Navigating The Gig Economy: A Guide To Hire Freelancers

Navigating The Gig Economy:

A Guide To Hire Freelancers

Gig is the slang word for short-term jobs. The gig economy refers to the economic structure where the workforce is involved in part-time, non-permanent, or outsourced jobs. It incorporates people working as freelancers, independent contractors, project-based workers, and temporary hires. In a nutshell, it has fostered a system of on-demand work.

The gig economy is the manifestation of Millennials and Generation Z’s perception of work and is facilitated by the internet and the latest technology. As per the data of the World Bank, there are nearly 435 million gig workers around the world.

Globally, businesses prefer hiring gig workers so that they can tap into the diverse, worldwide talent pool without any geographical barriers. It offers better flexibility and is cheaper as well as more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees. 

Gig workers specifically freelancers, to beat the intense competition, continuously keep updating their knowledge and put a lot of effort into upskilling themselves. They also strive to maintain their work quality and are comparatively more productive.

Consequently, businesses not only find experts and specialists for every task as and when required but also get help in keeping up with rapidly changing demands and staying ahead of the competition. Thus gig workers offer great support to businesses in reaching their goals and achieving success.

The benefits of hiring gig workers

  • Fetches enhanced productivity and higher quality of work.
  • Renders quicker hiring process, temporary commitment, and easy contract termination
  • Requires minimal supervision or micro-management
  • Helps to gain new and creative ideas as well as innovative and fresh perspectives
  • Supports flexible adaptability according to the demands of the project of the business and market fluctuations
  • Lends a helping hand to solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, and project owners who struggle to meet the deadline
  • Decreases administrative burden and helps to evade problems like high employee turnover, conflicts among co-workers, poor employee engagement, etc.

However, finding the best freelancer for your task or project can be very daunting. Here is the ultimate guide to hiring freelancers to gain the maximum benefit.


Determine Your Exact Requirement

Evaluate your task or project and identify the skills, capability, knowledge, talent, and expertise needed to accomplish it as per your anticipation. It will help know what to expect from your freelancers when you hire them. Also, discern which time zone is convenient for you to communicate and work with smoothly.


Set A Reasonable Budget

Estimate a budget by doing extensive research on the average market rate, for the task you want to accomplish as per your expectations.


Create A Precise And Detailed Job Description

Prepare a job description that thoroughly conveys what your project or task is all about and the requirements it calls for. It should be able to attract the right candidate. Clarify your expectations specifically to steer clear of disappointments, unwanted experiences, and time wastage in the future while working with them.

Specify clearly as many details as possible like:

  • Estimated Project Timeline
  • The budget for the project
  • Project framework
  • Tools and software preferred for accomplishing the task
  • The individual/ team the freelancer may have to coordinate with
  •  Channels of communication utilized to converse with the freelancer
  •  The work reporting method and the system to track the work progress and provide feedback
  • The mode of payment


Post Your Project/ Task

Select the right freelance platform to post your project or task. We urge you to use DhuMall Freelance Services – the most trusted freelance platform that can help you acquire reliable and responsible talents with excellent skills and know-how as well as great experience and creativity from over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

It presents an extensive array of categories to help you choose your freelancers according to your work requirements.

The reliable reviewing and rating system of DhuMall Freelance Services offers you the notion and testimony of other clients to help you find the perfect candidate for your work. The platform is designed to facilitate smoother, faster, and more precise searching and narrowing down of freelancer profiles. Thus, you can screen through and find the best matches efficiently.

Not just that, this platform has an escrow payment system to ensure that your payment is safe and secured. The system ascertains that your money is remunerated to your freelancers only after they submit the assigned task fully completed to your satisfaction.


Select The Right Candidate

When choosing the best candidate for your work, go through their profiles to ensure that their qualifications and experience match your expectations. Scrutinize their reviews and ratings and also the related projects they have taken up in the past.

Choose the best profiles of all and interview them through a phone call or video call. Ask pertinent questions that can help to judge their potential to do the work competently. Test the communication skills and ask if they can provide testimonials. You can also conduct a pilot project to opt for the right candidate.


Hire The Most Suitable Candidate

Shortlist the best applicant of all that you interviewed and properly explain the work assignment, the method of working you prefer, the quality of work you expect, and all other nitty-gritty details. Do not forget to mention the deadline of the task/ project you assign. Also, encourage the candidate to reach out to you with doubts and queries connected to the work.

Ask for the contact details and the proof of identity as well as proof of address of the freelancer. Prepare an official contract that includes pay rate, payment terms, indemnity clause, termination terms, limitation of liability, and non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidential information of the company, the project, and the clients, and then get it duly signed.

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The Future of Freelancing: Trends to Watch

The Future of Freelancing: Trends to Watch

A decade back freelancing was just considered as one of the many ways to side hustle. But today it is one of the fastest-growing segments of the workforce across the world.

It is estimated that nearly 1.57 billion people out of the total global workforce work as freelancers, as of 2023. And about 70% of these freelancers are not more than 35 years of age. A study revealed that by the end of 2023, the global gig economy will grow to the worth of $455 billion.


Why is the freelance industry booming?

