on the size, nature, and industry of a business, its need for funds may differ. For a startup business funding is immensely crucial to put the idea into action and get started.

Money is a crucial component in every aspect of a business function. If a small business or startup wants to rent an office space or factory, set up the office/workshop with furniture, equipment, and machines, purchase raw materials and supplies, start production, and get necessary services, the significance of business funding cannot be overlooked. Specifically, at the initial stages, most businesses have to rely on funding for managing their company.

Funding is an incredibly important means to hire and acquire talents who can effectively contribute to the growth of your business. If your startup business is not making enough profits as it has not caught up the momentum yet, then funds are the best practical way to raise money for investing in efficient, skilled, and knowledgeable people to run your business successfully.

For creating their position in the market, startups also have to carry out marketing and promotions, without which their business may go unnoticed among the prospects and emerge limp amidst the well-established existing players. Here too, business funding plays a huge role in bearing such imperative expenses.

When a startup procures funding, it inevitably gains credibility. This is because it is assumed that if the investors are ready to invest and support it then the business must be having excellent potential and good scope to lead in the future.

Even for a well-established business, business funds are greatly valuable to utilize the new opportunities that crop up in its journey toward growth and development. It is also necessary for executing Market Research, developing new products or capitalizing on new products or services, expanding the product line or services as well as keeping pace with the escalating demands and sales. 

Sometimes these businesses have to invest in new property and business assets, new warehouse setup, increase transport efficiency, and carry on massive hiring to expand in new locations, locally or internationally. In such cases, the business needs extra support in terms of finance. And business funding is an excellent way to manage such expenses.

In a nutshell, regardless of the size and nature of a business, business funds can help in the successful running of a business while bringing about its better future and long-term growth.

If you are looking for funds for your business, here are some practical strategies to consider:

  • Estimate The Amount Of Funding Your Business Requires

Just as the needs for funds differ from business to business, the required amount of the fund may also vary depending on their obligations. Before approaching the investors for procuring funds, determine – which aspects of your business need funds and why. Then calculate the exact amount needed.

If you are establishing a startup, calculate and prepare a detailed estimation of the different aspects of your business such as the premises, the staff, the supplies, equipment, etc. It helps in deciding – how much additional money is needed apart from the cash on hand or bootstrap.

  • Create A Comprehensive Business Plan

This is a very fundamental step before approaching the investors. Investors assess the scope of your business before investing. If your business plan is not solid and persuasive enough, it may not create the right impression in the minds of the investors. And your attempt to obtain the business funding may fail.

So, create a Business Plan that includes your team and its strengths, marketing & sales plan, business growth plan, your competitive edge, the advantages you have as a new entrant over the existing competitors (if you are a startup), and your expected ROI. Also, point out your competitors’ weaknesses and the gaps in the market they failed to meet and thus the opportunity or possibility you gain there as an advantage. Include the plans that you have figured out to meet those gaps, thus proving that you are set to do better than your competitors.

And finally include the amount of money you would be needing to materialize your goals.

  • Find The Right Investors

Once you have a great business plan under your belt, start looking for suitable investors considering their interest rates and assessing the risks entailed in each and every choice.

This can be a very time-consuming, laborious, and overwhelming task, Business Funding can never be so simple and easy with DhuMall! We bring you the most trusted Business Funding Solutions to support your business in achieving growth, prosperity, and success.

We have a comprehensive network and collaboration with more than 78,000 public listed companies, investment funds, private equity funds, venture capitalists, angel investors, business incubators, government agencies, various funds, and investors, around the world.

Our professional experts who have in-depth knowledge and profound experience in this field, work with you by understanding the pain points and specific funding needs of your business and linking you with suitable investors. Throughout the process, they back you up with personalized and accurate guidance for preparing a robust and compelling pitching deck, that includes all your business information that investors anticipate to be aware of before approving the fund. Thus, they prevent you from making mistakes that can lead to the rejection of your business fund application.

With our advantage of robust relationships with investors around the world and profound experience in this field, we not only assist you in pitching successfully but also get excellent offers for you with the most favorable terms and competitive interest rates.

Our motto is to provide you complete support in getting your requisite business funds so that you achieve your business goals, without any hindrance.

We support our clients with these funding rounds:

  1. Seed
  2. Angel round
  3. Series A
  4. Series B
  5. Series C and beyond
  6. Merger & Acquisition
  7. IPO
  8. Post-IPO
  9. Private Placement
  10. Other funding

DhuMall Business Funding Solutions offers quick, hassle-free, and friendly customer service to all businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Get Reliable Business Funding For Your Business Today!

Boost Employee Performance with the Greatest Learning Content & Right Resources

Boost Employee Performance with the Greatest Learning Content & Right Resources

Dear Business Forecaster/Mastermind/Innovator,

If you invest in the skills of your employees, your company will get the right learning system, culture, beliefs, and values to advance your business performance. If you want to bring out the potential skills and competitive spirits of your employees, you need to focus on the following courses contributed by DhuMall. As an employer or a director, you will also have an opportunity to get trained with these courses to advance business intelligence.


