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‘You need money to make money.’


In Business, merely doing hard work cannot bring success. Money is the most inevitable factor for achieving business goals successfully.

Having adequate working capital is necessary to maintain the financial health of a business and keep the day-to-day operations moving smoothly. Lack of capital is an acute challenge and one of the primary reasons any small business or startup fails or shuts down.  

Depending on the size, nature, and industry of a business, its need for funds may differ. For a startup business funding is immensely crucial to put the idea into action and get started.

Money is a crucial component in every aspect of a business function. If a small business or startup wants to rent an office space or factory, set up the office/workshop with furniture, equipment, and machines, purchase raw materials and supplies, start production, and get necessary services, the significance of business funding cannot be overlooked. Specifically, at the initial stages, most businesses have to rely on funding for managing their company.

Funding is an incredibly important means to hire and acquire talents who can effectively contribute to the growth of your business. If your startup business is not making enough profits as it has not caught up the momentum yet, then funds are the best practical way to raise money for investing in efficient, skilled, and knowledgeable people to run your business successfully.

For creating their position in the market, startups also have to carry out marketing and promotions, without which their business may go unnoticed among the prospects and emerge limp amidst the well-established existing players. Here too, business funding plays a huge role in bearing such imperative expenses.

When a startup procures funding, it inevitably gains credibility. This is because it is assumed that if the investors are ready to invest and support it then the business must be having excellent potential and good scope to lead in the future.

Even for a well-established business, business funds are greatly valuable to utilize the new opportunities that crop up in its journey toward growth and development. It is also necessary for executing Market Research, developing new products or capitalizing on new products or services, expanding the product line or services as well as keeping pace with the escalating demands and sales. 

Sometimes these businesses have to invest in new property and business assets, new warehouse setup, increase transport efficiency, and carry on massive hiring to expand in new locations, locally or internationally. In such cases, the business needs extra support in terms of finance. And business funding is an excellent way to manage such expenses.

In a nutshell, regardless of the size and nature of a business, business funds can help in the successful running of a business while bringing about its better future and long-term growth.

If you are looking for funds for your business, here are some practical strategies to consider:

  • Estimate The Amount Of Funding Your Business Requires

Just as the needs for funds differ from business to business, the required amount of the fund may also vary depending on their obligations. Before approaching the investors for procuring funds, determine – which aspects of your business need funds and why. Then calculate the exact amount needed.

If you are establishing a startup, calculate and prepare a detailed estimation of the different aspects of your business such as the premises, the staff, the supplies, equipment, etc. It helps in deciding – how much additional money is needed apart from the cash on hand or bootstrap.

  • Create A Comprehensive Business Plan

This is a very fundamental step before approaching the investors. Investors assess the scope of your business before investing. If your business plan is not solid and persuasive enough, it may not create the right impression in the minds of the investors. And your attempt to obtain the business funding may fail.

So, create a Business Plan that includes your team and its strengths, marketing & sales plan, business growth plan, your competitive edge, the advantages you have as a new entrant over the existing competitors (if you are a startup), and your expected ROI. Also, point out your competitors’ weaknesses and the gaps in the market they failed to meet and thus the opportunity or possibility you gain there as an advantage. Include the plans that you have figured out to meet those gaps, thus proving that you are set to do better than your competitors.

And finally include the amount of money you would be needing to materialize your goals.

  • Find The Right Investors

Once you have a great business plan under your belt, start looking for suitable investors considering their interest rates and assessing the risks entailed in each and every choice.

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Our motto is to provide you complete support in getting your requisite business funds so that you achieve your business goals, without any hindrance.

We support our clients with these funding rounds:

  1. Seed
  2. Angel round
  3. Series A
  4. Series B
  5. Series C and beyond
  6. Merger & Acquisition
  7. IPO
  8. Post-IPO
  9. Private Placement
  10. Other funding

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