The simple answer is changing perceptions! Unlike today, back in those days freelancing had very little scope of growth and was considered as a poor career path. Today freelancing is perceived positively as a great career choice. The generational change has added to this transition. Gen Z is more open to exploring freelancing as they value their freedom and passion immensely.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of this industry. The trend of remote work has triggered a greater number of working people’s desire to work from their home or comfort zone. Employers have comprehended the fact that they can get productive output even if their workforces work away from the office. Also, the technological developments in recent times have made remote working a viable option.

People choose freelancing as a career because it not only supports work flexibility and work-life balance but also provides the optimal freedom to work on projects that interest them, unlike their regular jobs. About 70% of global freelancers focus only on freelancing, making it their single source of income.

Freelancers in certain countries are growing more rapidly than the rest of the world. The list of the top 10 freelancing countries of the world in 2023 includes:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Brazil
  4. Pakistan
  5. Ukraine
  6. Philippines
  7. India
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Russia
  10. Serbia


Why do companies prefer hiring freelancers?

Largely, hirers prefer working with freelancers as it caters to their need for specialized expertise, as and when required without having to hire them permanently. Small and medium businesses around the world especially the ones that have very tight budgets benefit the most by hiring freelancers. They find freelance services as a very cost-effective and valuable option for boosting the growth of their business.

Freelancers specialize in a certain niche of their field and they have thorough experience and knowledge in it as they work for multiple companies. They come up with more innovative and creative ideas in order to attract and retain their clients. So, they can offer a better quality of work than an in-house employee who just works for one company. Moreover, they are more productive and deliver quickly too because their earnings are proportionate to the amount of work they do.

A recent survey shows that the majority of businesspeople who have worked with freelancers agree that freelance services enhance innovation in their business while resolving their talent shortage problem.


What the future has in store for the freelance industry?

It can be said that this industry will continue to grow robustly. It is anticipated that by the year 2028, the global freelance platform market may reach a value of 9.171 billion USD. This is because a good percentage of hiring managers across the world find freelance services very effective in filling the skills gaps in their companies. Consequently, most of them plan to escalate their utilization of freelance talent in the coming years.

An independent survey uncovered that about 78% of companies will work with freelancers in 2023 and beyond instead of increasing the number of their in-office employees. 73% of tech companies will work by creating blended teams of freelancers and regular employees.

Accounting and Bookkeeping, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Data Analysis, and Business Intelligence, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, and Virtual Assistance are some of the most in-demand freelancing job skills and are likely to be in demand in the forthcoming times. While the requirement for skilled freelancers is increasing, technical and specialized freelancers are likely to earn better than their counterparts.

How can you make the most of freelance services to fulfill your business goals?

Freelancing is a great way to access the global pool of talent in a very cost-effective way.

Now as you have seen that the demand for freelance services is growing owing to its multiple benefits for businesses, you too might want to utilize it to your advantage.

Bear in mind that to get the best talents for your business you must find your freelancers from a very reliable platform. Dhumall Freelance Services is one of the most trusted freelancing platforms in the world that presents you with freelance candidates with specialized skills, profound experience, and knowledge from 200 countries and territories across the world.

The reliable reviewing and rating system of this platform brings you the opinions and reviews of other clients to help you choose the right talent for your project. It supports safe and secure hiring by screening the candidates stringently which makes selecting trustworthy talents an easy-breezy task for you. This platform facilitates rapid and precise searching and narrowing down of the available freelancer profiles to make sure that you get a better, and quicker match.

This platform offers a wide range of categories to select your freelancers according to your project criteria. These categories include:

  1. Admin Support
  2. Data Science & Analytics
  3. Design & Creative
  4. Engineering & Architecture
  5. Website, Software, IT & Networking
  6. Legal
  7. Sales & Marketing
  8. Web, Mobile & Software Development
  9. Writing
  10. Trades & Services
  11. Customer Service

To keep your payment money secured, the platform has an escrow payment system. It ensures that your money is safely withheld until you approve that your freelancer has submitted the task and completed it to your satisfaction.

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Working Successfully With Freelancers

Working Successfully With Freelancers

Finding the most suitable freelancers to trust your work takes effort and time. Often hirers come by the best and most reliable talent after a lot of trial and error and in the process may face a few disappointments too.

So, as a business person, if you frequently hire freelancers to get your tasks done then you must learn ways to build a good relationship with your freelancers to keep the valuable ‘talent gem’ you have discovered. After all, they assist you with your important tasks and projects which cumulatively supports you in achieving your business goals!

Let’s discuss a few strategies that can help you work successfully with your freelancers.


Make A Legally Valid Contract

When you work with certain freelancers regularly, do not skip the important process of creating a written contract. It is a surefire way to safeguard both the parties.

The contract must outline all general terms and conditions, payment rate, schedule and terms, scope of service, copyrights and ownership of the executed work, termination terms, non-disclosure of the confidential information clause, indemnity clause, non-compete clause, etc. This contract must also be duly signed by both parties to make it a legally binding document.

This type of contact eliminates fears and insecurities on both ends and builds trust and confidence with each other. This eventually makes working with your freelancers smooth and successful.


Communicate Effectively

When working with freelancers there is no face-to-face communication going on. You are probably in touch with your freelancers through a messaging app, phone call, and sometimes even video call.

No matter which media you prefer, always ensure that you are communicating what you intend to do – clearly and to the point. Avoid ambiguous language, jargon, or local slang words especially when you are working with overseas freelancers.

