Essential Information for Global Product Sourcing

Global product sourcing is a process by which companies can find global products to sell. To know marketable inventory for your business, you need to explore wholesalers, manufacturers, artisans, and other types of creators and companies that produce merchandise for sale. This article will guide you to perform global product sourcing for your business flawlessly.  The world of supply may be wide-ranging and magnificent but they are available if you do perfect sourcing to find product suppliers that are looking for you. If you want to perform global product sourcing for developing your company with quality products, here are some of the important factors you need to consider.

Products search

For a better global product search, you may utilize the following options.

DIY products

In 2020, the handicraft market of the world touched $647 billion. For product sourcing, you may contact solo artisans that create exquisite artefacts to big companies that offer world-class products with heritage designs.

Manufacturers or wholesalers

If you contact global manufacturers or wholesalers, you may come across different types of products and some of them can be the latest ones. All over the world, thousands of new products are introduced every year. If you can find out manufacturers or wholesalers that sell innovative products, you can make a profit from new products immediately.


Nowadays, after the success of e-commerce, you have a lot of marketplaces online to find products locally or globally. You may utilize all-purpose online platforms such as Amazon and eBay to discover more goods for sale.

Trade shows

Trade shows were successfully designed to connect manufacturers and distributors with traders. Consumer trends, new technologies, and market shifts always demand businesses to stay up to date. If you attend trade shows, you can get in touch with the most esteemed industry products around the world.

Vendor analysis

Vendor analysis is the most important factor in product sourcing decisions. If your competitor has a vendor who can supply more quickly than your vendors, you may lose market share and lost revenue. Hence, select a receptive vendor who is able to accommodate changes and produce according to needs. Vendor analysis is mainly founded on data. Therefore, based on quantifiable performance indicators, the vendor you have chosen should be able to understand your needs in terms of quality, cost, and delivery speed.

Price comparison

Whenever you perform global product sourcing, you must do price comparisons among various vendors. What you need to consider is that you must focus on the cost of transportation, customs and duties, brokerage services, financing, and insurance. And also you need to consider other additional and unexpected costs. For that, you may use some price comparison sites to get proper data. Once you have compared the prices of every vendor you have selected, move on to the next step of product quality.

Product quality

Product quality is an important part of any product souring. The quality of the product will create a great impact on sales and marketing. Product quality refers to how exactly a product satisfies customer requirements, serves its drive, and meets industry standards. When assessing the quality of products, companies should consider several key aspects, including whether a product can solve a problem for the target audience, works powerfully, or suits customers’ purposes. Here are eight important aspects that you should consider as the basic elements of product quality.

  • Aesthetics
  • Conformance
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Perceived Quality
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Serviceability

Trade regulations

Governmental regulations may support you to do product sourcing from an area or it may detract you for doing sourcing from a region. Hence, prior to considering any product sourcing decisions, it is essential that all trade regulations or restrictions are evaluated pragmatically. Many government-sponsored publications and organizations are available online to help you educate about the legal requirements of international trade. Generally, trade policy uses seven main instruments: subsidies, tariffs, import quotas, local content requirements, voluntary export restraints, administrative policies, and antidumping duties.


If you are unable to receive the products to market at the right time, your efforts will become useless. Delivery on time is the most important factor in this digital world. People want to get anything immediately. So you must find trustworthy logistics that can play a major role in delivering goods on time.  Your delivery partner should be able to control various processes of moving goods, including warehousing and transportation, from the point of origin to your place based on the urgency of customer requirements. Here, seasonal fluctuations and natural calamities should be also taken into consideration. You may also use dropshipping, a method of product sourcing where another vendor fully fulfils a customer’s order. Dropshipping is a great option if you start a new online store.


The factors given above are to consider when making global sourcing decisions. Once you have come to a good decision, you will encounter more opportunities to enjoy conducting good product sourcing in the global market. If you want to find the best goods for trade, you need to venture into some new territories. Information related to global product sourcing is aplenty. What you should do is to choose the best approach and keep your search preferences well-structured to get rid of getting overwhelmed. Don’t stop product sourcing once the product is sourced. Maintain a good relationship with the suppliers you deal with and keep trying to find new suppliers around the world. Apart from the information given above, you may also try to find other types of information for better product sourcing.

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