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Because Businesses Are Better Together

Accelerate Your Business Success Through Right Partnering

Doing business gets very lonely sometimes especially when you face tough challenges. Partnering can help in overcoming business fears and offer support in dealing with uncertainties.

Particularly, strategic partnerships and joint ventures are the most advantageous kinds of business partnerships as they mutually favor the partnering companies. They lead to business growth, success, and prosperity, as they involve the pooling of resources, skills, expertise, knowledge, innovation, latest technology, etc.

The strategic partnership facilitates the growth of the customer base and allows access to new markets, expansion of geographic reach, diversification of product lines, cross-promotion, and utilization of each other’s strengths. It aids in gaining a competitive advantage, boosting sales and revenue, and building business resilience.

Whereas joint venture creates synergy between the companies, so each company leverages the other companies’ capability and resources which it lacks within. Thus, the companies can combine resources to realize the goal of the venture. They share the risks and rewards together as well.

However, these benefits can be achieved only if you have a suitable partner. Finding the right partner is tough and it involves overwhelming and time-consuming tasks such as doing intensive research, gathering information about different companies that can be advantageous for your business in achieving its goals, and finding out who is trustworthy and ready to partner with you among those companies, carrying out pitching to those potential partners, etc.

There is a risk of taking wrong decisions as it can cause failures and beat the purpose of creating the partnership. Hence, to find the perfect partner for your business, you need guidance, advice, and support from professional experts.

Here’s where we help you!

Strategic Business Partnership & Joint Venture Development

‘Strategic Business Partnership & Joint Venture Development’ is a service developed by our company Dhunicorn to help companies around the world in finding their best-suited strategic partners and joint venture partners and gain all the advantages from them to grow, and develop and attain success in their business.

It takes the right effort to develop successful partnerships. They don’t just happen just like that!

We understand this fact and thus created this special service for busy business people like you who do not have time or can put too much effort into finding suitable business partners for your specific needs.

Our company, Dhunicorn has a global network of 40,000 public listed companies and private companies. Therefore, with our huge database, we offer a very wide choice for you so that you get the best strategic business partnering and joint venture partnering opportunities out there.


This service is developed by a team of experts who have profound experience in this subject. Our professional experts, first comprehend your business, its aims, partnering purpose, and needs. After executing intense research, they put forward to you, the information about the recommended potential partners who are well-suited for your business targets and goals.

Their recommendations are solid as they always ensure that your and your potential partners’ intentions are mutually favorable and reciprocal so that your relationship remains strong and ever-lasting.

Then they help you in creating a perfect and convincing pitch and present it directly to the chief decision-makers. If they are interested in your partnership idea, our professionals assist you in presenting a comprehensive partnership proposal.

They offer the right guidance throughout the process of creating your business partnerships.

Why Choose Us?

Our business experts can support your company to develop a successful project starting from the most important step of getting the right partner, model design, and strategic planning till the execution and implementation stage.

We have well-experienced business experts who can guide you in choosing the right strategic business partner or joint venture partner for your business. They give you advice as and when needed by you for that matter.

These business experts know what it takes to form the right strategic business model. So, they offer numerous possibilities for your company to explore and develop your own model that fits your company.

They meticulously analyze and bring those companies together that perfectly match their goals, intentions, values, and insights and are ready to team up for the long-term. Thus, we guarantee you a perfect strategic partnership or joint venture partnership for your business that brings in numerous advantages for your business while helping it grow and succeed.

The Benefits of our 'Strategic Business Partnership & Joint Venture Development'

Guidance from well-experienced business experts

Huge database - a global network of 40,000 public listed companies and private companies

Professionally matched potential business partners

Assistance throughout the partnering process

Time and Effort Saving

Who are we?

Our company Dhunicorn is a comprehensive business solutions provider for companies across the world, to build, improve and achieve successful businesses. The company was established in 2019 and has its headquarters in Malaysia and offices in the United States and India, as well.

We are the Investor, Creator, Developer, and Incubator of Hectocorns, Decacorns, Unicorns, Centaurs, and Ponies. With result-oriented collaboration strategies, Dhunicorn is leading the way by interconnecting public listed companies, large private companies, and SMEs around the world to reach new markets, discover innovative business opportunities, optimize resources, explore investment solutions, increase market value and capitalization, expand business operations, enhance business excellence and build sustainable success.

Dhunicorn creates an ultimate global business network and enables companies and entrepreneurs to discover new business opportunities and investment opportunities domestically & internationally.

Dhunicorn has clients and members in over 40 countries and operates in a network of over 1000 internal and associated consultants, advisors, experts, and professors worldwide.

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