Miscommunication can waste both your and your freelancers’ time. Often, they may have to redo the work which can cause vexations and disappointments on both sides and it eventually strains the work relationship with your freelancers.

It is always better to send written work instructions so that nothing gets misheard or forgotten. Create it in the points or list form, mention your expectations specifically, highlight the important directions to emphasize better, and put the notes, if any in the beginning itself.


Be Mindful Of Your Deadlines

When working with freelancers you have to consider the fact that they do not work only for you. They work with multiple clients simultaneously and have to balance their workload, prioritizing the deadlines. So, when you hand over a task to them, do not expect them to drop everything else just to work on your assignment.

Always set a reasonable and practical deadline, so that they can plan their schedule accordingly. You must understand that it is your responsibility to be aware of the deadline and proactively delegate the task.


Be Available

Freelancers may need to contact you to discuss matters regarding the project work or clarify related doubts.  It is not possible for you to be available all the times when freelancers want to talk to you. But ensure to get back to them as soon as possible to resolve their queries.

Similarly, review and scrutinize their work as well as provide regular feedback to your freelancers to ensure that your assigned tasks flow according to your expectations.

Your availability for interaction, meticulous support, and consistent feedback not only enhances the quality of the output while accelerating the time it takes to execute the task but also strengthens your connection with your freelancers. This ultimately leads to your overall work success.


Pay Your Freelancers On Time

Never delay your freelancers’ payments once they have fully completed the tasks or projects to your satisfaction. Pay them regularly according to the contract and pre-decided pay rate. Freelancers do not have a regular income stream and may be depending on your payments to get by.

It can be frustrating for them to run after their clients for collecting past-due invoices. Freelancers feel it unpromising to work with unethical clients who do not pay reliably, so avoid them.

Therefore, if you want to retain your freelancers and work with them in the future then build their trust by paying them as promised.


Appreciate Your Freelancers

Unlike your in-house employees, freelancers never get recognized and rewarded for their admirable work. When you appreciate your freelancers for their outstanding performance, they will feel immensely motivated and encouraged to do better on their upcoming projects. And they will always enthusiastically look forward to working with you.

Simple words of encouragement such as “Good work” or even a “thank you” can build a long-lasting relationship with your freelancers and inspire them to go the extra mile for you.


Build A Cohesive Team

Often a project requires hiring freelancers for a specific task with certain skills that the in-office team cannot offer. In such cases, do not keep the freelancers unidentified and distant from the pertinent team.

Because they all work on the same project it is better to introduce the freelancers and acquaint them with the team. Creating a hybrid team this way may help the freelancer to discuss and understand the nitty-gritty and requirements of the project deeply.

This can help the freelancers come up with new ideas and concepts and enhance their output and creativity while giving importance to the details and criteria – better than doing the task on their own.

Always source your freelancers from a trustworthy platform. It ensures that you not only find suitable talent for your business but also very reliable and accountable ones. 

Start with DhuMall Freelance Services –the world’s most rapidly budding freelance platform that presents a bench of freelance talent with great skills, experience, creativity, knowledge, and competence from 200 countries and territories across the world.

This platform offers a wide range of categories to select your freelancers from. It is easy to navigate and search your suitable candidates here because of the reliable review and rating system it has along with the easy-to-search and narrow-down feature.

We have an escrow payment system that safeguards your payment money which is dispensed only on your approval, when you receive completely finished work as per your demand and satisfaction.

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Guide To Working With International Freelancers

Guide To Working With International Freelancers

Freelancing is a great way to tap into the global talent pool without any geographical limitations, enhancing the possibility of discovering the best talent. It gives access to certain skills that are not available in the home country such as a specific foreign language fluency.

Talents from diverse backgrounds with diverse skills, aptitudes, knowledge, and experience have different perspectives, creativity, and approach to solving a problem. This richness of variety when brought into the existing team can have a huge and positive impact on the project outcome apart from boosting the overall productivity.

For companies looking forward to global expansion, hiring international freelancers can be immensely valuable for collaborating, building business relationships and networking, and promoting the business in the new markets of the countries, the business wants to expand into.

Hiring freelancers from developing countries can also be cheap and advantageous for companies with low budgets.

However, working with international freelancers has its own disadvantages such as difficulties and struggles caused by differences in time zone, language and cultural barriers, communication barriers due to geographic distance, disparities in business norms, and work culture. There is always a risk of international lawsuits, low-quality performance, data breaches, project completion failures, and other costly mistakes.

Here is a guide to working with international freelancers to ensure total success.


Selecting The Right Freelancer

Choosing the right freelancer candidate is an inevitable step and many things can go wrong if this process is taken lightly.  So, while scrutinizing the candidates, go through their profiles meticulously. Pick out the profiles that match the requirement of the task or project and see what their previous clients say about their work through the reviews and ratings on their profiles.

After narrowing down the number of candidates, conduct a video interview with the preferable candidates. This type of interview helps to virtually test their communication skills and knowledge related to the subject of your work project. It can also help you judge their interest and enthusiasm for the work.

Ask them to share their portfolio and provide their testimonials or mention their website, if they have any. Inquire about their previous relevant work experience. Examine if they have the proficiency to do your job by assessing the projects they have finished before, and go for those who have undertaken related projects.

Finally, you can also provide a small paid project to test their competence.



