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Are you still not making headways with the old-school cold-calling method to acquire new customers?

Don’t turn off your prospects by aggravating them!

Use current B2B sales trends. Today, B2B customers are distinctly clear about what they want from suppliers. With competition booming day by day, they have a myriad of options to select from. They have access to a huge volume of information, guiding them to make better decisions. Pursuing such smart customers by cold calling may not attract them as they find it hard to trust some random salesperson they have never interacted with before.

Bring your business on our DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing – the most trusted global B2B online marketplace that connects manufacturers and wholesalers to customers from over 200 countries worldwide. Here, there is a consistent traffic of your potential customers looking for quality products for their business. These are high-quality prospects as they connect on our platform to source for products.

List your products on our DhuMall iGlobalSourcing platform with all the details, specifications, features, and impressive visuals. This platform attract your prospects by building their products sourcing interests. DhuMall can assist in improving business efficiency with new sales channels while constantly reaching new market segments.

The unique design of the platform can also maximize sales by providing your customers with a powerful and seamless digital user experience, multiple payment gateways, one-click reordering, etc. It allows negotiations just like the real world with its Request For Quote option. Apart from that, it lets your sales team get better visibility into your orders, pricing, and customer history, regardless of where they are globally.

Thus, with DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing you can build your customer base, grow and scale your business meaningfully.

Join DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing For:

  • Flawless and smooth user interface
  • Global exposure of your business
  • Acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones
  • Providing a good purchasing experience to your customers
  • Reaching your potential customers anytime, and at anyplace
  • Keeping your customer data safe and protected from fraud
  • Enhancing your marketing and merchandizing potential

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