Dhunicorn proudly presents to you iSuperlearner. It is the best training & development solution for your entire organization, from top-level management to the staff level. iSuperLearner is a systematic e-learning platform, specifically designed & built by professionals to offer convenient & systematic self-paced learning. It incorporates up to 6000 online videos, courses, and quizzes intended to strengthen the learning culture of your organization and enhance employees’ performance, knowledge, and skills.  Its top-quality courses are developed by well-known experts & highly proficient and skilled people around the world. It allows you to access high-quality, up-to-date learning content comfortably while sitting in your own place. It can be accessed 24/7 to facilitate your employees to learn at their convenience time & their own pace.

iSuperLearner offers a broad selection of courses ranging from business topics such as Leadership and Management, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, and Finance to personal development topics. Courses are created using innovative technology and intricate design that are accessible by anyone from any device, anytime, anywhere.


iSuperLearner provides: –

  • Huge selection of video-based, professionality developed training courses
  • Short, engaging, robust, and learner-centric courses
  • Flexible learning
  • Ongoing access to training courses
  • Accelerate the training platform
  • Easily track learning progress
  • New courses added from time to time without extra charge

iSuperLearner keeps track of progress to let the learners know how they are doing with their training. On successful completion of each module, it provides points & badges to measure the success. It tracks and keeps a record of the courses in progress & completed courses. It also monitors real-time progress. It facilitates online groups & discussion forums and thus helps with sharing & receiving more ideas, enhancing creativity, mutual clarification of doubts & queries, getting more viewpoints & experiences-sharing about a subject & much more.

To find out how iSuperLearner can help you create a powerful learning culture and turn it into your competitive edge,

Let iSuperLearner help you to create a learning organization that drives growth.

Best Regards,
DhuMall E-Learning Team

Email: elearning.support@dhumall.com
Website: https://dhumall.com/isuperlearner

Let’s Employ ChatGPT to Generate Innovative Ideas and Designs for Manufacturing Sustainable Products!

Let’s Employ ChatGPT to Generate Innovative Ideas and Designs for Manufacturing Sustainable Products!

If businesspersons are interested to start a company and protect our environment at the same time, they need to produce sustainable products. Eco-friendly brands may introduce new products such as biodegradable plant-based phone cases, handmade paper from recycled cotton scraps, non-toxic cleaning products in refillable containers, reusable bamboo utensils with compostable packaging, solar-powered LED lights, etc. Nowadays, ChatGPT has become one of the most important AI tools for generating innovative ideas. So in this article, let’s explore ChatGPT-generated innovative designs for manufacturing various sustainable products. Under every heading, some design ideas generated through ChatGPT have been given for your reference. When you start manufacturing, you may follow these same ideas or create new ones on your own according to your needs and interests.

Sustainable home products

We need sustainable homes to protect our environment. Let’s use ChatGPT to generate innovative designs for sustainable home products such as solar panels, water harvesting systems, and eco-friendly insulation materials. With these products, we can create sustainable homes that are natural and more energy-efficient. The followings are some example ideas generated with ChatGPT.

  • Eco-friendly furniture made from recycled materials
  • Home energy audits to reduce consumption
  • Smart thermostats for energy-efficient heating/cooling
  • Solar panel installation and maintenance services
  • Water-saving showerheads and faucets

Sustainable beauty products

The present beauty industry keeps delivering environmental pollution with harsh chemicals and unsustainable packaging. Hence, we are on the urge to create sustainable beauty products made from natural and organic ingredients and they should be packed in environmentally friendly materials. We can use ChatGPT to generate designs for sustainable beauty products such as:

  • Cruelty-free and vegan makeup line
  • Herbal hair and scalp treatments
  • Organic skincare products with biodegradable packaging
  • Recyclable and refillable fragrance products
  • Shampoo bars and reusable makeup pads

Recycled products

Every company should keep looking for approaches to invent new technologies that can convert used products into usable recycled products. Recycled products will play a key role in reducing the amount of pollution they deliver. Here below are some ChatGPT-generated ideas to protect our environment with recycled products.

  • Reclaimed wood furniture for homes and offices
  • Recycled glassware and tableware
  • Recycled paper and stationery products
  • Recycled plastic lumber for construction
  • Upcycled fashion accessories from waste materials

Sustainable food products

Nowadays three phases of food-processing industries, food production, packaging, and shipping, are all undergoing a revolution in sustainability. If you want to start any new projects for dealing with sustainable food production, focus on utilizing our natural resources to generate new sustainable-friendly food products.  Here below are some ChatGPT-generated ideas to nourish our world with sustainable food products.

  • Compostable and biodegradable food packaging
  • Organic and locally sourced grocery store
  • Plant-based meal delivery services
  • Regenerative agriculture and soil health services
  • Sustainable seafood and meat alternatives

Sustainable construction materials

Be a retailer or manufacturer, every entrepreneur should now start utilizing sustainable construction materials because our environment keeps being polluted with non-sustainable construction materials. So businesspersons strive to create energy-efficient green building materials to prove how they can contribute to protecting our planet. They consider the following ideas generated with ChatGPT.

  • Green building materials store
  • Modular and prefabricated eco-friendly homes
  • Rainwater harvesting and greywater systems
  • Sustainable insulation and roofing materials
  • Zero-waste construction sites and practices

Eco-friendly toys

If you are an entrepreneur with a passion for introducing novel toys that are environmentally responsible, you may focus on developing eco-friendly toys that teach the importance of sustainability with eco-friendly functions and features.  Children playing with eco-friendly toys will become ready to create a new sustainable economy in the future. The followings are some example designs.

  • Biodegradable and compostable toy packaging
  • Educational toys and STEM kits made sustainably
  • Natural wooden toys without harmful chemicals
  • Toys that teach sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Upcycled plastic toys and games

Sustainable interior designs

Interior designers have a great opportunity to decorate every home in the world with sustainable products. If you want to become a role model, use ChatGPT to generate innovative designs for manufacturing eco-friendly furniture and other decorative products to decorate residential as well as commercial buildings. Those who live in these homes will feel eco-friendly and become customers of sustainable products. Here below are some ChatGPT-generated ideas to decorate our homes with sustainable interior products.

  • Biophilic design and indoor greenery services
  • Energy-efficient lighting and fixtures
  • Smart home automation for energy conservation
  • Sustainable and recycled decor products
  • Zero-VOC and non-toxic paint services

Herbal Remedy Provider

Several herbal remedies can cure different ailments. Entrepreneurs should come forward to invent sustainable food supplements that can support naturally and sustainably. Pharmaceutical companies can also focus on inventing new sustainable to manufacture medicines from natural sources to make a sustainable impact. The followings are some of the best examples.