Make A Written Contract

This can avert misunderstandings, and save a lot of time and energy while preventing legal disputes. Prepare a thorough and detailed contractual agreement that includes all the aspects like contact details of both parties, the payment rate, currency, schedule and method, project scope and deliverables, deadline, and timeline, cancellation terms, data protection agreement, confidentiality agreements, copyright or ownership of work/IP agreement, etc. Ensure that the contract is duly signed by you as well as the freelancer.


Adopt A Strategy for Effective Communication

Unlike in-house employees, international freelancers are not readily available when you want to contact them. However, clear communication is imperative for getting your tasks done as per your intention and requirement.

So, while hiring the employees be upfront about the language, mode, and platform of communication you prefer. Maybe you prefer emails and online chat over phone calls, or perhaps prefer video calls as you converse better through face-to-face meetings – whichever mode you select ensures it helps you communicate clearly and effectively.

While assigning the projects to the freelancers make certain that they are clear about the delegated tasks and the deadline. Be approachable to the freelancers for work-associated conversation. If you are too busy to be available as and when needed by them, fix meetings with them at a time convenient for both of you or decide on a regular work discussion schedule to clarify their task-related doubts or queries and get regular task updates.


Be Mindful Of The Language And Cultural Barriers

When communicating with your freelancers always be direct and use simple language to avoid confusion and misinterpretations. The freelancer from overseas may not be aware of your local slang and expressions.

Also, be aware of their culture and working norms. For instance, pressurizing them to give an update or scheduling a meeting during their festive time can impact the work quality and relationship. Prioritize and set the deadline ahead of their festive season in case of pressing tasks.


Be Sensitive To Time Zone Differences

Be empathetic, and considerate of the time difference and schedule the meetings flexibly. If there is a huge time difference, do not expect them to be available or respond right away when you contact them.




Ask For Regular Work Updates And Provide Feedback

It is not advisable to micromanage your freelancers. However, to avoid last-moment stress caused by the freelancer ‘misunderstood the task’, ‘failed to complete the project on time’ or ‘did not work up to the mark and as expected’, it is important to be in touch with the freelancer throughout the process.

Be informed about the progress of the task. Use a checklist to keep track of task particulars. As mentioned earlier, fix a regular task update schedule, inspect the work, and provide feedback consistently. This not only eradicates mistakes and misunderstandings before it is too late but also ascertains smooth workflow and anticipated outcomes.


Build Trust With Timely Payment

Freelancers may or may not have a steady income flow. Maybe they are dependent on your payment to get by and pay their bills. If you pay them timely and compliantly, you can establish a long-term work relationship with the freelancers.


Choose A Reliable Freelance Platform

Selecting a trustworthy freelancing platform ensures high-quality outcomes.

DhuMall Freelancing Platform is one of the most trusted freelancing platforms, that helps you find creative, proficient, talented, and responsible freelancers in diverse categories, from more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

This platform enables effortless, faster, and accurate searching and narrowing down of freelancer profiles leading to a better, and quicker match. It provides a reliable reviewing and rating system that reveals the opinion and experiences of other clients to help you choose the best of all the available talents.

It also supports risk-free secured payments and hassle-free billing. Above all, it brings you an escrow system to safeguard you from any scam.

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Why Do Companies Hire Freelancers?

Why Do Companies Hire Freelancers?

The global corporate is evolving with different types of careers. Millions of companies worldwide are transforming their business functions by introducing innovative careers. They need a pool of talents from all walks of subjects. So, hiring freelancers help companies unlock their potential by solving complex business issues, getting more tasks done, and completing projects earlier.

If a company s is interested in hiring a freelancer instead of a full-time employee, it may bring a variety of benefits to their business functions. Freelancers help companies with both short-term and long-term projects.

In this article, let’s cover 10 of the reasons that will talk about why companies like hiring freelancers to help grow their business.

1) Top-notch work

Freelancers can provide you with steadily high-quality output because of their range of experience. Moreover, before hiring every freelancer, you can evaluate their past work portfolio and interview them to ensure that they are fit for the position. Since freelancers are interested to complete your projects with full attention, you can look for those who will complete your project according to your quality needs. With successful freelancers, you can avail the following benefits.

  • Access top-tier talent without geographical limitations.
  • Engage freelancers with proven track records.
  • Many freelancers are highly skilled in their fields.
  • Obtain custom solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Receive focused attention from dedicated professionals.

2) A large number of various talents

Companies hire a minimum number of full-time employees with the shortlisted suitable candidates. However, when companies need to complete multiple tasks that need various talents, they hire freelancers to obtain highly experienced performance. In a large number of freelancer’s portfolios with various talents, finding talented freelancers has become easy now because some online marketplaces have many professional freelancers. Here are some of the benefits of finding suitable employees with a large number of various talents.

  • Access different types of skills and expertise.
  • Choose from a vast talent pool with varied backgrounds.
  • Collaborate with specialists in various industries.
  • Explore different creative approaches and perspectives.
  • Find freelancers for diverse roles and tasks.

3) Hiring the right talent

When it comes to hiring freelancers, companies can easily find out talented freelancers in multiple domains. If companies need a specific skillset for a particular project, it is easy for them to identify talented freelancers that have spent years to acquire the skills. The more experienced a freelancer is, the more talented skill they can contribute to add value to a project. Every company can acquire the following benefits from experienced freelancers without devoting internal resources.

