The Power Of Face-To-Face:
Why Expos Remain Vital In The Digital World

In this digital age, people can instantly and conveniently communicate with each other through voice calls, emails, instant messages, online chatting apps, and video calls and meetings at any time, no matter where they are. Today, people are connected with each other like never before in the past. However, interaction through digital media has its own drawbacks because of the communication gap it creates. Moreover, with numerous companies trying to get the attention of potential customers, a majority of them often go unnoticed because of the clutter caused by the oversaturation of messages.


Even in the present times, face-to-face conversation is considered the best and the most powerful method of communication because it not only involves verbal exchange but also incorporates nonverbal cues. Through face-to-face meetings, people can bond well and understand each other better because of aspects like body language, hand gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, and smiles. This process of interaction helps to express and convey more than mere words can. Face-to-face communication can also stimulate people to pay more attention, engage better, and stay focused for longer duration than the digital mode of communication while significantly preventing misinterpretations and misunderstandings.


And so even in the present digital world, a business exhibition or trade show is very crucial as it offers the opportunity to meet potential customers directly in person and clearly carry out face-to-face interaction. Unlike online marketing, it helps in understanding the customers, their requirements, needs, demands, and pain points unmistakably. This can again be immensely beneficial in providing them with the most suitable solutions while boosting sales by smoothly overcoming sales obstacles and objections. The power of face-to-face communication can not only increase sales success but also fetch customer satisfaction because it can make them feel well-heard, better understood, and more valued.


Business expos do not merely facilitate face-to-face communication but it helps in doing it with the right people. This place gathers business professionals and individuals with a genuine interest in the products and services as well as the intention to purchase them. Often, they are the decision-makers of the companies you were having a hard time trying to talk to.


By being a business exhibitor at a business expo, it cannot get easier to attract them to your booth to meet them, directly, and have a good face-to-face conversation with them to close the sales deal, successfully. Thus, Business expos and trade shows can be greatly valuable for connecting with potential customers to establish a good relationship with them.


Expos also enable showing the face behind the brand which is the key to gaining the trust of the customers. When the potential customers get to meet and have face-to-face interaction, they feel a deep connection on a personal level which can potently build their trust for the brand. This eventually makes them loyal to the brand.


Doing sales at an expo is always better than doing it on an e-commerce platform or a website because expos let the potential customers see, smell, hear, touch, and if feasible, even taste the product. This evokes confidence in the customers towards the products and they readily purchase them.


Apart from improving sales, expos are great for carrying out market research. By interacting face-to-face with the target customers in expos a thorough knowledge of their pain points and the solutions they are hunting for, their desires, preferences, the limitations of the competitors, and gaps in the market can be obtained. This can be immensely beneficial in developing new products, enhancing the existing ones, and improving marketing and promotional efforts for the better future of the business.


ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO by DhuMall the #1 Biz Marketplace is one of the best business events to employ the power of face-to-face communication as it anticipates having more than 30,000 visitors from all over the world including business professionals, leaders, chief executives, as well as entrepreneurs.


So as an exhibitor at this expo, you can have an excellent platform for creating an eye-catching, branded booth to attract and meet your prospects, one-on-one, and interact with them face-to-face, telling your compelling brand story, conveying your brand message, presenting your product demonstration, its competitive features, USPs, benefits, etc. You can have a great opportunity to win their trust in your brand and products or services by establishing a good rapport.


Unlike an ordinary business exhibition, ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO offers more value as it incorporates a series of 10 different engaging events like seminars, workshops, talks, forums, business matching, and networking. Here the attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussions on diverse, relevant topics, get insights from industry experts and business specialists, gain knowledge, and engage in interactive sessions designed to inspire and empower.

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