  • Herbal remedy kits and DIY workshops
  • Herbal teas and natural supplements for health
  • Holistic health and wellness consultations
  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free herb seeds
  • Organic and sustainable herb farming

17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

The above chat GPT-generated innovative designs align with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Eco-minded businesspersons should take on these design ideas to focus on the below 17 sustainable development goals created by the United Nations.

  1. No Poverty  
  2. Zero Hunger  
  3. Good Health and Well-being
  4. Quality Education  
  5. Gender Equality  
  6. Clean Water and Sanitation  
  7. Affordable and Clean Energy
  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure  
  10. Reduced Inequality  
  11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  12. Responsible Consumption and Production  
  13. Climate Action
  14. Life below Water  
  15. Life on Land
  16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
  17. Partnerships for the Goals  


Eco-friendly production is essential for reducing the impact of human activities on the environment. As we have seen above, ChatGPT can generate innovative designs for manufacturing sustainable products in various sectors such as fashion, food, building, and beauty. Products or services based on sustainable development will create a positive change in our environment and strengthen the corporate world with new ideas.

Business Coaching to Ignite Growth and Prosperity

Business Coaching to Ignite Growth and Prosperity

Business coaching is an ever-increasing industry because it is a cost-effective approach to achieving targeted results for companies. According to various studies, business coaching is one of the most productive approaches to developing companies, adding value to every business’s performance. With the support of business coaching, companies could increase productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs, increase profitability, etc.

For example, if your business is not successful for a few years, you can work with a business coach to learn what, when, why, and how to do it if you want to upscale your business. In this article, let’s explore how business coaching can help you to level up your company.


When you learn the ins and outs of your business, you will be guided with insights and guidance on every step of your decision. Business coaching will help you to recognize key business challenges so that you can make smarter decisions and focus on more projects. With effective business coaching which will transform the way you do business, you will develop strategies that take your business to the next level. By redirecting your perspective on the right path with appropriate business coaching, you will get:

  • Enhanced productivity levels
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Cultivated time-management skills
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • The power of encouraging self-reflection
  • More opportunities to unleash your creativity and innovation skills
  • Greater decision-making abilities
  • Success-driven effective communication techniques
  • Enhanced work-life balance
  • Techniques of goal-setting strategies

A clear roadmap 

Good business coaching comes with a clear roadmap that will guide you to know what you have to do one by one. If you know where you have to reach meticulously, you will be aware of redirecting all your actions toward the path. You can follow and implement the plan obtained by business coaching to grow your organization. With a clear roadmap, you may reap the following benefits if you understand and implement the roadmap clearly. Business coaching supports you to:

  • Achieve desired outcomes efficiently
  • Adjust plan as needed
  • Create measurable benchmarks
  • Define strategic action steps
  • Develop contingency plans
  • Encourage regular progress review
  • Establish a timeline for success
  • Identify potential obstacles
  • Provide accountability structure
  • Set achievable goals

Skill development

No matter how long you’ve been in business, you should keep learning. If you want to focus on your company’s success, you need to identify how you work, learn, and relate to others. Business coaching will guide, instruct, and offer you encouragement and direction as needed. Every employee will become highly developed with business coaching since it:  

  • Boosts creativity and innovation
  • Builds self-confidence and morale
  • Cultivates leadership potential
  • Develops new competencies
  • Encourages continuous learning
  • Enhances job performance
  • Expands professional skill set
  • Fosters team collaboration abilities
  • Improves problem-solving techniques
  • Increases task proficiency levels


Business coaching adds value to employee performance. Unfortunately, a team without proper coaching is more likely to produce substandard work which may affect the performance of a company. If you’re struggling to manage and communicate effectively with your directors and employees, business coaching could impact their performance and output. Business coaching supports employees to improve their overall performance because it:

  • Creates incentives for improvement
  • Develops targeted improvement plans
  • Encourages self-reflection and evaluation
  • Fosters motivation and engagement
  • Identifies performance gaps
  • Implements accountability measures
  • Offers regular performance review
  • Provides constructive feedback
  • Sets realistic performance goals
  • Supports sustainable performance improvement


Business coaching will support you to learn how to accurately measure profitability in your business. When you can get an accurate picture of profitability, you make an actionable plan to increase it. Irrespective of your business position, your company will go to the next level because business coaching supports you to:

  • Cultivate strategic partnerships
  • Develop effective marketing campaigns
  • Enhance revenue generation strategies
  • Expand product and service offerings
  • Foster innovation and creativity
  • Improve cost management techniques
  • Increase customer retention rates
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Set sustainable profitability growth
  • Streamline operational efficiencies


Companies should strive to find success-driven business coaching services that can deliver leadership training to their organization. One-on-one or group coaching will help you clarify your goals, build a winning strategy, and implement an action plan that will likely increase your revenue. With business coaching related to leadership, you will be guided to:

  • Achieve sustainable leadership growth
  • Advance emotional intelligence
  • Build strong team collaboration
  • Cultivate strategic thinking abilities
  • Develop effective leadership skills
  • Encourage proactive problem-solving
  • Enhance decision-making abilities
  • Foster creativity and innovation
  • Improve communication techniques
  • Promote change management proficiency


Accountability is massively vital to the success of every business. Business coaching is a well-analysed long-term training pattern that sets a path to create corporate value and motivate the workforce to be highly accountable.  Companies would achieve growth and prosperity if they are accountable. With business coaching, your company will be guided to:

  • Achieve sustainable accountability growth
  • Create an action plan structure
  • Encourage ownership and responsibility
  • Establish performance metrics
  • Identify potential obstacles
  • Implement accountability measures
  • Implement follow-up procedures
  • Offer constructive feedback
  • Provide regular progress review
  • Set measurable performance goals


With the above benefits, you can now know how business coaching can bring potential growth and prosperity to your business. High-performing teams motivated by business coaching are composed of loyal individuals with dedicated expertise and highly innovative skills. They are goal-oriented and result-focused on achieving outstanding outputs.

