Hiring And Managing Freelancers

If you are someone who hires and delegates work to freelancers regularly then you do know very well, how overwhelming and arduous the process can be. We get you, that is why we have some great tips for you to hire and manage freelancers smoothly and efficiently.

1) Scrutinize your project/work

Before you look for freelancers out there, first analyze your work. Break your big project/work into manageable, smaller tasks. Determine the skills, education, ability, and experience that are necessary to execute them perfectly as well as talents from which area/field would be the right fit for accomplishing each task or a certain set of tasks.

Also consider the other aspects –the time you have to tackle the project, the quality of the outcome, estimation of the number of people needed to complete the task in the given time, the kind of talents who can deliver the best results – the traits and qualities apart from the work skills and qualification.

Once these factors are taken into account, go for the next step – creating job descriptions.

2) Come up with a well-defined and detailed job description

The get the best professionals for a given task or job, you must put up a job description that attracts quality people. Make sure that your job description portrays your requirement, and expectations and gives a clear and full understanding of your project to the candidates.

Being upfront is very important at this stage to avoid disappointments, negative experiences, and waste of time during the course of working with the freelancers. So, include details such as:

  • Estimated Project Timeline
  • The budget for the project
  • Tools and software you prefer for the job
  • The individual/ team the freelancer has to coordinate with
  • Means of communication you plan to engage with the freelancer
  • Project framework
  • Your plan to track the work progress and provide feedback
  • The mode of payment

3) Select the suitable candidate

Selecting the right talent determines the success of working with freelancers.

When you scrutinize your candidates, evaluate their profiles and check through the reviews and ratings on their profiles. Examine if they have the proficiency to do your job, check the projects they have finished before, and select those who have undertaken related projects.

Once you have selected a few right matches, make sure to conduct a phone or video interview with them. Assess their communication skills. Ask them to share their portfolio and if they can provide their testimonials or if they have their own website.

Ask them questions related to the subject of your work project and their previous relevant work experience. It can help you judge their interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge. You can also fix up a small paid project to test their proficiency.

4) Hire the freelancer

After shortlisting the applicants, clarify the work or task in detail and how you want it to be executed, their role and responsibilities in particular. Some prefer letting their freelancers work independently without any intervention while others keep track of the work progress and offer regular feedback so that they are in control. Discuss your style of working and how you prefer to be in touch with your freelancers explicitly. Clearly state the deadline of the work.

Discuss the pay rate, the payment terms, and the process with your freelancer. Also, while hiring the freelancers, get their contact details, a copy of their proof of identity, and citizenship of their country.

For security, get them to sign an official contract that incorporates an indemnity clause, termination terms, and limitation of liability. Apart from that make them sign a legal non-disclosure agreement of undertaking that they will never share confidential information about your company, project, and clients with anyone else.


5) Managing your freelancers

To ensure that the freelancers keep up with your expectations you can support them in a few ways. Apart from clarifying the task and the outcome you expect offer them samples of completed work from the past if you have any, related to the currently assigned task so that they can get a clear idea and both of you do not have to go through the hassle and time wastage of re-doing the task.

Connect the freelancer with the related team in your workplace, so that they can coordinate and work accordingly. This also ensures that they do not deviate from the track.

Do not micro-manage freelancers. Offer them the liberty to carry on the work in their own way. However, be available for communication so if the freelancers have doubts and queries related to the work, they can have immediate resolution without having to wait and waste time.

Similarly have a schedule and practice of giving regular feedback. This will ensure that you get regular updates on the work and thus get an overview of task progress and the outcome of the work assignments.

Although these tips can help you hire smoothly and work effectively with your freelancers, you must understand that the right platform is immensely important to acquire the right freelancer candidates.

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