  • Access to niche expertise not available in-house.
  • Benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Find freelancers with unique skill sets.
  • Hire professionals with specific industry knowledge.
  • Tap into a global pool of focused talents.

4) Penny-wise

Full-time employees require higher salary packages, yearly bonuses, incentives, health insurance, tour packages, paid leaves, and many other services. In contrast, freelancers help companies decrease these expenses that they may not spend or want to remove from overhead expenses. Sometimes full-time employees need special training to do a particular better while freelancers do not need special training or a workspace in your company as they want to work from home. Therefore, if businesses hire freelancers, they will obtain the following cost-saving benefits.  

  • Avoiding expenses connected with hiring and training.
  • Lowering hourly rates compared to traditional employees.
  • No need for additional expenses like benefits or office space.
  • Paying only for the specific work required.
  • Reduced overhead costs for equipment or software.

5) Project based job to meet short-term deadlines

Hiring freelancers is an excellent option for companies that have more deadline-based projects. Since freelancers are often used to dealing with project deadlines, they are ready to help companies complete your project even at the last minute. With the following benefits, maintaining short-term deadlines help companies to achieve their best. 

  • Agility to meet unexpected deadlines.
  • Efficient time management for prompt deliverables.
  • Freelancers accustomed to working under tight time constraints.
  • Quick availability to address last-minute requests.
  • Rapid turnaround for urgent projects.

6) Easy to hire

According to a recent study based on freelancing, almost 36% of the US workforce is now freelancing for multiple tasks. The process of hiring is complicated if companies recruit full-time employees. However, by hiring freelancers, they can easily find and hire a freelancer online very quickly. To start your work-related process, you have an opportunity to browse through millions of freelancer profiles from qualified candidates. Do you know what the benefits of hiring freelancers are?

  • Easily find freelancers through online platforms.
  • Flexible contract terms for seamless on-boarding.
  • Less paperwork and administrative burden.
  • Quick and efficient recruitment of freelancers.
  • Simplified hiring process compared to permanent employees.

7) Faster deliveries

Companies not only get high-quality work from freelancers, but they also get fast delivery of their projects. Generally, full-time employees involve multiple tasks at a time, while freelancers focus on a single task to complete your project faster. Since freelancers are interested to complete projects within deadlines, you can look for those who will complete your project according to your timely needs. With the following benefits from freelancers, you may get ideas on how faster deliveries are important to the growth of your company.

  • Expedited delivery options for urgent projects.
  • Flexible schedules allow for round-the-clock work.
  • Freelancers often work on tight deadlines.
  • Get projects completed quickly by leveraging multiple freelancers.
  • Quick response times due to freelancer availability.

8) Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of freelancers, as they are available for you to hire 24/7/365. So you may hire freelancers for any task which needs to complete urgently. That means a freelancer is available to help you resolve last-minute emergencies. Full-time employees may log out earlier, but freelancers often have a more flexible work schedule with the following benefits.  

  • Accommodate fluctuations in workload or seasonal demands.
  • Adapt quickly to changing project requirements.
  • Easily switch between freelancers for different tasks.
  • Engage freelancers on a project-by-project basis.
  • Scale up or down the personnel as required.

9) No long-term commitment

When companies hire full-time employees, they are responsible for their livelihood for a long time, as full-time employees are expected to enjoy long-term job security. Companies hire freelancers for a short-term project or for a particular timeframe. This lack of a long-term commitment helps companies to get the following benefits.

  • Avoid long-term obligations and associated risks.
  • Easily adjust the team size based on project requirements.
  • Flexibility to engage freelancers as needed.
  • Hire freelancers for short-term projects.
  • No need to maintain a long-term employment relationship.

10) Increased diversity

Freelancers empower companies to expand the diversity of their companies. Diversity helps companies advance the strength of innovative ideas and it leads to better business solutions to solve complicated issues. Freelancers from different geographical areas, cultures, educational backgrounds, and work disciplines will provide you with the following benefits to handle various projects.

  • Access a diverse pool of freelancers from different backgrounds.
  • Benefit from a broader range of ideas and approaches.
  • Collaborate with professionals from various cultures and perspectives.
  • Expand your network and foster global connections.
  • Promote inclusivity by engaging freelancers with diverse identities.


Even though full-time employees are the pillar of the company, freelancers are also interested to dedicate their skills if companies don’t ignore the importance of their talents. The world is ever-changing with several innovative things to adapt to grow faster. So, hiring freelancers for performing some tasks or projects is one of the greatest aspects that a business needs to stay competitive in this business area. If you are a start-up or SME, you should leverage some of the work to reduce the burden by hiring a talented freelancer.


Hiring And Managing Freelancers

Hiring And Managing Freelancers

If you are someone who hires and delegates work to freelancers regularly then you do know very well, how overwhelming and arduous the process can be. We get you, that is why we have some great tips for you to hire and manage freelancers smoothly and efficiently.

1) Scrutinize your project/work

Before you look for freelancers out there, first analyze your work. Break your big project/work into manageable, smaller tasks. Determine the skills, education, ability, and experience that are necessary to execute them perfectly as well as talents from which area/field would be the right fit for accomplishing each task or a certain set of tasks.