With the right techniques and strategies, a team leader can empower team members to collaborate, innovate, and produce work at the highest levels. Hence, business coaching is a must for all types of companies if they want to ignite growth and prosperity.

DhuMall is the global marketplace to explore various business solutions and opportunities. Click on the link here to find out more about DhuMall and its services, https://dhumall.com/ or click, https://dhumall.com/business-solutions/ to know more about business coaching. Contact us at info@dhumall.com for further questions.

Expanding Franchise Business – The Right Way

Expanding Franchise Business - The Right Way

Franchising is a great way to grow your business without a huge investment. It does not carry the risks of debt and is devoid of the cost of equity. It is less arduous in comparison to other ways of growing a business because you can join hands with your franchisees who also work together for your business expansion and success.

However, building a strong franchise network can be very challenging. Franchisees are the crucial components of your franchise business and can make or break your business. They are the key to expanding your business. So, it is important to have some strategies to attract qualified people into your franchise network.


Create a strong online presence

In today’s world, a company that does not exist online is not considered genuine on the other hand a business that has a strong online presence, putting out all the necessary information about the company and its offerings transparently builds trust and reputation of the company.

Use your business’s online presence and social media networks to drum the news that you offer franchise opportunities and you are seeking potential franchisees. Talk about your effective business model and potential for success to create a good impression in the minds of qualified people.


Make your existing franchisees promote

Existing franchisees who are contented are the testimonials of your business and can be immensely valuable in pulling the right prospects in. It is almost like employing word-of-mouth marketing to get new franchisees.


Build a powerful Brand Reputation

Wide-spread brand awareness and robust brand reputation attract customers and gets them hooked on to the brand and thus fostering brand loyalty. Any business that gets its products sold like hotcakes is always alluring to potential franchisees.


Create interest

Franchisees prefer partnering with franchise companies that provide complete support, business-building tools, effective training, technical assistance, and guidance in doing business, apart from offering encouragement, and motivation. Communicate with your franchisees and deliver them the necessary solid support programs. This news can spread around and also encourage apt people to join hands with you.


Nurture trust

One-On-One Communication and too face-to-face meeting can build personal connections incredibly. If you are ready to talk to the prospects openly answering all their queries and doubts, their trust in you and your business soars up automatically.


Value quality over quantity

If you rush to build your network rapidly and, in the process, select unsuitable candidates, eventually it will have a bad impact on your business. Give importance to quality and thoroughly assess the capacity and interest of the candidate to execute your franchise business as you would desire.


DhuMall iHotBiz is one of the best ways to find your prospective franchisees, reliably.


DhuMall is a global marketplace for businesses of all sizes, industries, and nature to shop for various great products, services, business solutions, and opportunities available in more than 200 countries and territories.

The website features the freelance listing of companies from numerous industries/segments, all over the world. The platform allows the companies to put detailed information about their company, and franchising business, along with their contact details. The visitors can directly connect with the franchise companies through the messaging system of the website and thus get proper responses through the right channel. It also presents a ‘Request For Information’ option for resolving queries.

It facilitates the smooth narrowing down of search results relevant to industry/category and location allowing the visitors to search easily and effortlessly.

Qualified and passionate businessmen and entrepreneurs who are risk-takers and team players are attracted to this website to leverage the huge database of franchise companies it presents apart from other business opportunities. Consequently, you have a high chance of finding your suitable candidates on this platform.

Now it’s your turn to list your franchise company on this colossal global franchising listing portal to find your prospective franchisees. Do it now, It’s Absolutely FREE!

Gain More Visibility for Your Business

Gain More Visibility for Your Business

Your products are great, high in quality, matching your customers’ desires, the prices are competitive too and you have displayed all of them on your website – yet no sales? Probably  your brand is still not realised in the eyes of your target customers!

Sales fulfill the purpose of a business – PROFITS! And to do good sales you must increase the visibility of your business.

Be more visible to attract more B2B customers and do better sales. Bring your business on our DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing – the most trusted global B2B online marketplace that connects manufacturers and wholesalers to customers from over 200 countries worldwide. The platform helps in the global exposure of your business.

This platform is utilized by potential clients, in the hunt for quality products for their business. Bear in mind, these are high-quality prospects because they are on the platform with a genuine intention of making purchases.

DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing offers an amazingly smooth user interface that display your products attractively and effectively. It allows you to describe your products in detail with specifications, features, and clear visuals. So, it catches the attention of your prospects and keeps them interested.

The platform’s powerful and seamless digital user experience, multiple payment gateways, one-click reordering, and Request For Quote option to carry out real-life-like negotiations can make your customers’ whole shopping process gratifying while building the reputation of your business.


So, why are you still waiting?

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We look forward to a successful business relationship in the future.
The best business funding solution for your business!

The best business funding solution for your business!

Dear Business Forecaster/Mastermind/Innovator,

Funding is an indispensable factor for every company to carry out its day-to-day operations, grow and expand the business, and for other requirements such as Research and Development. Whether you own a startup or a well-established business, funding is essential at every step of your business. Here’s where our company Dhunicorn supports you with various funding solutions to keep your business running smoothly and successfully.  With our long-term funding support, you can access great funding opportunities that will match your organization and funding goals.

