Using Brand Sponsorship for Maximizing Brand Awareness

Business events and exhibitions have always been a crucial part of brand awareness improving strategies for companies around the world. Over the years, many companies have successfully increased their brand awareness and built their brand reputation mainly by making the most of business expos and events.

Let’s understand how business events can help you maximize your brand awareness while promoting your business effectively.

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Exposure

Business events such as expos and tradeshows, are the places where there is a high possibility of the presence of the target audience and industry professionals. Many of them come with the intention of making a purchase or gathering information about products that they may buy later on.

Hence, they would be genuinely keen, interested, and receptive which is an immensely favorable attitude for doing effective branding. They are also more likely to remember what they see. Whatever branding efforts you would take in such a highly focused environment will bring results multifold times than employing any other media for branding.

Apart from that business events like trade fairs and exhibitions attract media coverage and get press mentions which further provides a good opportunity to reach a wider audience and gain much more exposure.

Improved Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is a must to attract customers, cultivate brand loyalty, and drive brand differentiation. Business events such as seminars and workshops are the places where people come to acquire knowledge, valuable information, and skills. Showcasing a brand on such occasions will make people perceive and regard it as reliable and trustworthy. Promoting and publicizing at highly reputed business events and expos can dramatically improve the credibility of a brand which can ultimately accelerate sales incredibly.

Better Brand Recognition

Business events and exhibitions offer an excellent opportunity for companies to increase their brand familiarity.

Exhibition booths are immensely valuable for displaying brand logos, visual elements, and graphics that integrate with the brand’s signature colours as well as conveying the brand message and values. This will make the audience very familiar with the brand and improve their ability to identify it.

Certain efforts like connecting face-to-face with the visitors, engaging and interacting with them, telling a compelling brand story, offering product demos, providing a hands-on brand experience, and handing promotional giveaways and pamphlets or flyers make the audience build a deeper connection with the brand which they will never forget.

Thus, business events can substantially help companies with their branding efforts by maximizing brand visibility and exposure, strengthening brand credibility as well as, intensifying brand familiarity, recognition, and recall, and thereby eventually fostering brand loyalty.

One of the best ways to make the most of business events to build brand awareness is to do:


Sponsorship is the most rapidly growing method of marketing promotion and is a key element of a brand awareness-building strategy. It is usually quite an affordable and cost-effective method of branding that can deliver higher ROI than utilizing any other media. When done strategically it can immensely enhance your brand image and reach as well as boost brand awareness while providing you a competitive advantage.

Why Brand Sponsorship?

  • Is your brand yet unknown despite all branding efforts? Try sponsoring. Display your brand logo, visuals, and graphics in the big events where there are huge and new audiences. It will publicize your brand and more and more people will know about it This expanded reach will ultimately lead to the strengthening of your brand position in the market.
  • Improve your brand perception by sponsoring. When your customers and prospects view your brand in an esteemed and valuable event, they will have a positive opinion about your brand.
  • Generate ‘Word-of-Mouth Marketing’ – when companies do remarkable branding worth talking about in an event, the visitors or attendees typically share their experiences about products and brands that impressed them in their social circle. This is the most effective kind of promotion. Thus, brand sponsorship can be used to propel buzz with word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Win the brand competition. If you are facing cut-throat competition in the market then sponsoring the events where your target audience would be certainly present is the best way to reiterate your brand and generate first preference in the mind of the consumers.
  • Manage damage control for your brand. If your brand has unfortunately been affected by negative publicity or fake news, then sponsorship marketing in a renowned event with a large audience is a great way to manage its impact and boost sales while restoring the brand image and reputation.

One of the best business events to increase your brand awareness is the ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO by DhuMall – the #1 Biz Marketplace. This event will gather business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs from diverse industries and nations. More than 30,000 visitors from different parts of the world are expected at this event.

ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO is not just a business exhibition, it also incorporates a series of engaging events such as talks, forums, workshops, seminars, business matching, and networking.


Why sponsor the ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO?

  • At the ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO, the sponsors will be provided prominent visibility throughout the event including logo placement on marketing materials, banners, websites, and digital signage. They will also get mentions during event announcements, videos, and social media promotions.
  • The sponsors would be provided with premium exhibition spaces that will surely attract high foot traffic so that they can display their products/services effectively.
  • The sponsors would be included in event promotions and marketing campaigns, such as email marketing, social media posts, press releases, and newsletters.
  • To provide the sponsors with a unique branding opportunity and distinguish them from other sponsors, ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO will offer them exclusive naming rights for certain aspects of the event, such as stages, lounges, or key sessions.
  • ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO also offers speaking opportunities to its sponsors during keynote sessions, panel discussions, or workshops to let them showcase their expertise, engage with the event’s audience directly, and position them as the leaders in their industry.


You too can execute Sponsorship Marketing at the ASEAN+ BUSINESS EXPO to maximize your brand awareness by acquiring any of the Gold, Diamond, or Platinum Sponsorship packages offered by DhuMall.