Also consider the other aspects –the time you have to tackle the project, the quality of the outcome, estimation of the number of people needed to complete the task in the given time, the kind of talents who can deliver the best results – the traits and qualities apart from the work skills and qualification.

Once these factors are taken into account, go for the next step – creating job descriptions.

2) Come up with a well-defined and detailed job description

The get the best professionals for a given task or job, you must put up a job description that attracts quality people. Make sure that your job description portrays your requirement, and expectations and gives a clear and full understanding of your project to the candidates.

Being upfront is very important at this stage to avoid disappointments, negative experiences, and waste of time during the course of working with the freelancers. So, include details such as:

  • Estimated Project Timeline
  • The budget for the project
  • Tools and software you prefer for the job
  • The individual/ team the freelancer has to coordinate with
  • Means of communication you plan to engage with the freelancer
  • Project framework
  • Your plan to track the work progress and provide feedback
  • The mode of payment

3) Select the suitable candidate

Selecting the right talent determines the success of working with freelancers.

When you scrutinize your candidates, evaluate their profiles and check through the reviews and ratings on their profiles. Examine if they have the proficiency to do your job, check the projects they have finished before, and select those who have undertaken related projects.

Once you have selected a few right matches, make sure to conduct a phone or video interview with them. Assess their communication skills. Ask them to share their portfolio and if they can provide their testimonials or if they have their own website.

Ask them questions related to the subject of your work project and their previous relevant work experience. It can help you judge their interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge. You can also fix up a small paid project to test their proficiency.

4) Hire the freelancer

After shortlisting the applicants, clarify the work or task in detail and how you want it to be executed, their role and responsibilities in particular. Some prefer letting their freelancers work independently without any intervention while others keep track of the work progress and offer regular feedback so that they are in control. Discuss your style of working and how you prefer to be in touch with your freelancers explicitly. Clearly state the deadline of the work.

Discuss the pay rate, the payment terms, and the process with your freelancer. Also, while hiring the freelancers, get their contact details, a copy of their proof of identity, and citizenship of their country.

For security, get them to sign an official contract that incorporates an indemnity clause, termination terms, and limitation of liability. Apart from that make them sign a legal non-disclosure agreement of undertaking that they will never share confidential information about your company, project, and clients with anyone else.


5) Managing your freelancers

To ensure that the freelancers keep up with your expectations you can support them in a few ways. Apart from clarifying the task and the outcome you expect offer them samples of completed work from the past if you have any, related to the currently assigned task so that they can get a clear idea and both of you do not have to go through the hassle and time wastage of re-doing the task.

Connect the freelancer with the related team in your workplace, so that they can coordinate and work accordingly. This also ensures that they do not deviate from the track.

Do not micro-manage freelancers. Offer them the liberty to carry on the work in their own way. However, be available for communication so if the freelancers have doubts and queries related to the work, they can have immediate resolution without having to wait and waste time.

Similarly have a schedule and practice of giving regular feedback. This will ensure that you get regular updates on the work and thus get an overview of task progress and the outcome of the work assignments.

Although these tips can help you hire smoothly and work effectively with your freelancers, you must understand that the right platform is immensely important to acquire the right freelancer candidates.

We understand this fact and thus created Dhumall Freelance Services – One of the fastest-growing freelancing platforms in the world. The platform brings you talents from over 200 countries and territories without any geographical barrier.

We equally focus on quality and so we put forward a pool of talent with outstanding skills, experience, creativeness, expertise, and ability who can fulfill your assigned tasks following your expectations. The easy and effective narrowing down of search results – a feature of this platform assists you to screen through pertinent candidates’ profiles quickly.

Dhumall Freelance Services presents a comprehensive range of categories to enable you to select candidates with skills that match your project requirements. These categories incorporate:

  1. Admin Support
  2. Data Science & Analytics
  3. Design & Creative
  4. Engineering & Architecture
  5. Website, Software, IT & Networking
  6. Legal
  7. Sales & Marketing
  8. Web, Mobile & Software Development
  9. Writing
  10. Translation
  11. Trades & Services
  12. Customer Service

Hire better and experience great success working with freelancers by acquiring your candidates from Dhumall Freelance Services.

If you are a freelancer looking for freelancing opportunities and excellent growth in your career, try the Dhumall Freelancing Platform.

It is one of the best freelance platforms that not only includes varied types of freelancing jobs but also abundant projects to bid on. Furthermore, the job postings are regularly updated in the feed. It presents projects from renowned companies that pay the best rates in proportion to the output of the freelancers. Above all, this platform guarantees safety from scammers with its escrow system in addition to offering secured payment processing.


Log in to & create your own profile today!

The Best Freelance Platform To Find Work Opportunities And The Right Talents

DhuMall Freelance Services:

The Best Freelance Platform To Find Work Opportunities And The Right Talents

In the post-pandemic times, companies are gravitating towards hiring freelancers to get their tasks accomplished rather than hiring full-time employees. There are many reasons why freelancing is gaining popularity nowadays. During the pandemic, companies have figured out – jobs are about getting work done not bringing employees to their office. Moreover, freelancing is very cost-effective because it cuts off the overhead costs the business has to incur.