Dhunicorn business funding

Along with our expertise in this field, we bring you the most trusted Business Funding Solutions 

to assist your company in attaining continuous growth, prosperity, and success. We scrutinize and understand the business funding requirements of our clients. Then we look through our huge database of investors to find the most well-suited investors who can financially support the clients in achieving their business goals powerfully. We always ensure that our clients get the best deals with the most competitive interest rates every time they approach us.

We support our clients with the following funding rounds:

  • Seed
  • Angel round
  • Series A
  • Series B
  • Series C and beyond
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • IPO
  • Post-IPO
  • Private Placement
  • Other funding

Three packages of funding solutions

Our pre-eminent business-finding solutions are accessible in three packages:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium

These packages fulfill all kinds of funding needs of your business no matter what stage it is in.

Because funding needs vary with the size, industry, and other aspects of the business, prior to contacting us for your business funding, remember to take the following steps:

  • Determine your current business stage
  • Decide how quickly you need the funding
  • Estimate your projected finances 
  • Analyze your business’s current finances
  • Consider your business funding options

Dhunicorn is a comprehensive business solutions provider for more than 40,000 public listed companies around the world. It is the parent company of DhuMall – a global marketplace that incorporates all the powerful business solutions, products, and services as well as all the resources for running a business smoothly and efficiently – from A to Z, under one roof and at just a click away through its incredibly built one-of-a-kind super platform and super app for businesses of all sizes, industries, and nature across the world.


Take Your Business To New Heights

Subject: Take Your Business To New Heights

Are you still not making headways with the old-school cold-calling method to acquire new customers?

Don’t turn off your prospects by aggravating them!

Use current B2B sales trends. Today, B2B customers are distinctly clear about what they want from suppliers. With competition booming day by day, they have a myriad of options to select from. They have access to a huge volume of information, guiding them to make better decisions. Pursuing such smart customers by cold calling may not attract them as they find it hard to trust some random salesperson they have never interacted with before.

Bring your business on our DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing – the most trusted global B2B online marketplace that connects manufacturers and wholesalers to customers from over 200 countries worldwide. Here, there is a consistent traffic of your potential customers looking for quality products for their business. These are high-quality prospects as they connect on our platform to source for products.

List your products on our DhuMall iGlobalSourcing platform with all the details, specifications, features, and impressive visuals. This platform attract your prospects by building their products sourcing interests. DhuMall can assist in improving business efficiency with new sales channels while constantly reaching new market segments.

The unique design of the platform can also maximize sales by providing your customers with a powerful and seamless digital user experience, multiple payment gateways, one-click reordering, etc. It allows negotiations just like the real world with its Request For Quote option. Apart from that, it lets your sales team get better visibility into your orders, pricing, and customer history, regardless of where they are globally.

Thus, with DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing you can build your customer base, grow and scale your business meaningfully.

Join DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing For:

  • Flawless and smooth user interface
  • Global exposure of your business
  • Acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones
  • Providing a good purchasing experience to your customers
  • Reaching your potential customers anytime, and at anyplace
  • Keeping your customer data safe and protected from fraud
  • Enhancing your marketing and merchandizing potential

So, what are you waiting for?

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Everything You Need to Know about Business Opportunities!

Everything You Need to Know about Business Opportunities!

When business aspirants keep exploring to find issues or problems in existing markets, they identify business opportunities through untapped needs, untapped technologies, customer feedback, market research, and other sources of information. The main purpose of a business opportunity is to serve the people with the results of making profits.

Some business opportunities come from effective business ideas. If you are creatively capable to develop new business ideas, you can discover the most suitable business opportunities as per your interests. And also if you can spot business opportunities in any new technology or market at first, you can become a business trendsetter. As it may bring several other opportunities, you will also become a pioneer in that area.

Business opportunities help in identifying real-world issues and in providing clear, well-defined, and straightforward solutions. Good opportunities provide added value to customers, markets, and industries. And also they are capable of providing returns on investment.

Techniques to Identify Business Opportunities

Nowadays we are looking for business opportunities here and there. However, it is not easy to identify a potential business opportunity since a successful business should be based on a revolutionary model.  Develop a business mindset before you search for a business opportunity. Here are some techniques to identify potential business opportunities. 

  • Conducting market research is one of the best approaches as it can prove if your business idea is viable or not.
  • If you want to start a new business, recognize new solutions to existing problems.
  • During this era in which people need to obtain service quickly, providing services quickly or faster can become one the great business opportunities.
  • To succeed in the innovation market, find some latest products and discover your target audience and market, consider risks, and ensure you have the right innovative products.
  • Joining a strong business network will be helpful to find out new business opportunities, as a business network is based on several business trendsetters, experts, and marketers.

Types of Business Opportunities

Among the pool of different types of business opportunities in the world, you have to find out a suitable business opportunity. Here are some examples of business opportunities.



An agency is an organization that provides a specific service on behalf of other groups, companies, or persons. Every agency plays a key role in providing intermediate services to the public. A key concern for an agency is to choose the type of agency that best suits its needs. Here are different types of agencies that may suit one of your interests.

Types of agency

  • Advertising agency
  • Employment agency
  • Event planning agency
  • Insurance agency
  • Marketing agency
  • Modelling agency
  • Public relations agency
  • Real estate agency
  • Talent agency
  • Travel agency


Direct selling

A direct selling portal is an online retail platform used by top global companies and individuals to sell products and services to consumers. Companies market all types of goods and services such as jewelry, nutritionals, cookware, housewares, cosmetics, energy, insurance, etc. Gradually, it has become the best business opportunity, as it allows everyone, from an individual to a company, to sell directly.

