The Power Of Face-To-Face Marketing:

How Exhibitions Drive Business Growth

The digital revolution and rise in social media have reshaped marketing and sales. Specifically, during the pandemic, companies worldwide had to resort to digital marketing and virtual tools to make sales and profits to survive.

However, as the days passed, businesses realized that it is incredibly challenging to do marketing by totally avoiding in-person communication. The pandemic has served as a reminder that humans are wired to connect to other humans, which is impossible without face-to-face meetings.

Digital marketing has never been as popular and massively utilized as it is today. The downside is that consumers are bombarded with thousands of digital advertisements on TV, radio, the internet, apps, emails, and social media platforms, all day and every day. Because of the oversaturation, the message a business wants to pass to its consumers is lost in this clutter. In present times, people are so overwhelmed with digital ads that they have trained their minds to ignore, overlook, or even block them.

And so face-to-face marketing still matters in 2024 and is immensely important in this post-pandemic era.


So, what makes face-to-face marketing so powerful?

Face-to-face marketing helps in:


Communicating Effectively

Although communication is possible even through the Internet or phone calls, the most important aspect of communication – Nonverbal cues are practically missing in these modes. Through face-to-face meetings with the customers, the salesperson can do a handshake, smile, make eye contact with them as well, and read their body language, and facial expressions.

These non-verbal cues help in understanding and interpreting what the customer intends to say even if it is not spoken. It ultimately helps to connect effectively with the customers and build a good relationship with them.


Understanding The Customer Better

The needs, demands, and problems vary from customer to customer. Unlike online marketing, in-person marketing offers better and more direct interaction which allows a deeper understanding of the requirements and pain points of customers. This helps the salesperson to provide them with appropriate solutions and thus easily overcome sales obstacles and objections.

When the customers feel that they are heard, their problems are addressed and their questions are answered right away, they feel more valued. This leads to sales success.


Building Brand Loyalty

Showing the face behind a brand gains customer trust. When customers get to have face-to-face contact and a positive experience with a brand they get emotionally connected, and feel more secure, thus consequently tend to trust it. They get convinced that they can count on the brand for support whenever they need it. This ultimately builds brand loyalty.


Providing Multi-Sensory Experience

Digital marketing facilitates only the visual experience of a product but through face-to-face marketing, the customers can get to see, smell, hear, touch, and if doable, even taste it. This is crucial for the salesperson to convince the customer to buy the product while preventing buyer’s remorse.


Avoiding Miscommunication

Although technology has fostered easier and faster communication, it is often a barrier to effective communication causing misinterpretations and misunderstandings. This can prove costly when closing a sales deal.

People also tend to pay more attention, engage better, and stay focused for a longer time in face-to-face conversation than in virtual conversation. This helps in avoiding communication gaps.

Face-to-face meetings can help the salesperson to see the other prospects’ facial expressions, body posture, and gestures as well as pay attention to the tone of their voice to comprehend their thoughts and emotions, gauge their interest, and discern if the message conveyed is clear or not and thus avoid miscommunication.

The best way to make the most of face-to-face marketing is to execute it in a business exhibition or trade show. Massive numbers of potential customers gather here in a very short span of time with the intent of purchasing or gathering product or brand information for future purchases.


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ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO can help you maximize your sales, build a sales lead database for potential future business, discover new partnership and collaboration opportunities, conduct market research, and much more.

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