Freelancing also gives access to talents who have good experience in the specific niche related to the task the company wants to accomplish without having to employ the person as an in-house staff who requires a regular salary with benefits, allowances, and bonuses. Freelancers are just paid for the task that needs to be accomplished and can be hired again as and when needed. Thus, there is no commitment involved which can be an immensely valuable aspect if the company needs that specialized skill and know-how only for the certain projects it pursues and not on a day-to-day basis.

Many successful small business owners and entrepreneurs acknowledge that their secret to success is getting help from these independent talents which allows them to focus on other aspects of the business they must, leaving the specialized tasks in the hands of expert professionals.

However, finding suitable and reliable freelancers is not only time-consuming but also cumbersome and tough.

This is why you need DhuMall Freelance Services which present a bench of talent with great skills, experience, creativity, knowledge, and competence who can accomplish your projects smoothly and qualitatively. This unique freelancer platform promotes safe and secure hiring by screening the candidates rigidly which makes finding trustworthy talents an easy-breezy job for you.

This platform brings you a wide variety of categories to suit your project needs such as:

1) Admin Support

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Data entry
  • Typing
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Email, Phone & Chat Support
  • Customer support and assistance
  • Online research
  • Travel booking
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Cold-calling
  • Transcription


2) Data Science & Analytics

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Data mining
  • Data processing
  • Data cleaning
  • Data Engineering
  • Data visualization
  • Big data analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Machine learning
  • Metadata management
  • Predictive modeling


3) Design & Creative

This category offers freelancers for:

  • UX/UI Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Art Direction
  • Web Designing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Jewellery Designing
  • Illustration
  • Audio Production
  • Interior Designing
  • Anime Art
  • Comic Art


4) Engineering & Architecture

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Architectural Designing
  • 3D rendering and MEP designing
  • Architectural Rendering
  • Structural Drawing
  • Mechanical Designing
  • Product Designing
  • Network Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Chemical Engineering


5) Website, Software, IT & Networking

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Web development
  • Java Development
  • PHP Development
  • iOS Development
  • Generative AI
  • SQL Development
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud computing


6) Legal

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Legal Drafting
  • Legal Researching
  • File Documentation
  • Draft Documentation
  • Document Analysis
  • GDPR Compliance Reviewing
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Negotiation


7) Sales & Marketing

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Marketing And Promotion
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Selling


8) Web, Mobile & Software Development

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Mobile App Improvements
  • Website to App Conversion
  • Mobile App Bug Fixes
  • Mobile App Development Consultation
  • Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency
  • WordPress
  • Website Builders & CMS
  • Ecommerce Development
  • QA Testing
  • User Testing


9) Writing

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Article writing
  • Blogs writing
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Content Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Story Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Magazine Writing


10) Translation

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Document translation
  • Website translation
  • Multilingual support
  • Legal translation
  • Subtitling
  • Interpretation
  • Localization
  • Audio transcription
  • Medical transcription


11) Trades & Services

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Financial consulting
  • E-commerce trading
  • B2B trading
  • Business Consulting
  • Portfolio management
  • Inventory management


12) Customer Service

This category offers freelancers for:

  • Email support
  • Live chat support
  • Phone support
  • Social Media support
  • Call Back Service
  • Interactive Virtual Assistant
  • Complaint handling
  • Order processing
  • Refund processing
  • Technical support
  • Integrated Customer Service

You can access talents with no geographical barrier regardless of the size of your projects as DhuMall Freelance Services incorporate freelancers from major countries across the world. It also offers secured payments and hassle-free billing.

To acquire the right talents for your significant projects, click here:

Our freelancers across the world choose DhuMall Freelance Services because of the exclusive features that support efficient searching and narrowing down the search results pertinently. It offers provisions for creating great profiles to influence the hirers and exhibit their talent, skills, and capability.

Its reliable rating and review system supports displaying credibility to the hirers which in turn helps in fetching the subsequent projects again and again. Acquiring projects to work on steadily helps them have a continuous income flow and financial security.

It is one of the best freelance platforms that not just bring in diverse types of freelancing jobs but also abundant projects to bid on. Also, the job postings are updated in the feed on a regular basis. Our freelancers prefer us because we offer them projects from esteemed companies that offer the best pay rates according to the proficiency and experience of the freelancers. Most of all, it is safe and guarantees secured payment processing.

If you are an aspiring freelancer looking for procuring projects to work on, join DhuMall Freelance Services now by clicking

Connect with freelancers who can deliver the right talents!

Connect with freelancers who can deliver the right talents!

As a business owner, you may have the opportunity to explore an endless number of approaches to develop your business with sustainable and successful resources. Among these ways, hiring freelancers is one of the most powerful approaches you can use to boost your business growth and expansion.

As you are well aware of the digital world, you might have come across professionals and independent freelancers that contribute various services to help you write your blog, create a website, write social media posts, and even develop new apps or software. With the right freelancers, you will apply the right expertise to develop a variety of functions in your business to achieve your business goals.

Freelancers offer flexible and cost-effective services for several business needs. Whether you need writing and editing services, design services, programming and web development services, project management services, virtual assistant services, or translation services, there are freelancers with different skill sets around the world. In this article, let’s find out how freelancers can help boost your business.


Admin Support

Fed up with endless admin tasks consuming your valuable time?