Types of direct selling

  • Cleaning products
  • Clothing and fashion accessories
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Educational products
  • Food and beverage items
  • Health supplements
  • Jewellery
  • Kitchen and household appliances
  • Personal care products
  • Technology products



Distributorship is a business opportunity based on selling other people’s products. After the agreement, a distributor sells products or services produced by another company. For marketing their products, every company keeps looking for good distributors all over the world. Hence, becoming a distributor is an easy-to-start business opportunity.

Types of distributorship

  • Beauty and cosmetics distributor
  • Car dealership
  • Construction materials distributor
  • Electronic equipment distributor
  • Food and beverage distributor
  • Furniture distributor
  • Industrial equipment distributor
  • Medical equipment distributor
  • Office supplies distributor
  • Packaging materials distributor



If you are looking for a new business opportunity, you can start a franchise business. Since there are strong brands, you can use their strategy and technology in the form of a franchise, including branding, merchandising, marketing, and production. Here let’s see some of the profitable franchise business opportunities.

Types of franchise

  • Automotive service center
  • Cleaning service
  • Coffee shop
  • Education or tutoring center
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Gym or fitness center
  • Hair salon or spa
  • Home renovation service
  • Pet care service
  • Retail store



The best home-based businesses allow you to turn your home into your office, and there are hundreds of business opportunities ready for the taking. Interested to start your home-based business? Here are some important home-based business opportunities to consider. Earn money when you take a rest at your home.

Types of home-based business opportunities

  • Content creation or writing services
  • E-commerce store
  • Graphic design or web development services
  • Home cleaning or organizing services
  • Meal delivery service
  • Online marketplace platform
  • Online tutoring or coaching
  • Personal shopping or styling services
  • Social media management or marketing
  • Virtual bookkeeping or accounting services


Joint Venture

It is a business opportunity in which two or more companies collaborate to share resources on a project or service or production. Companies in the agreement of joint venture normally agree to divide any profits the venture generates. Consequently, joint ventures are potentially advantageous for companies in need of sharing markets, technologies, resources, and expertise.

Types of Joint Venture

  • Film production project
  • Food and beverage distribution venture
  • Franchise expansion venture
  • Healthcare facility project
  • Hotel or resort project
  • International trade venture
  • Manufacturing joint venture
  • Real estate development project
  • Renewable energy project
  • Technology product development project



It is a business opportunity in which you can introduce a new or existing product and use your business expertise to market it. With the power of licensing, you may take almost any product.  You will get a license to a name brand, icon, or trademark of a widely recognized business.

Types of licensing

  • Art licensing
  • Brand licensing
  • Educational content licensing
  • Film or TV show licensing
  • Manufacturing process licensing
  • Music licensing
  • Patent licensing
  • Publishing rights licensing
  • Software licensing
  • Trademark licensing


Strategic partnership

A strategic partnership occurs when two or more companies join to share resources and information. It is one of the most fundamental approaches to finding business opportunities. The power of partnerships in business brings cooperation between companies to investing in a project and sharing business expertise and goals.

Types of Strategic Partnership

  • Co-branding partnership
  • Content creation partnership
  • Distribution partnership
  • International expansion partnership
  • Joint marketing campaign
  • Joint venture partnership
  • Product development partnership
  • Research and development partnership
  • Supply chain partnership
  • Technology development partnership



During this digital era, ecommerce plays a key role in different types of market segments. With computers, tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices, customers buy nearly every imaginable product such as books, music, plane tickets, and financial services. As such, it is considered a good business opportunity based on the needs of the modern digital world.

Types of e-commerce

  • Affiliate marketing website
  • Crowdfunding platform
  • Digital product sales
  • Drop-shipping business
  • Online auction website
  • Online booking or reservation service
  • Online courses or coaching programs
  • Online marketplace platform
  • Online store for a niche market
  • Subscription box service



Service businesses

From a business standpoint, service companies are those that contribute services to society along with commercial benefits. This service is directed to help companies and individuals in various areas such as consulting, accounting, transportation, cleaning, hospitality, traveling, or maintenance, among others. If you are ready to provide a service, you can start a service business from the following types of service business opportunities.

Types of service business opportunities

  • Accounting or bookkeeping services
  • Cleaning services
  • Consulting services
  • Health and wellness services
  • Home renovation or remodelling services
  • IT or software development services
  • Legal services
  • Marketing or advertising services
  • Personal training or fitness coaching services
  • Transportation or delivery services



When it comes to business opportunities, a manufacturing business is the best type of business opportunity, as people require more and more products. Nowadays manufacturing companies also produce robots and other digital products. Manufacturing companies sell their products directly to consumers, other manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers. Want to be a game changer? Start one of the following types of manufacturing companies.

Types of manufacturing

  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Construction materials manufacturing
  • Consumer electronics manufacturing
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacturing
  • Textile manufacturing


Niche market

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a business based on any particular product or market, you can become a niche marketer. Here are several examples of niche markets. Find the one right for you and start building on your own.

Examples of niche markets  

  • Artisanal skincare and beauty products
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Handmade or custom furniture
  • Health supplements and vitamins for specific needs
  • Luxury fashion for plus-size individuals
  • Organic and natural food products
  • Personalized gift items
  • Pet grooming and accessories for specific breeds
  • Smart home technology and automation products
  • Specialty teas and coffees



With these ways, you can now see that there are numerous ways for you to recognize potential business opportunities. Apart from the above opportunities, any business opportunity is based on a certain process that needs more authentic data management for solving problems. Hence, companies, which aim to become the next trendsetters, should focus on providing authentic services for solving problems.

DhuMall is the global marketplace to explore various business opportunities such as franchise opportunities, direct selling businesses, home-based business opportunities, etc. from 200 countries and territories. In DhuMall, you can discover different types of business opportunities! Find out more about DhuMall Business Opportunities by clicking https://ihotbiz.dhumall.com/  now!

