The Best Global B2B Online Marketplace

Times are changing and so is the customers’ behavior!

You must have realized that unlike years back, nowadays B2B buyers have deep knowledge and a clear idea of what they want to purchase. Rather than approaching sellers, they prefer doing good online research. They go for online purchasing as a convenient option and expect seamless, impressive digital experiences from sellers.

To win such demanding customers you must have your footing on an effective platform that can display and present the details about your products and highlight why you are the best of all their numerous options.

That is why our company DhuMall brings you iGlobalSourcing – the best global B2B online marketplace that connects manufacturers and wholesalers to customers from over 200 countries around the world.

This platform is designed to maximize your sales by providing your customers with a powerful and seamless digital user experience, multiple payment gateways, one-click reordering, etc. It helps boost your business efficiency, create new sales channels, and constantly reach new market segments. Overall, it supports your business in growing and scaling smoothly to fulfill your customers’ requirements.

It allows carrying out negotiations just like the real world with its Request For Quote option. It also facilitates your sales team by providing better visibility into orders, pricing, and customer history, no matter where they are.

Why choose DhuMall’s iGlobalSourcing?

  • Offers flawlessly smooth user interface
  • Allows global exposure of your business
  • Helps you in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones
  • Supports you in offering a good purchasing experience to your customer
  • Facilitates reaching your potential customers anytime, and at anyplace
  • Keeps your customer data safe and protected from fraud
  • Helps you in enhancing your marketing and merchandizing potential
  • Offers a one-stop-shop solution for buyers, suppliers, and many more reducing the time and effort spent on sourcing your supplies.

We are extremely pleased to invite you to join this immensely invaluable global B2B online marketplace to make the most of its features and benefits to create your business success. 

It is absolutely free!

Join now at and visit to know more about us.