Freelancers are ready to perform and facilitate the execution of your administrative activities and procedures for your everyday office operation. Trusted freelancers will provide you with professional administrative support as per your business needs. Here below is what freelancers can offer you:

  • Data entry
  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • Online research
  • Travel arrangement
  • Customer service
  • Virtual assistance
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Invoicing & billing
  • File management


Customer Service

Are you on the hunt for top-tier customer service experts?

Customer service determines how much value you contribute to your customers with your products or services. If you support your clients with the right customer services, you can retain your existing customers and find new customers. With freelancer services, get connected to the right professionals to get work done quickly.  Freelancers can offer a wide range of customer service supports, including:

  • Email support
  • Live chat
  • Phone support
  • Social media management
  • Complaint handling
  • Order processing
  • Refund processing
  • Technical support
  • Ticket management
  • Multilingual support


Data Science & Analytics

Looking for high-impact professionals to handle your business data?

Big data is accepted in almost every vertical. Data scientists and analysts can have a firm hold on critical thinking and analysis. Freelancers from these two skill sets will pay great attention to details while solving your problems. Here are some freelance services that are related to data science and analytics:

  • Data mining
  • Data cleaning
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modelling
  • Data visualization
  • Big data analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Market research
  • Data warehousing


Design & Creative

Want to grow your business with a pool of creativity?

Freelancers that have in-depth brand strategies ensure the authenticity and wellness of your business with a creative and powerful brand identity. Responsive and cutting-edge design and creative services are an ideal choice for your business needs those resulting in increased revenue and faster growth. So highly skilled freelancers will deliver premium-quality design and creative services, including:

  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Video editing
  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Print design
  • Packaging design
  • UX/UI design


Engineering & Architecture

Want to outperform your competitors with superior engineering?

If you find freelancers with expertise in architecture and engineering, you can take on more projects much easier. Freelancers, from a regional and global network
of architecture and engineering service providers, are ready to get hired on demand. Hire them for the following services:

  • CAD drafting
  • 3D modelling
  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Architectural design
  • Prototype development
  • Project management
  • Technical documentation


Website & Networking

Searching for the best and brightest in networking?

Companies that require more assistance in finding freelancers that have high expertise in web development and networking may use freelance services. Freelancers enable companies to collaborate directly without third-party intervention and allow companies to provide feedback on their work. Here below are some freelance services:

  • Web development
  • E-commerce development
  • CMS development
  • Database development
  • Cyber security
  • Network administration
  • Cloud computing
  • IT support



Want to protect your legal rights and be accessible to legal advice conveniently?

There are several platforms that aim to bridge the gap between freelancers that provide legal services and companies. With these platforms where attorneys and law firms are ready to handle any legal work, you can make sure that you can find and hire the best freelance legal services to handle the legal issues of your company. Here below are some freelance services based on legal topics:

  • Legal research
  • Contract drafting
  • Contract review
  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate law
  • Employment law
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Litigation support
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration


Sales & Marketing

Seeking talents to take your sales and marketing techniques forward?

Sales and marketing are two key areas that you need to focus on for your business growth. If you follow the right strategies, your business will get skyrocketed very quickly. With relevant and dynamic sales and marketing techniques, freelancers will assure to help your business expand and meet the desired goals. Find out some sales and marketing services from the list of services given below:

  • Market research
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO optimization
  • PPC advertising
  • Branding
  • Explainer video
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Sales funnel optimization



Looking for skilled translators to expand your global reach?

As we are living in an interconnected world, business is highly globalised. One of the biggest challenges of every company is customizing content in local languages. With skilled translators, freelancers support all types of companies. Some following services will help you explore the world with customized content:

  • Document translation
  • Website translation
  • Localization
  • Multilingual support
  • Technical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Audio transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Interpretation


Mobile & Software Development

Want to handle client projects with global software developers?

Freelancers will help your business transform with mobile and software development services that give your clients digital experiences of your branding. They ensure that your users understand your app and software purposes and have amazing experiences while exploring it. Here are some freelance services:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Full-stack development
  • Mobile app development
  • Web app development
  • API development
  • UI/UX design
  • Database development
  • Quality assurance
  • Software testing



Searching for content writers who can craft the perfect words?

If you use different types of content for social media advertisements, e-brochures, digital marketing, and search engine optimization for promoting your brands, you can find out new customers to make revenue fast. Some freelance services mentioned here below will help you to find out different types of customers:

  • Blogging
  • Article writing
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • Concept development
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Creative writing
  • Press release writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Academic writing


Trades & Services

Want to provide clients with exceptional trading strategies?

Growing your business with freelance business services will lead to having better clients to work with.  By utilizing some of the following services that successful freelancers have built, you’ll be able to make the right strategies to reach your business goals:

  • Financial consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Business consulting
  • Technical analysis
  • Trading strategy
  • Portfolio management
  • Inventory management
  • Pricing strategy



By using freelance services, find a diverse range of talents and expertise for cost-effective solutions. With a world-class freelance marketplace, companies are empowered to excel in their tasks with highly effective freelancers.

DhuMall offers flexible and cost-effective freelance services for several business needs. Whether you need writing and editing services, design services, programming and web development services, project management services, virtual assistant services, or translation services, we have freelancers with different skill sets around the world.

DhuMall is the global marketplace for companies and entrepreneurs to explore various products, services, and opportunities from 200 countries and territories. Contact us to get your projects done by experienced freelancers.