The Best Global B2B Online Marketplace

The Best Global B2B Online Marketplace

Times are changing and so is the customers’ behavior!

You must have realized that unlike years back, nowadays B2B buyers have deep knowledge and a clear idea of what they want to purchase. Rather than approaching sellers, they prefer doing good online research. They go for online purchasing as a convenient option and expect seamless, impressive digital experiences from sellers.

To win such demanding customers you must have your footing on an effective platform that can display and present the details about your products and highlight why you are the best of all their numerous options.

That is why our company DhuMall brings you iGlobalSourcing – the best global B2B online marketplace that connects manufacturers and wholesalers to customers from over 200 countries around the world.

This platform is designed to maximize your sales by providing your customers with a powerful and seamless digital user experience, multiple payment gateways, one-click reordering, etc. It helps boost your business efficiency, create new sales channels, and constantly reach new market segments. Overall, it supports your business in growing and scaling smoothly to fulfill your customers’ requirements.

It allows carrying out negotiations just like the real world with its Request For Quote option. It also facilitates your sales team by providing better visibility into orders, pricing, and customer history, no matter where they are.

Why choose DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing?

  • Offers flawlessly smooth user interface
  • Allows global exposure of your business
  • Helps you in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones
  • Supports you in offering a good purchasing experience to your customer
  • Facilitates reaching your potential customers anytime, and at anyplace
  • Keeps your customer data safe and protected from fraud
  • Helps you in enhancing your marketing and merchandizing potential
  • Offers a one-stop-shop solution for buyers, suppliers, and many more reducing the time and effort spent on sourcing your supplies.

We are extremely pleased to invite you to join this immensely invaluable global B2B online marketplace to make the most of its features and benefits to create your business success. 

It is absolutely free!

Join now at  https://iglobalsourcing.dhumall.com/supplier and visit https://iglobalsourcing.dhumall.com/about-us to know more about us.


The 5 Best Freelance Jobs In 2023

The 5 Best Freelance Jobs In 2023

As the pandemic has proven the possibility of remote working, numerous businesses across the world prefer hiring freelancers to carry out their projects and value freelancing like never before. Freelancing is a good opportunity for people who like to work independently, on their own schedule, in the comfort of their own zone, and only on those projects that interest them. It enables getting money proportionately to the work accomplished. Consequently, many professionals are switching to freelancing these days.  They also find it a perfect option for moonlighting.

Some jobs have great scope in the world of freelancing. Let’s have a look at them.


Web designer/Web Developer
In today’s digital world, having a website is a crucial requirement for every business and consequently there is a great demand for website designers and developers. Their job involves creating layouts, designs, and visual aspects and functionality of websites according to the type of business.

Apart from relevant formal education, proficiency in basic designing tools, UX/UI And Visual Designing, Programming Languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, .NET, C, C++, HTML & CSS, Coding, Web Server Management, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management System, software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, Figma, and Webflow, Testing and debugging skills, is a must to independently freelance as a web designer & developer.

Those who have these skills and prefer working flexibly can find freelance Web designing/Web Developing as a rewarding career.


App Developer
With the increasing popularity of apps, the demand for app developers is also on the rise. App development jobs are one of the highest-paid freelancing jobs and those who are passionate about developing apps can make a great income by doing it as a freelancer.

This job requires programming language skills like JavaScript, C, C++, Python, back-end computing knowledge, User experience design, User interface design skills, Cross-platform development skills, Internet of things (IoT) skills, and Cybersecurity skills. They also need practical experience with software development tools, Agile Methodologies and Scrum Management, QA, and Performance Testing methodologies.

Freelancing specifically in this job requires good related experience and proficiency so that the freelancer can take up a project and finish it successfully with confidence. Obviously, quality developers are valued and get paid better.


Virtual Assistants
They are called virtual assistants because they do administrative work for their clients remotely. Typically, they answer phone calls, reply to emails, manage the database, update social media accounts, manage calendars and schedule appointments or meetings, and book business travel for clients. They may also be required to do specific tasks like billing, accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, customer service, research, content production, etc. Then again, their tasks & assignments may vary from the hirer to hirer.

A virtual assistant must have good communication skills apart from the definite skills a particular client is looking for. They must also be reliable, capable of working independently, and managing time efficiently.

Apart from that, a freelancing virtual assistant needs to have a working setup with a computer and high-speed internet connection, along with devices like a phone, printer, photocopier, fax machine, etc to execute the assigned tasks.

Although the pay rate varies depending on the experience and location of the freelancer, this job offers more flexibility and many choices of tasks one wants to do.


Digital Marketer
In this digital era, Digital Marketing is one of the finest in-demand jobs. A Digital Marketer carries out marketing and promotion through digital channels.

This job incorporates Search engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, content marketing, Marketing Analytics and Data Analytics, email marketing, Inbound marketing, PPC advertising, lead generation, etc. It calls for knowledge in designing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and analytics tools such as Google Analytics, copywriting and editing skills, and all the skills necessary for making a successful digital presence of any company.

This job is quite versatile and offers numerous options such as planning and executing marketing campaigns, creating video content, writing ad copy and scripts, creating and updating social media posts, replying to customers’ queries on social media, reviewing metrics, and much more. Therefore, the freelancing candidate can choose to work on specific tasks as per their interest and expertise.

The pay of a Freelancing digital marketer depends on several factors such as the industry and niche, experience, proficiency, efficiency, and specialization. However, by and large, it offers huge opportunities to grow and be successful.


Graphic Designer
This job calls for visualizing and designing visual text, images, and layouts by employing designing software. Visual content is eye-catching, powerful, and easy to remember hence essential in producing all sorts of advertising, marketing, and promotional materials. This fact always keeps the graphic designers most in demand. Depending on the needs of the clients, the graphic designers would have to create designs for print ads, websites, logos, catalogs, books, brochures, magazines, newsletters, promotional packaging and products, business cards, and at times even videos. They must possess skills like UX and UI, creativity, problem-solving, presentation, communication, and typography, and also must have adequate knowledge in Interactive Media, Coding, design principles, ideation and branding, etc.

Although graphic designers usually get degrees or certificates to be skilled for this job, many of them acquire the skills by mere practical experience. To succeed in this field, one must be capable of conceiving ideas and expressing a particular message to a target audience with creative designs.

Freelancing as a graphic designer can offer creative freedom, the opportunity to work on diverse projects, as well as a good income.


No matter what job a freelancer goes for, one of the biggest challenges is finding work consistently. Finding projects to work on steadily ensures continuous income flow and financial security.

DhuMall Freelance Services is one of the best freelance platforms that not just incorporate diverse types of freelancing jobs but also abundant projects to bid on. Also, the job postings are regularly updated in the feed. It brings you projects from reputed companies that offer the best pay rates as per the potential of the freelancing candidates.

It has various exclusive features that support searching effectively and narrowing down the search results relevantly. It offers provision for creating great profiles to impress the hirers and present your talent, skills, and capability. Its trustworthy rating and review system helps in displaying your credibility to the hirers and consistently procuring the next projects. Above all, it is risk-free and ensures secured payment processing.

If you are aspiring to be a successful freelancer, then log in to https://iprimework.dhumall.com/  & create your own profile today!

Are you looking for business opportunities?

Are you looking for business opportunities?

A proven solution to provide business opportunities to the poor is to use micro franchising. ­– Tracey Chambers

To be an entrepreneur is not just for earning money, but a journey of fulfilling your dreams. When you are doing a kind of business, you can control not only the way you live but also the way others live. And also, as an entrepreneur, you will have the ability to minimize the number of issues that affect the environment.

Business owners are trendsetters in contributing new lifestyles to the human race. They organize the world with new ideas and strategies. As a result, their business concepts enable everyone in the world to acquire quick access to products and services and live their lives without any interruption.

Hence, becoming a successful entrepreneur should be a dream of everyone in the present generation since they want to transform the existing world. If you are looking for the best business opportunity to help you live your dream life, you’ve come to the perfect place.

In this article, you can know some of the most profitable business industries. Note that these are not only the biggest industries but also the fastest growing industries.

Space industry
When we look at stars and galaxies at night, we realize that the structure of the universe is infinite. So if we focus on space-centric business opportunities, we are preparing for an endless corporate experience that will make profits continuously. With the vision of boosting space economy and introducing innovative technologies, entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk, should keep evolving for building space-related companies.

In the future, every country will come with a new amendment on a space law, and life will be based on a space economy and a space university. Space-centric ideas can create countless approaches for entrepreneurial endeavours and commercialization.

Mobile app development
The rising number of mobile users has transformed the way people communicate with others for both personal and commercial purposes. From handling a pool of data traffic to revolutionizing global corporate world with direct customer engagement, mobile apps have created new business prospective with unique approaches for the modern digital world. At present digital environment has become a mobile app-based place for every human need.  According to statistics, mobile apps will create more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023. If you want to become a business trendsetter, discover business opportunities in mobile app development for any niche market.

Fintech service companies are accelerating the means that consumers and companies conduct transactions for a long time and transforming the structures of financial services. Accordingly, there are humongous opportunities in the Fintech sector for those who want to change the financial world. Ground-breaking Fintech service providers that provide quick and errorless financial services have created a wide-ranging impact in every sector.

The future of food processing sector will play a key role in the economy of country since it connects agriculture with processed food products.  Food processing sector can generate several business opportunities that anyone can venture into. This is the technology which grows forever and everyone needs. Food technology not only helps in increasing food availability, but also helps to reduce food waste, conserve, and improve the quality of manufactured food product.

Sustainable development
If entrepreneurs wish to start a business and protect the environment simultaneously, they have to apply green business ideas to kick-start an eco-friendly company that will help save the planet. Especially, these will help eco-minded entrepreneurs whose aim is to discover eco-friendly approaches for utilizing water, energy and raw materials in renewable ways. Today’s sustainable development business opportunities will protect our posterity. Eco-friendly business may also include business opportunities based on recycled products, cleaning materials and solar panels.

As we have seen above, there are tremendous business opportunities with the concepts of sustainable development. Apart from corporate social responsibility, a business should make a productive impact to enhance the quality of our lifestyle. Products or services based on sustainable development will create a positive change and strengthen the image of brand. With several sustainable development products and services out there, eco-minded entrepreneurs should come with new solutions based 17 sustainable development goals to save the world.

The health care sector is an amazing industry for aspiring entrepreneurs that are looking for new business opportunities. Since there are lots of new medical and technological advances, and widespread interest in health and wellness, passionate entrepreneurs can focus on health care business opportunities. Aspiring business trendsetters can turn one of many health care business ideas into a practical approach to make a good living,

Retail industry
Retail industry that focuses on the process of selling goods or services to customers through multiple channels creates thousands of business opportunities every year. While the retailers satisfy consumers through a supply chain, they become middleman between consumers and corporates. Backed with a historical track record, retailing is an every-growing industry. 

Apart from the above opportunities, keep in mind that the concept of a business opportunity is based on a certain process that needs more authentic strategies and techniques for solving problems.

Nowadays many people want to become an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, they are unable to identify a potential business opportunity since it is difficult to discover a revolutionary business idea.  Whether you are an established entrepreneur or one who wants to start a business, there are several business opportunities around you. In this article, we have seen several best industries to discover new business opportunities. We hope that these opportunities are highly useful if you are exploring the most suitable business opportunity that has the potential to transform your life and fulfil your business-related dreams.

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